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Weekly Astrology July 30th to August 5, 2012

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Monday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon and Pluto meet in Capricorn. Muster up some ambition and find a sense of purpose.  Mercury is retrograde so it's best to aim for impermanent plans and solutions. At the same time, this is a decent day to face a reality and work on a plan that could be long term at a later date.  Early in the week, business may pick up and we'll be trying to set dates and firm up plans. Penciling in and revisiting from August 8th on may be the most reliable idea.  When the Moon is in Capricorn, consult with your elders or mentors and move in a practical direction.  Tonight is good for catching up on work or having a simple night overall.  The Full Moon is Wednesday night and we'll feel it oncoming now. Wear grey.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The nearly Full Capricorn Moon squares planets in Libra. Mars and Saturn both activate energy around business, particularly projects, legal affairs, and old problems that are unsolved or unfinished.  Pick up where you left off and figure out what the next steps may be.  It may be worth sorting out some things though long term decisions and more permanent situations are better left for after Mercury moves direct August 8th.  Leo, communications, things put in writing and business that needs some attention is in the forecast today and you could feel reluctant to bother.  Cancer, home, family and relationship commitments or pressures come up.  Libra, this is also much about home and family for you, and we all much keep balance and fairness top of  mind.  The Sun and Uranus combine energy for surprises and twists and turns, many of which result in adventure and spontaneous activity from travels to creative inspirations and ideas! With the Moon full tomorrow night, we are in the heat of news and situations reaching peaks. Yet with Mercury retrograde, realize some things may change in the weeks to come, including your own perspective, and what you know today is likely to shift before the next full Moon. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Full Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is Full in Aquarius at 11: 27 pm and opposes Mercury retrograde today at 11:58 am EST.  This is one of the strong retrograde influence days and that can come in the form of old friends or family returning to your life, a reason to revisit locations that meant something to you in the past, or perhaps for some including Leo and Aquarius,  former lovers and partners play a role again at this time.  The Full Moon is graced by a trine from Jupiter in Gemini which is very favorable for Aquarius born on the last days of January or first two days or so in February. Early June Geminis also receive this happy aspect  most directly, putting you in the spotlight or bringing an important time to a conclusion. Either way this is very beneficial and makes this one of the kindest, luckiest Full Moons of the year!  Leos and Libras should have a positive turn or event in love and romance and good times in general now too! The Leo Sun approaches a trine to Jupiter tonight, boosting spirits and putting us in the mood to be generous, open minded and creative! Wear gold.

Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius

The Leo Sun is in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini as the Full Moon shines in Aquarius. Expressive, demonstrative traits come out. This is more of an extrovert's day, and the Sun and Jupiter in these two signs bring out creativity, particularly with words. Writers, performers, and even reporters and other people who work in media or sales may benefit.  It's a good day to learn new material. We'll tend to be more open minded. The planets in Libra, Mars and Saturn, help out with impartial advice and wisdom that may come in many forms and encourage balance, moderation and justice.  Full Moon events continue to peak, and large scale events where many people gather will be exciting and appealing.  Aquarius is the sign of community and friendship, so reach out or join something.  This is also an innovative sign, and technological upgrades and advances are in progress, even if Mercury retrograde is slowing things down a bit.  Keep your ears and minds open for new ideas.  Wear turquoise blue.

Friday: Moon in Pisces

The Moon moves to Pisces after a void of course time from 3:24 ma to 9:58 am EST.  The Moon meets Neptune putting us in vacation or escape mentality.  Our attitude may be that things can just wait it out for the weekend and that's not necessarily a bad idea while Mercury continues the retrograde in Leo. Keep a light schedule, leave time to be distracted happily or daydream if not take in a film or some music if you have more time.  It's a nice day for practices like yoga and meditation since Pisces Moon helps us tune inward and slow down.  In cases where Full Moon news has been more than you anticipated this summer, the Pisces Moon in harmony with Pluto could help with some soul searching or brainstorming alternatives before deciding.  This is not the time to make a permanent type of decision. Wait it out if possible and if not, leave an escape hatch! Wear light blue.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon continues a similar vibe to yesterday's. The Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini and with these energies in mutable signs, we will likely benefit from flexibility in terms of how we think, deal with others, and cope with change.  The best laid plans may need tweaking today.  Planting, fishing and other outdoor work or recreation is favored. Being by the lake, sea, or even swimming pool is well timed with Pisces' water affinity.  Enjoy time and space with people you care about most. Pisces Moon is generous and compassionate and we may feel more and tune in more than usual today.  Wear green.

Sunday: Aries Moon

Further out of the Full Moon zone, and with the Aries Moon kicking in at 4:59 pm EST, we're more ready for what's next including letting go.  One effect today is resigning ourselves or being prepared to let go of some thing or someone or even an idea we were holding on to. Events of the Full Moon may have precipitated this, and while the Pisces Moon would be more feeling and sentimental, the Aries Moon sees new opportunities and welcomes refreshing change.  Look at the up side of allowing something to be released. The Moon squares Venus indicating relationship issues come up, perhaps with family as well as in love partnerships.  It could be hard to reconcile differing opinions when one relies on logic and facts and the other leans toward instinct and intuition.  Tonight the Aries Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde, once again reconnecting us with old friends and bringing up ideas for reconsideration.  The retrograde ends on Wednesday.  Wear red.

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