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Weekly Astrology August 6th to August 12th, 2012

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Monday: Aries Moon
The Moon in Aries meeting Uranus is bound to instigate something you didn't anticipate today. For some this creates anxiety even when everything will turn out fine.  Jupiter and the Sun help out from Gemini and Leo, so surprises may turn out better than you expect though they could seem like curve balls at first.  Being willing to change and adapt as necessary will be an asset. Avoid power struggles that happen when two different personalities try to be in charge. That could be Capricorn or Aries, and maybe Libra and Cancer, the other two in the cardinal signs family.  Pluto is square to the Aries Moon today and while some things will be powerfully placed right in front of us, others will surface from undercurrents that may be better faced honestly and head on.  Aries rules the head, and with this Aries Moon take care of a headache or avoid injuries to the head. Tonight is adventurous and potential fun with Leo and Aries leading the way!  If you're doing business, optimism is the key word.  Wear orange.

Tuesday: Venus in Cancer

The Aries Moon opposes Mars and Saturn and Mercury spends the last full day retrograde this season.  With those influences at work, things could be very unsettled or contentious.  Plan to disengage from any controversial topic or avoid any issue that could cause strong disagreement.  Mars and Saturn are seeking justice but it's not likely we'll find it easily now, and Mercury would indicate even if you do feel like you reach a plan or settlement, it isn't likely to stick.  You may even change your mind tomorrow.  Sit on things that can wait.  Venus changes signs too, moving to Cancer at 9:43 am for about a month. Venus in Cancer until September 6th leans us toward settling down, beautifying the home, and spending time with our nearest and dearest.  There's a romantic and attractive influence for Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorns in committed relationships.  Scorpio may find travel very appealing and also find positive influence comes from far away and outside the usual sphere.  Aries you're likely to move, make changes at home or do some settling in. Mercury retrograde ends overnight at 1:40 am in Leo. Wear white.

Wednesday: Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct and that's a good time to stand still, observe and evaluate before a next move.  The Moon moves to Taurus at 3:28 am EST and promises and commitments we make will have long term impact so if you need a day or two to think, take it!  The Moon and Mercury square almost guarantee that we'll be asked for answers and decisions. Think of ways to stall a little if you need the time.  Discussions will be full of strong opinion and everyone contending that his or her way is the best.  The Moon and Neptune make it a great day to do hands on work, plant, landscape and create beauty.  The Moon and Pluto align tonight for practical chores and thinking and doing things like creating a better environment an figuring out how things can work better.  It's more of a homebody's night.  Relax,  and say maybe or no if the answer isn't truly a resounding yes. Wear green.

Thursday: Venus trine Neptune

The Taurus Moon is square to the Sun in Leo. Fixed opinions and ways of doing things is the idea. Rely on the tried and true and your most reliable friends.  Show loyalty where it'd needed and will be appreciated.  Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are supremely creative and favor natural surroundings including working in them.  Finding inspiration in nature, including the ocean and landscape is favored. Simplicity rules the day.  Notice beauty, create a romantic atmosphere, and enjoy the pleasures of life, particularly organic ones.  The Moon is void of course from 2:55 pm on making it a good day to end business early and enjoy summer times.  Wear blue.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon waits until 4:11 pm EST before moving to Gemini. As on all void of course Moon days, take it easy and keep it light or deal with routine matters rather than begin anything complex. Shopping is best done after 4:11 pm. The Taurus Moon leans toward being outdoors, in the kitchen, and working to make things comfortable and secure.  The Gemini Moon later and tonight is in harmony with Mercury and very social! It's a great night for a party out or at home! Pisces' house might be a good choice!  Aquarians and Leos will want to be surrounded by friends.  Gemini will talk a good talk tonight! Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter for a mentally expansive day and night! This may include reading and researching, great flow for writers, and stimulating discussions.  Getting used to this pattern may feel good now that Jupiter is in Gemini until June 2013.  Travel is favored as well as other new experiences! Even if you have nothing planned, keep an open mind and see what comes along to interest you!  News will probably raise some eyebrows today. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Mars, Saturn and the Leo Sun. This should help create optimism even if there's work to be done. If there's not, all the better as Mars and the Sun urge activity, games and good times!  Saturn's influence can make mental work easier including weighing pros and cons, figuring out what's fair and choosing words carefully around sensitive topics.  The Moon is void from 5:49 pm on. Wear white.

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