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Weekly Astrology August 20th to August 26th 2012

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Monday: Libra Moon, Saturn, Mars

Libra energy prevails early this week, and both Monday and Tuesday are about seeking what's fair or balanced and accepting nothing less.  There's a serious streak influenced by Saturn and a strong urge to take action fueled by Mars and also the Leo Sun.  Some will be fired up and fight for what they believe is right and just.  Libra is an air sign, related to intellectual processes. Taking an objective stance will help with decision making.  Getting out of our emotions and into logical thinking is a benefit.  With Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Venus in Cancer all square to the Libra Moon, much negotiating is likely and multiple areas of our lives may be considered and impacted by settlements, resolutions and new roads we choose now. We are still urged forward by Friday's New Moon and fresh starts are well timed all week.  Tonight communicating calmly is important and relationship problems may come up for discussion particularly for Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn.  Jupiter is offering a broad outlook. Try not to limit yourself and think things have to be only one way or the other.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Libra Moon conjunct Saturn

This is a day of serious business. Reasons to step up to responsibilities and act with a mature outlook become evident. Saturn has only weeks to finish business in Libra, sign of justice and partnership, where this planet has been working for nearly two years.  Divide and share equally or fairly and do what's right by each other.  Seal a partnership deal, or on the other end of the spectrum, dissolve a joint venture or relationship that hasn't worked and shows no sign of improvement.  Saturn lends the wise and sometimes even grave perspective.  Aim to see things for what they are and not make excuses or have false hopes.  Legal matters can be resolved once and for all on days like this.  Rising to a challenge may put you in good standing today. Appearances matter too, so make sure you look the part and are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Tonight, get advice or perspective or even stories from the older or wiser and see how they fit in to your experience.  Wear black.

Wednesday: Sun in Virgo

The Virgo birthdays begin at 1:07 pm this year as the Sun moves to Virgo for the last third of summer.  The Moon is void of course for part of the 3 o'clock hour and moves to Scorpio at 3:54 am. The Moon is in harmony with Sun just before they both change signs. This can be a boost for decision making or confidence.  The Scorpio Moon works with Pluto encouraging a realistic, pragmatic outlook and with Neptune in Pisces so we keep creativity in mind too.  Creative and practical problem solving are in the forecast.  Tonight Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Gemini align for special events, social plans, and learning.  Keep your mind open and listen for ideas and information that could be valuable!  We should be in the mood to meet new people and talk about ideas of importance, be it business or friendship.  Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Mars in Scorpio

Mars changes signs today at 11:24 am EST.  This once every two years visit from Mars activates confidence and courage for Scorpios. This planet activates and energizes and may also antagonize in order to move and change stagnant, unproductive situations.  Mars in Scorpio is about relationship and partnership matters for Taurus, finances for Libra and financial as well as legal and medical matters for Aries, and romance and luck for Cancer.  Those are generalizations but may give you an idea what to expect for the next 6 weeks or so.  Leo may want to make improvements and renovations at home and with people who share living space. Sagittarius may have many things or one situation of focus where things need to be contemplated and kept quiet for now. The sign of the archer may need some respite or recovery if life has been stressful.  The Moon is in Scorpio too, void of course from 5:34 am EST until 6:50 tomorrow morning.  Keeping things calm and on the uneventful side is a good plan.  If we make decisions or have big discussions that could be too emotionally based. Avoid impulsiveness.  Tonight the Virgo Sun approaches opposition to Neptune and for the next couple of days we'll be more creative with problem solving and flexible with plans if we follow the Sun's lead.  Wear maroon.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun opposite Neptune

With the bulk of the energy in mutable signs, Sun in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, & Moon in Sagittarius all active together, the need for flexibility and willingness to change is strong.  The squares between Moon and Neptune and Moon and Sun indicate challenges to be worked through and versatility appears to be the key.  If we're stuck in ways of thinking or doing, we'll reach a stalemate or watch everything shift around us and be unable to participate.  The Sun opposite Neptune can bring out impractical attitudes or idealistic thinking though, and Sagittarius Moon is more likely to shrug things off or let things go, for better or not. Therefore, we may need to consider whether skirting the issue has value or is just more procrastination.  There is an escapism mentality on days like this, though if you recognize that you may be able to do your best creative thinking and move out of stubborn patterns.  The Moon works with Uranus in Aries tonight and the party could get wild. Also, keep your wits about you in case of need for quick reactions or chance events.  Today's color is red.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is opposite Jupiter and in harmony with Mercury, still in Leo.  The mood is adventurous and expansive. In fact, we may want to consider scaling things down a bit since Jupiter can have us going to extremes.  Everything may seem very changeable, on a whim or at a moment's notice.  Changes in thinking, perspective and even emotions are in the forecast with Jupiter in air sign Gemini related to mental states and the Moon in philosophical and global Sagittarius, dissatisfied with boredom or lack of freedom.  The Moon working with Mercury favors social encounters and events and exchanges of ideas. Planning travel, preparing for educational experiences, and delving into subjects of interest and also new experiences are part of this Sagittarius Moon time.  Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon, Mars trine Neptune

Mars in harmony with Neptune in the water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, draws us to water sports and locations on a physical level. Another aspect of this trine has to do with spirituality and what makes us feel connected and find deeper meaning.  On the down side it can lead to escapist or risky behaviors with substances as a means of seeking something we lack while on a higher level engaging in soul searching and improving our psychological outlook by means such as meditation or connection to nature are among the results of this angle.  Today we could decide to do those "spiritual" practices on a more regular basis or to try one and see if it's fulfilling a need.  The Moon is in Capricorn from 9:58 am on (void of course prior to that time from 2:39 am EST). The void of course hours, overnight in some time zones, are a time to be cautious and avoid drama.  The Capricorn Moon will meet Pluto in the usual monthly cycle which gives us a chance to face and deal with realities, and after yesterday and Friday this may be a big shift into practical mode.  The Moon works with Mars and the Sun and our focus and productivity should feel worthwhile.  Get something accomplished and try to see things as they really are and deal accordingly.  Helpful people may appear exactly when you  need them. Wear green.

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