Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Astrology August 12th to August 19th, 2012

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Monday: Cancer Moon

The Moon lands in Cancer at 4:27 am EST and meets venus today. The people and things nearest & dearest to us take high priority. The conjunction is beautiful for Cancer, and favors Capricorn and Pisces in love and for happiness.  Neptune in Pisces is in harmony with the Moon bringing out our creative, sensitive and intuitive traits. There's a psychic tendency that tunes us in, and at the same time can make us more sensitive to our environment. With Venus so close to the Moon the sensory stimulation should be positive and not likely to creat agitation.  Tonight the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and situations become more challenging if they involve surprise news or old business.  The Cancer Moon leans to the defensive side, but the crustaceans more passive, sideways moves may be more favorable than acting it out.  Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is in Cancer with no aspects to Sun or planets which could make for clear sailing. Cancer is a cardinal sign and we like to see progress during this Moon time. Aim for accomplishments and take advantage of a day to organize, clean, dig into the work pile or shop. Tomorrow Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto directly and that's in the air already bringing up relationhip issues, particularly things put on a backburner. Some challenging one on one issues may come up now. The New Moon is on Friday so it's natural to be thinking and reconsidering for fresh starts and decisions soon. Tonight home, family, and the most secure, familiar activities works well. Wear black.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Saturn, Venus opposes Pluto

Dealing with serious business and heavy topics is in the forecast as Mars meets Saturn in Libra urging justice and Venus and Pluto stir up relationship based issues. It's a day of soul searching, however action around these matters is likely as well. The New Moon is on Friday and today you may find yourself more reluctant to act and more apt to be thinking things out. With Cancer Moon we might avoid the issue or hide in our shells. The Moon squares the two planets in Libra, really pushing for fair resolutions. Trying to be objective, gain some insight and detach to get outside perspective may be the best course of action.  The Moon moves to Leo at 2:05 pm and meets Mercury later in the evening. Unfinished business, reestablishing contact, and finding positive ways to express ourselves comes with this Leo Moon. Wear purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon

On this day before the New Moon, we often plan a next course of action and with the Moon in Leo, a fire sign, we're even more likely to let something go and aim for a clean slate in the days ahead.  Venus squares Uranus for what might seem like strange news regarding couples, for example unexpected or unlikely connections or endings.  Venus is in Cancer and Uranus in Aries, so the opposite signs are also involved, Libra and Capricorn.  Pisces in newer or budding relationships may also be impacted.  The Leo Moon also acts with Uranus in Aries today. Uranus is a rebel, looking for dramatic shifts and possibly creating shock value.  The Leo Moon is generally optimistic and creative, and the two together instigate like pranksters.  The Moon and Jupiter favor open minds and social adventures.  There's nothing boring about today whichever turn it takes. We're likely to be kept guessing.  Tonight is for outgoing souls.  Wear pink.

Friday: New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo is exact at 11:54 am.  New Moon in Leo is expressive, creative, and full of enthusiasm. This particular Leo Moon is supported by Saturn and Mars in Libra.  There's both active and sensible influences at work, helping with good, long term decisions. Figuring out what's fair and what we can all live with is more possible now than it was days or weeks ago.  Find balance between  responsible and excited, mature and adventurous!  New endeavors are more in favor now than during July's New Moon since Mercury was retrograde then. Delayed plans may be more feasible now.  The Moon is void of course from 1:55 to 8:33 pm, so earlier is better for announcements you want to be heard and processed and decisions you can feel confident about.  The Moon moves to Virgo, and tonight, be judicious where trust is concerned so Neptune across from the Moon doesn't leave you fooled or bamboozled.  Wear gold.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon works with Venus and Pluto. Some of the relationship goings on this week may be more easily figured out and practical resolutions discussed.  The Moon in Virgo and Venus in Cancer call for down to earth approaches.  Any of use may see reason to yield and be more flexible today. Cancer may improve communication and have a productive conversation or plan. Virgo may have friends to sort things out with.  Capricorn has similar aspects with regrade to relationship especially.  Tonight, Mercury and Uranus stir it up in Leo and Aries, instigating fun, but also unafraid to disturb the status quo. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon has no angles to other planets or the Sun today. Consider it a day of rest or productivity. Virgo is the sign of service to others and people may be receptive to helping out.  Look for where your energy or talent can be best put to use and appreciated. Virgo is an earth sign leading us to organize and work at growing things, from home projects to gardens.  If you have studies or writing to catch up on, this is a good day for it.  Wear brown.

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