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Weekly Astrology November 12th to November 18th, 2012

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Monday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

Do what you can to keep your spirits lifted today as the Moon and Saturn meet. This can bring us down or bring up things from the past. Jealousies, grudges, or negative messages we give ourselves. Knowing ahead of time can ward off the darkness of the blues.  The Moon and Neptune form a creative, inspirational angle in Scorpio/Pisces and this is the vibe to go with. Take hard feelings and make music, art, or something else beautiful. Meditate, practice yoga, go to church or wherever you find comfort or beauty. For the practical and clear headed, Scorpio Moon and Pluto in Capricorn provide some serious organizational energy and a reason to plan and carry out steps toward goals. Pace yourself with Mercury retrograde. Tomorrow a new lunar cycle begins for those who want to explore a new path. Connect with an older relative expecially if you're a Scorpio, Virgo or Leo. Wear black.

Tuesday: New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a solar eclipse our way! This accelerates all change and puts things in the forefront that we didn't expect so soon! Solar eclipses are Cancer's and Leo's domain, ruled by the Moon and Sun. Scorpio this eclipse is particularly potent for you and Taurus, this one is about your love and partnership life, such as marriage or another strong alliance.  People come and go from our lives, move away, announce major changes, and go through big life events they didn't know were coming! Cancer could find out she's pregnant, for example.  Leos experience changes regarding home and family. Scorpio may make a big choice about how life will proceed as a result of some unforeseen event. The effects linger for amonth and vibrate again in mid December. This eclipse comes with Mercury retrograde so avoid knee jerk reactions and buy yourself time to decide. Things may go even better as a result of eclipse action though at the beginning it might be an adjustment! Mercury and Neptune can cause plenty of confusion and misinformation today so watch for mistakes and untruths. The Moon and Mercury will meet overnight emphasizing the retrograde qualities already present. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

The Moon and Mercury pass each other and meet in Scorpio on the way at 5:39 am. Past lovers, old feelings you haven't been able to let go of, and a peak of creativity are in the forecast as a result. YOu may want to act on ideas immediately and that's fine if it involves diving into a project or doing some kind of personal, reflective exercise or work. However if that means drama, lashing out or even reaching out without clear mind and intentions, don't do it! The response might reflect the original feeling behind it and so a grudging remark will lead to another negative exchange.  Mercury moves back into Scorpio and the Moon moves on to Sagittarius. These are not two signs with common understanding. Scorpio hangs on while Sagittarius says forget it.  The upside of their encounter, along with a creative high, could be reconnecting in a strong, emotional reunion with someone important to you. Cancer or Capricorn may experience this today and of course, Scorpio too. If reconciling is what's happening, that is well timed with yesterday's New Moon. But avoid committing to a long term renewal until December or at least November 26th. Aries, an unexpected trip could be sparked today, as could some financial news impacting you. A gift or windfall to travel with would be the ideal! Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Moon opposes Jupiter

The Sagittarius Moon is opposite Jupiter today as if to say "How much can you open your mind?" This will be the big question we're asking ourselves anad each other. Jupiter in Gemini is intellectual and the Moon in Sagittarius is philosophical.  Both align with out of the ordinary experiences and going for it more than usual.  Break out of stuck ways of thinking today.  On the other hand, going to a great extreme may cause a reaction like a need to scale back. If you're doing something or pushing something to excess or if there's no order in your ways of thinking, the opposition may give you reason to chill out a bit and take it down a notch.  Focusing on education or travel plans will make sense. The Moon aligned with Venus will help us see interpersonal relationships objectively and bring things into better balance.  Venus is in Libra, the sign of beauty and harmony.  Aries you can improve or come to peace with a long term relationship matter under these conditions. Libra you can be more at peace with yourself and family too.  Tonight, the Moon approaches Mars and we want to be active and on the move.  Wear red.

Friday: Mars in Capricorn

Mars meets the Moon in Sagittarius this morning and moves to Capricorn at 9:36 pm EST. The Moon also moves to Capricorn today at 5:35 am EST. The shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn can be from thinking and planning to doing. It takes the energy to a practical, physical level.  Taking on a project that requires building, organization, and a how-to approach is a good idea today.  If you were spinning wheels getting nowhere though you felt the push from Tuesday's eclipse, taking small steps may be easier now.  Venus and Jupiter align too, helping us collaborate and find others we see eye to eye with. Libra, Gemini and Aries get the effect on love relationships while Virgo and Capricorn my get the career and work benefits of this trine.  Capricorn Moon is not time to be dramatic and try to get attention. It is time to get down to the business of things and figure out how to make things work or how to improve.  Wear green today.

Saturday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

This is a day of possibilities. Mars and Neptune work together leading us to carry out plans and ideas. If you've imagined something and weren't sure how to do it, the conditions are right for a brainstorm today!  This happens in Capricorn and Pisces for a good mix of practical earthy sensibility with artistic ability and intuition.  The Sun meets Mercury retrograde for another of the positive days for reconnection, reunion, and self expression. We'll be more likely to say what's been left unsaid and get some things out in the open.   This happens in Scorpio, a sign that can always use that push to express real feelings and deeper meaning.  The Moon works with Mercury tonight and we're bound to run into people from our pasts. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 7:10 am after an overnight void of course time. The revolutionary aspect of Aquarius Moon in tandem with Uranus in Aries gives today a rebellious and inventive streak. The norm or status quo will not satisfy the Aquarian and Aries mind.  Go for something experimental and with Mercury retro, save permanent decisions for another time. This day is for trying things out or on for size, for hypothesizing and using both intuition and scientific process to see what works.  Wear bright blues.

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