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Weekly Astrology August 27th to September 2nd, 2012

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August 31st Blue Moon Forecasts for All Signs

Monday: Moon opposite Venus

The Moon opposite Venus stirs up emotion today. Venus in Cancer is sentimental and nostalgic. Romance could be complicated by conflicting feelings. Cancer and Capricorn host the action and are likely to experience this in long term committed relationship or about relationships that have ended or changed. Pisces with new love interests may be excited while also seeing some duality or the pros and cons of a love affair. Virgo, friendship and love can both be implicated and a friend may introduce you to someone of interest or friend could become a lover, changing that relationship! Our emotional and love lives are likely to be our priority today. Putting energy into a gift or occasion for someone you care about is one way to channel those feelings. If you don't quite know how to feel and are confused you're likely to be in plenty of company! If you can concentrate on work, the Capricorn Moon fuels your ambitions! Tonight, to commit or not to commit is the question. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course in Capricorn from 6:33 am to 1:38 pm EST. These hours are best kept simple and routine. It's a good time to catch up on things. Make mental notes in case you lose your place later on! The Moon is square to Saturn in Libra which can be challenging in terms of power and who's in charge. Showing commitment and responsibility may ease tense situations. Capricorn Moon likes some cooperation especially on matters of efficiency and business. Our stubborn traits are further activated as the Moon moves to Aquarius at 1:38 pm and squares Mars in Scorpio. There may be little chance of getting someone to give in. We're not likely to be feeling flexible and could be easily agitated if someone is persistent or demanding. Today, trying to detach a bit emotionally is a good idea since these two Moon signs are not most comfortable in the world of feelings. Act and speak with logic. Wear blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Sun trine Pluto, Mercury trine Saturn

The Sun brightens Pluto's dark side and Mercury and Saturn activate negotiations. It's a more optimistic day if you're trying to make an agreement or get a project off the ground. The Aquarius Moon is fixed but also progressive and scientific. From making a technological upgrade to a legally binding contract, the planets have an encouraging effect. We'll look for ways to work with what we have with Sun and Pluto in earth signs. The fire and air of Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Libra are a good combination for learning and an enthusiastic but balanced approach to anything. Communication should be direct and impartial or objective. Today we may have the right combination of passion for our priorities and recognition that we aren't the only creature on earth with a feeling or opinion. With a Full Moon on the way, we might use today to get a step ahead. Tonight, a talk about a serious matter can be civil and fair. It's worth channeling energy into writing, study, reading or learning new material too. It's also a decent night out with friends while the Moon is in the friendship and community sign. Wear turquoise.

Thursday: Moon opposes Mercury, Full Moon warmup

The Aquarius Moon is opposite Mercury in Leo. There's plenty to be discussed, sorted out, put in writing, and finalized, and the Full Moon tomorrow adds some incentive or pressure to get things done. These two are fixed signs, so consensus or compromise is not immediate, but the end result should be dynamic! Inventiveness and expressive combine for best results. Saturn adds wisdom and intelligence from Libra. Long term implications of our actions should be a significant consideration. Our best decisions and actions come by 1:48 pm and then our judgement and confidence may be affected by the void of course Moon until 6:31 pm. It's a good day to put effort in early then celebrate a job well done! The Moon and Neptune meet tonight and we'll be in no mood to work unless your job involves creativity and imagination. Tonight is a floaty, shifting Pisces Moon night meant for ghost stories, dreams, and howling at the Moon! Movies, music and romantic evening plans are well timed. Today's color is green.

Friday: Full Moon in Pisces, Blue Moon

Intuition, love and luck in the forecast with the most beneficial and harmonious Full Moon of the year. Pisces Moon aligned with Venus, Mars & Pluto favors reconciliation and romance and is supremely creative! Harvest what you've been nurturing, literally and metaphorically as well. It's a growth spurt, and some of that may be emotional intelligence. Dealing with feelings in productive ways and moving out of low places could be easier now. Pisces Moon is a time for friendly support, but do keep strong limits since we can be extra compassionate and open hearted during this Full Moon. Keep relationships healthy and positive without denial or excuses. Mercury changes signs too, moving to Virgo at 10:32 pm EST. Wear light blue.

Saturday: Mercury in Virgo

After extra time with the retrograde phase all in Leo this summer, Mercury moves to Virgo. A Mercury in Virgo phrase might be "How can I help out?" Making decisions about how to be of service and lend our practical talents is natural during the next few weeks. On the other hand, if you need people with certain skills to pitch in to a project, especially one that is community oriented, it's time to get the word out and ask! Personally, our actions will lean toward the practical and, in some cases, ambitious. Identifying needs and figuring out how to get them taken care of is Mercury in Virgo's work. The Moon is just past Full, still in that peak time, and working with Venus. Home life, getting settled and adapting to new circumstances and seeing how things feel is in the forecast today. Mercury opposite Neptune helps us see the possibilities even if they're not tangible yet. Daydream some. Don't over book your time. Wear yellow.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

Today might feel more like what we expect from a Full Moon. News and eventfulness dominates the day as the Moon and Uranus meet in Aries. We get more fired up and that can take the form of competitiveness, motivation or aggression and a feeling of agitiation. If you need a fresh start, circumstances of today may help you let go of the past and realize something different has to come next. Surprises are often the result of this monthly conjunction. We can be thrown off balance. Take a breath or two before reacting today. Venus is about to square Saturn and we get serious about relationships in make or break mode. Expect status updates and changes. Wear red.

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