Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekly Astrology June 25th to July 1st, 2012

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Monday: Saturn direct in Libra, Mercury in Leo, Jupiter square Neptune

Saturn stations direct today and soon we can expect improvements and progress in partnership and legal matters as well as situations involving older relatives. If you've experience any of those as stuck and unresolved, initiate action that could bring you closer to resolutions and agreements in the days and weeks just ahead. The Moon is in Virgo, but the story revolves more around Saturn, Mercury's move to Leo at 10:24 pm EST, and Jupiter square to Neptune. In regard to the latter, do not try to do too much too fast and avoid the tendency to avoid or exaggerate problems. A practical, realistic attitude will cut down on drama and feeling overwhelmed. Small bits of progress may be better than all or nothing today. Mercury's move to Leo pus emphasis on education, teaching, children, theater and entertainment. More about Mercury in Leo in forecast ahead as the retrograde is approaching in mid July. This is a better time to make a move! Tonight, do what makes you feel productive and tune out the static. Wear brown.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Mars, Moon in Libra

If sanity seemed elusive during the twists and turns of the last couple of days, today is the day to reign it in. Virgo Moon time this morning includes a meeting with Mars, activating our analytical minds. Allow for flexibility if you're trying something new, like a schedule or routine for Aries or a new employment situation for Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius. Settle in gently but with enthusiasm for what's new, while the Moon is void of course from 6:53 am to 1:15 pm EST. The Moon shifts to Libra then, and is in harmony with Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Gemini, assisting with business, improved communication, and even shopping for practical and technical items. Libra Moon is a good time to gain some objectivity and perspective. Tonight, the Moon squares the Sun reminding us to pay attention to home, family, and what's dearest to us. Avoid the selfish move. Wear lavender.

Wednesday: Venus direct in Gemini

Venus direct further helps relationships that have been struggling. With Saturn and Venus direct, now or soon is the time to resolve, forgive, or even call it over. Mercury retrograde July 14th to August 8th will not be as favorable a time for partnership, marriage related and other major decisions. Gemini, Venus direct in your sign is particularly good for helping you attract the people or situations that benefit you most. Venus is direct at 11:07 am EST. The Moon is in one of Venus's signs, Libra, also drawing attention to love, harmony, and any place our lives are imbalanced. There may be some decisions or announcements that seem sudden today, but it's likely they've been brewing, as the Moon opposes Uranus, shaking things up. Make fairness a priority, no matter what you have to do. Wear pink.

Thursday: Moon in Scorpio

The Libra Moon is void of course from 4:22 am to 4:32 pm EST. Today is meant to be taken easy, with calm and logic. The Moon meets Saturn early, often bringing serious topics to the forefront. Saturn is direct now so aim for final resolutions. If you have doubts, wait out the day for tomorrow with a solid Scorpio Moon. Vacation-like activities are favored today. The Moon moves to Scorpio at 4:32 pm and works well with Neptune in Pisces, drawing us to water locations and sports and to music and other creative pursuits. It's a nice time for an art opening, painting class, or musical performance. Tonight can be very romantic if sensitive topics are avoided. We'll tend to be stubborn with our opinions. Wear indigo blue.

Friday: Sun opposite Pluto

The Moon is in Scorpio, and the Sun opposes Scorpio's ruler, Pluto and also squares Uranus. The Sun's actions with those two planets looks quite challenging. Risk taking or pushing the limits will cause repercussions, so make sure you're prepared to deal with results of confrontation, aggression or even strong assertive behavior. There's a reactive tendency today. The Scorpio Moon works with Pluto pushing forth undercurrents and in some cases bringing secrets out in the open. Expect intensity, and if you're lucky that may come in the form of passion. Loyalty is important today, as in don't breach trust or incite jealousy. Today's color is maroon.

Saturday: Moon in Scorpio /Sagittarius

The Scorpio Moon may have us holding on to feelings from romantic love to grudges. Things may be hard to break free of or lighten up about today. If it's good, great! If it's causing angst, be careful that Mars weighing in with the Scorpio Moon doesn't let anger take over in the form of lashing out. Mars is the aggressor and Scorpio Moon feels deeply. Together they may make it hard to hold back. The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 6:04 pm and squares Neptune in Pisces for a very changeable yet more free spirited night. Be flexible with plans and enjoy some adventure. Trying something new is favored tonight. Break out of any holding patterns and forget about one of those biggest concerns for a while. Bonfire by the water would make sense with the Moon in fire and Neptune, the planet of the sea, in Pisces. Wear purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

A sense of freedom is today's quest. The Moon opposite Venus means plans with another need to be agreeable and easy or we'll want to just go our own separate ways. There's also an urge for expansion and question of how big or grand to plan as the Moon opposes Jupiter. Determine scale of an event or project. Mercury in Leo works with the Moon to make travel and adventure appealing. The dominant energy is active and enthusiastic, in the fire and air signs. Wear red.

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