Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 12th to 18th 2012: Mercury Retrograde

Monday: Mercury Retrograde March 12th to April 4th 2012

Mercury starts the retrograde in Aries overnight. If you haven't done so yet, back up anything important and have duplicate copies of documents you might need. Be careful what you communicate and be judicious with purchases and commitments. We tend to change our minds about what we take on now, and even if it's not a change of heart there are other reasons why Mercury retrograde signals a re-do now or in the weeks shortly after. So now we may be rehashing old business, and in April we'll retrace some steps we take now. The Moon is in Scorpio void of course after a favorable trine with the Sun at 2:36 pm EST. Don't be caught off your guard today! The less said the better in many cases. The Moon and Sun align and things happen easily but easy is not always best. Take action only slowly, steadily, and with your best judgment or not at all! Tonight is good for fun and games and physical activity. These hours are not suited to major decisions or promises. It will be hard to hold people to plans or to their word. Trust with caution. Wear maroon.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon is a power surge aligned with Uranus and Mercury retrograde. This may bring reason to restructure, but the breaking down comes first! News of today may shake up the status quo. Old business and things we thought were forgotten or resolved return as priorities and demand attention. Aries and Sagittarius are very much implicated in shake ups this week. The Moon squares Neptune near daybreak and we need to shatter illusions and not allow ourselves to be misled. The tangible reality of earth sign energies helps as Jupiter and Venus in Taurus align with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto also relates to things we've hidden and secrets we've been keeping, but Venus and Jupiter indicate there could be benefits to dealing with what we're afraid to face. Their influence from Taurus is beneficial and may even be comforting. Keep best outcomes in mind and agree to trial basis more than permanent plans now. Tonight is busy and we need to use our heads not lose our heads as Mars squares the Moon from Virgo! Venus and Pluto encourage relationship conversations and emotional connection. Wear purple.

Wednesday: Venus in Taurus, Mars in Virgo

Relationship and love are in the forefront as Venus meets Jupiter and forms a trine with Mars in Virgo! Both aspects are fortunate, instigating love and romances, helping us work things out and creating new attractions! Venus and Jupiter can also provide opportunities, and Leo gets a beautiful career vibe now while Scorpio finds long term love aspects as good as they get! Keeping Mercury retrograde in mind, resolving past injustices is favored though a temporary plan, giving it a try and reviewing the results in April, is the best plan astrologically. The Sagittarius Moon and Mars action from Virgo keeps things in motion and stimulates both the body and the mind to break out of stuck places and get past a plateau. Tonight, the Moon and Sun square in Sagittarius and Pisces and there's a real need for flexibility and willingness to change. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

We experience the monthly cycle of Moon meeting Pluto/. The planet of secrets in a sign of organization and emotional detachment in conjunction with the Moon leads us to pull back, possibly to look with a more logical or objective point of view. Though it can bring up drama in the form of shady business deals formerly made or information withheld when it should have been disclosed, for examples, the Moon and Pluto may also allow us to retreat and seek privacy or solitude. If you've been giving out too much energy or feel burdened, go for quiet meetings rather than big group sessions in the workplace. Find time with reliable friends you can calmly converse with, particularly if you're Capricorn, Pisces or Virgo types. The Moon squares Mercury in Aries and if you can harness that energy, progress is in the air and could push Cancer into the career spotlight and Libra to face relationship or home issues and deal with them. For some, like Scorpio, what you've been quietly working on may be ready to go out to the public now but with Mercury retrograde go for the soft opening and a trial run rather than grandstanding, for now. Wear gray.

Friday: Earth sign action: Capricorn, Taurus

The Moon in Capricorn aims for ease today with a trine to both Jupiter and Venus in Taurus. It may be easier to collaborate and do business. Jupiter has a constructive influence in Taurus and if anything we may want to do more or go too far. Keep scale in mind whether than means space or budget. Venus in Taurus is a great time for Aquarius to entertain at home or make visible improvements there. Today we all want the comfort zone. Cancer and Capricorn, surround yourself with trusted friends. Aries, you may work hard before enjoying the start of the weekend and feel great satisfaction in that balance. Making spring preparations in terms of outdoor work or planting seeds inside is favored today! Tonight is geared more to good friends than out of the ordinary events, and work is as much in favor as recreation. Our instincts should be on, so follow what seems logical. Wear green.


The Moon works with the Sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde for a friendly, social day. It's likely to be eventful too, and surprises include chance meetings with people from the past. Mercury retrograde means revisiting and going back to an old haunt or getting news from family or an old friend is in the forecast this weekend. If you've been meaning to get in touch with someone, you may find him or her receptive now. Mercury retrograde can be forgiving. Make sure you aren't led back into old patterns that no longer serve you though! Getting sucked back in is possible too, and Mercury retrograde in Aries can lead us to do that too impulsively. The Moon is in Aquarius from 12:06 pm on, and those hours are better than the morning if you have anything important to deal with. A void of course Moon in the morning puts us on shaky ground for decisions and could result in impulse buys or words we wish we hadn't spoken. Socially, group events for work or pleasure are a great way to spend the day. Aquarius Moon has community in mind, so find those you belong with and have a good time! Wear turquoise.


The Aquarius Moon working with Aries planets activates the brain. News in the forecast too, and if you've been expecting news that's overdue, it's even more likely to break! Mercury and Uranus inspire innovation and make the new and shiny and attractive very hopeful! We'll be drawn to what's full of promise today. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may question the validity of unorthodox approaches or ides that haven't been proven to work yet. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius, the fixed signs, notice trigger points are hit by the Moon and planets this weekend. Big ideas and overarching themes are at work for the fixed signs. Wear blue.

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