Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Astrology July 2nd to July 8th, 2012: Full Moon in Capricorn

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Monday: Full Moon warmup

The Moon is in Sagittarius first, and Saturn gives nods from Libra for settlements, finalizing matters from business to education, travel and legal matters involving two parties. Full Moons bring peaks and conclusions. Saturn indicates serious, thoughtful decisions. The Moon is only void of course briefly from 6:21 to 6:51 pm EST and then moves to our Full Moon sign, Capricorn. The Moon is square to Mars and in harmony with Neptune in the evening. Mars last night in Virgo requires we put some work or time in. The Capricorn Moon and Neptune in Pisces are a good mix if you're doing creative work or adding artistic touches to an otherwise practical project. A near Full Moon feeling that something is pending, even if it's undefined, pervades the night. Practical solutions and detached emotions will help keep us out of anxious states and pointless repetition of what does not work. Involve yourself in something constructive. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Capricorn

Mars moves to Libra today. Mars in Libra often has a cause, so we may get behind what we believe in and act on it. With the Moon Full at 2:52 pm EST after the monthly meeting with Pluto, undercurrents are strong. This Full Moon is about facing what's real with courage, ambition, and tangible solutions. Just talk without action will not be acceptable. The Moon square to Uranus throws things off balance easily and we may notice or engage in erratic behavior. Capricorn ambition and work ethic is favored, as well as a calm, less emotional approach to any difficulty or news the Full Moon may bring. Tonight, go with the flow, work on something personal to you, or enjoy the outdoors while the Moon is Full in one of the earth's signs. Wear white.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon in Capricorn is void of course from 8:25 am to 8:26 pm and still near Full. Mercury in Leo works with Venus in Gemini and Uranus in Aries adding festivity, spontaneity and a social feelings to the day. This may make us more resilient in the face of situations that hit a peak or overly emotional states of Full Moon time. It's a day to play, compete in a healthy way, be active, and keep safety in mind. Performers, travelers, and those celebrating special events are favored today. The Moon moves to Aquarius tonight, and Venus and Uranus align, continuing the outgoing, community oriented, adventurous feeling. Wear turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon is designed for collaborations and community based efforts. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Venus in Gemini encouraging us to broaden our perspective, listen to friends and colleagues thoughtfully and be willing to give advice and ideas. The Moon also works with Uranus, adding a very inventive edge to our thinking. It's a day for inventors and designers. Adventurers will also be in sync with the Moon and planets and the global, expansive nature of the day. The Moon opposite Mercury means opposites may have to reconcile, and if they can, the results should be dynamic and attention getting. Try not to be too stubborn about your way of doing things so you can get the best of that opposition rather than the potential stalemate. Tonight is made for conversation, parties, arts events, charity work, and also productive work on projects that need to be done, especially as teams. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

If you must shop or make a big decision or significant purchase, or attend a meeting where things are pending now, the morning is best as the Aquarius Moon works with sensible Saturn. The Moon is void of course from 11:49 am EST on, and the rest of this day and night are meant for relaxation, recharging, catching up on things, or just having a good time. Larger group events are still favored, like in yesterday's forecast. Being with like minded people should energize us! Wear silver.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon engages with a number of planets today, making for variety and change. That can mean changes of mood since Pisces Moon connects with emotions. The Moon and Neptune meet, shining on water sports and locations and also enhancing creative inspiration. Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio may find this aspect to be very romantic. Venus and Jupiter in Gemini both square the Moon, raising questions or controversy in relationships and about travel and other longer term plans. This is a favorable day for gardeners, fishermen/women and others who work in or enjoy the outdoors. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course most of the day, from 7:00 am EST for about 25 hours. This is meant for simple pleasures and relaxation. Keep your boundaries and limits. If we relax too much in situations where we could be compromised or vulnerable when the Moon is in Pisces, we're likely to get hurt. Being outside, doing creative work, and making flexible plans is favored. Go with the Pisces Moon flow. Wear light blue.

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