Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Birth Chart

Have you ever wondered what your Moon sign or Rising Sign is? I'm doing personal charts once again. Your chart will cover the Moon, Sun, and planets, what signs they fall in and how they work together to make up your personality and preferences. If you're a Leo who always felt more like a Cancer or a Pisces who relates much more to Aquarius's description or horoscopes, you'll probably find out why! Send your date and location, and birth time if you know it, and I'll get started! $150.00 can be paid by paypal using the email

Birthday, wedding or other special date charts are also available.

Birthday reading (mp3) $25.00

Birthday Chart (written) $35.00

Birthday combo (both of above) $50.00

Wedding Date Chart (written/gift) $50.00

Wedding date selection process (to find a most favorable date) $75.00

Couple's Chart also available with couples compatibility including Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars signs. Email for info

Astrology is more fun and valuable when you know your own chart!

"It's a wise person who rules the stars and a fool who's ruled by them." (Daryl Martini, the Cosmic Muffin)

Robin Ivy

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