Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Astrology December 3rd to 9th, 2012

Monday: Leo Moon

The Moon is in Leo with a spontaneous aspect as the Moon aligns with Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun. This can make us feel more willing to be in the moment, join in or help out. Creating some fun even around work is a good thing to do during Leo Moon time.  The Moon and Uranus set the stage for adventures while the Moon and Jupiter favor travel, learning and writing and make it a good day to have a conversation about opportunities.  If you have a decision to make the Sun helps with confidence and assurance.  Saturn is in Scorpio squaring the Leo Moon and Leo may have serious things to deal with at home. Use a conscious, responsible attitude with money and work if you're a Libra or an Aries. Saturn squares can be quite challenging and this one in fixed signs mean agreement may be hard to reach.  The Leo Moon tonight is good for study or socializing. Love and relationship may be  most challenging, especially for Scorpio and Taurus. Wear orange today.

Tuesday: Leo Moon squares Mercury

The Moon in Leo is square to both Venus and Mercury. Mercury retrograde ended just over a week ago and we are in the degrees that planet traveled then. Doing some final clean up or finally coming to a conclusion or solution is in today's forecast. This is likely to relate to things that came up a couple of weeks ago or back in October. There are processes and things like mediations to work through and the results may not come easily. Yet when we get "there" it's all likely to stick and have a long term effect since this is in fixed signs, Leo and Scorpio. Don't give up today. Be willing to work it through. Leo Moon time is also a good time to do things with and for children and revisit play and creativity.  Plan a fun project including performing, music, or art today and tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 5:08 pm EST until morning. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune

The Moon moves into Virgo at 6:51 am and opposes Neptune an hour later exactly.  The Moon and Neptune in mutable signs means it helps to just be in the flow. Meanwhile don't forget anything important on your agenda since we can space out a bit more than usual. Be sensitive with others and possibly a bit protective with your self. For example, keep private issues private. Keep your secrets safe and avoid gossip or questionable stories.  Saturn and Pluto weigh in with the Moon reminding us to prioritize and organize our thoughts. Keep things simple and communication clear and true. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

It's a good day to see how you can help out or step in and improve a situation. The Virgo Moon often inspires us to serve in practical ways.  If you're a Scorpio perhaps you help out a friend, if you're a Cancer, someone at home or in your family could use your instinctive help or advice.  Pisces, your significant other may need you to pitch in with some of his/her responsibilities today.  The Moon works with Mars and Venus and is good for energy level and personal interactions.  The Moon and Sun square and we'll consider how to follow through and help out while not losing our sense of fun or compromising our ideals.  If you're a Sagittarius, balancing your own wishes with career repsonsibility is part of this square.  Tonight, Venus adds to romance, good communication and feelings whether you're going out on a date or spending time with friends or family at home. Wear pink.

Friday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon moves from Virgo to Libra at 1:35 pm and is void before then beginning at 5:35 am. Get in a workout or some fresh air then. For business those are not the most productive hours unless you're just cleaning up and catching up. The morning has an easygoing vibe as long as you're not trying to overdo it. Mercury is in a good spot for catching up with close friends or doing simple tasks.  The Libra Moon opposite Uranus this afternoon is a time to strive for balance and not go too far in any one direction. Staying neutral in disputes may be the best course of action since Uranus can heat things up.  Unconventional ideas or solutions could get the go ahead today. We might be surprised at what's agreed upon.  Tonight the Libra Moon is social and dressing up a notch might be fun. Wear light blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon squares two planets in Capricorn. Organize your mind, clear clutter and retreat from any kind of struggle over control. There's too much positivity from the Moon and Jupiter to dwell in things that feel like struggle. Jupiter in Gemini opens us to travel, friendship, good times with siblings and family, and business opportunities too! Aim for strong personal or work connections, new experiences, and prosperity. Shopping for clothing, getting hair trimmed, colored or otherwise in shape, and attending to the skin (our largest organ and first impression to the world!) are favored today. Also aim for good impressions on first meetings. Tonight is a nice night out for a date or time with a best friend. The Moon is void from 7:37 pm EST after a beautiful, confidence building sextile to the Sagittarius Sun. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon is void of course until 6:59 pm EST. Today is not designed for shopping so save holiday shopping for another time. It's a good day to relax, create, enjoy music and catch up on things. The Moon and Neptune align later in the day for strong creative drive and also immersion in music, movies or art. Take some time to yourself. Let your brain escape from everyday realities, and if that's hard to do right now take time for meditation, yoga, church, or whatever feeds your soul and spirit. Scorpio Moon time means a meeting with Saturn soon and so today you may need to recharge and mentally prepare for tomorrow's events.  Today's color is maroon.

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