Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 19th through November 25th, 2012

We're in the midst of a two eclipse month and significant shifts on earth and in the universe on 12-12 & 12-21. This is the last week of Mercury retrograde for a while. I would call this an "in between times" week.

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Monday: Aquarius Moon

If you need to do planning, the Aquarius Moon helps. We can step away from current issues and get a fairly clear look at dates and possibilities today, and Jupiter is encouraging us to improve and broaden our perspectives. Put on a different hat or set of glasses for a few minutes or hours today and aim to do things differently.  Mercury is still retro, now in Scorpio again, so leave flexibility in the future. Make a plan but don't latch on to every detail or outcome.  Group meetings and work are favored as are gatherings of friends.  Tonight, the Moon and Mercury form an unyielding square and moods and attitudes are gruff and rough around the edges if change is an issue that can't be avoided.  Give each other space tonight and don't push the agenda.  Wear purple.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Neptune

The Aquarius Moon starts the day in a progressive way. In harmony with Venus on her last day in Libra, the two inspire balance, a reasonable attitude, and logical thinking.  This helps us communicate and like minds will work in an inspired way this morning.  Stick with the non negotiables as the Moon squares the Sun, while presenting your perspective in a sensible, fair, respectful (not arrogant)way. Aquarius presents well for the job or role. Scorpio should use reason with family and household members and prioritize what needs to be done there today. The Moon is void from 9:31 to 11:55 am and then meets Neptune in Pisces. This is spiritual, colorful, creative and intuitive. The conjunction can also inspire escape from reality. Try not to completely lose touch unless you can afford the time or the benefit outweights the consequences. The Moon works with Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio giving us plenty of reason to keep it real including obligations we've made, work to be done, and opportunities for business and improvements.  Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio, this is a day to keep up with messages and ever changing circumstances.  Tonight, follow through with people and situations you care about. There's a bit of a lost feeling to be overcome by getting things done.  Cleaning the house can help if you're not sure what to do with yourself. A movie is good if you have zero on the agenda.  Wear light blue.

Wednesday: Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio

It's a day of transition this season as the Sun & Venus both move on to new signs. Sagittarius birthdays begin at 4:50 pm EST. The Sun in Sagittarius is good for reexamining our philosophies of life and for travel and active, new experiences. Venus in Scorpio is very passionate yet quite possessive and latched on to the past as far as love goes. With Mercury still retrograde in that same sign, many will be revisiting relationships even if only subconsciously or in dreams. Some will dive right back into one that wasn't so healthy. Tread carefully with commitment now.  Cancer will find this time strong for attraction and Taurus will be in the midst of long term commitment questions, answers and related decisions and negotiations in the waters of relationship.  Today the Moon is in Pisces and we'll flip flop on things easily and may be hard to pin down. If you're indecisive, stay that way rather than giving in too easily.  Tonight is very social and reconnection is in the air! Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Thanksgiving (USA) Void of Course Moon

The good news is, on a day when some reunions are tense, we can more easily let go of problems and feelings during the void of course Moon. If you don't like how something is going, throw in a distraction, maybe one you planned ahead for! Get into games, show photos, take the dog for a walk to break it up. Make no promises today, but say maybe frequently. The Moon is void in Pisces so we'll feel out feelings though we have the help of Venus and Neptune for forgiveness and general ease. Neptune is such an influence, squaring the Sun and aligning with Venus, that we might be spacey or less than reliable, but we'll overlook things readily too. The Aries Moon moves in for fun at 8:12 pm. Don't go overboard though. There's a dangerous Mars/Uranus square tonight so avoid confrontationand anything too risky. Wear red.

Friday: Aries Moon

The Moon is in Aries, and the outlook is both active and challenging.  Uranus meets the Moon and squares Mars and anxiety tends to prevail.  This can lead us to be too rushed, overwhelmed, taken by complete surprise, or confronted in an uwelcome way. Try to take your time, hold your tongue or at least control your anger or other emotions, and realize that other people are stressed out or in a hurry too. For games, today may be overly competitive. Play everything safe! This Aries Moon can also result in power struggles or just plain emotional confusion.  Tonight things look a bit brighter as the Moon works well with Jupiter in Gemini for social plans or learning new material.  Tonight we can be more inventive and open minded.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Mars sextile Saturn

Mars is working it in Capricorn, today aligning with Saturn for a serious look at the deep, long standing issues. Mars is instigating productive solutions and pushing the envelope for now rather than later. Saturn in Scorpio is psychological and addictive, so breaking patterns in mental or emotional arenas is on the agenda.  Mercury retrograde ends Monday evening so the no excuses time is coming quickly.  Form a plan for getting out of a difficult pattern. Try not to engage in confrontation, but rather to suggest positive steps.  Tuesday we'll be into Full Moon time and out of the retrograde with a lunar eclipse in there too. It's just about go time and today may be the preview. It's also a good day to start on things that can't wait much longer. Or at least form a plan. Wear maroon.


The Moon moves to Taurus at 7:18 am and opposes venus and Saturn in Scorpio, a story that will continue through the end of Mercury retrograde tomorrow. It relates to opposites and extremes, the people and things we feel most strongly about, and things we have trouble letting go of.  This is a tough opposition to work with since it's in fixed signs, and Saturn's challenges are present. There's a very serious air around relationship matters, dealings with the people we love but may be at odds with, Scorpio and Taurus in matters of love and/or commitment, and situations where possessions or possessiveness are the issue.  We do have Mars and Pluto working with the Moon, throwing in practical energy from capricorn that says, "Let's do something about this." It's just that we might want to wait until Tuesday and tough the next two days out for better resolutions after Mercury is direct. Today's color is green.

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