Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 5th to March 11th 2012: Full Moon in Virgo

Monday: Venus in Taurus

The Moon is in Leo square to Jupiter in Taurus, and Venus moves to Taurus at 5:25 am EST. Taurus, like Leo, is a fixed sign. The strongest personalities will pull others into their orbit today. Rally supporters for your idea or cause. Be willing to learn and look at situations creatively. Jupiter says expansion plans benefit and happen through strong effort this week. Leo is considered lucky and charismatic, and Venus helps Leo land opportunties and be looked upon in the most favorable light in the weeks ahead. Taurus, that's true for you also! Persistence and willfulness will be evident today. What is it that you're not giving upon and willing to work for? Focus in that direction now. Uranus meets Mercury in Aries and aspects Leo Moon stirring up news, changes, and favoring the brand new. Announcements may come as a surprise. Reaction time and the ability to make a good decisions with long term impact will be important in some cases tonight. Don't make a mountain of a mole hill though. We could tend to dramatize and exaggerate in the face of stress. Wear gold.

Tuesday: Virgo Full Moon warmup

Venus and Neptune align, and romance is in the air! Creativity is also enhanced! Today may feel like spring fever. Leo Moon time is outgoing, enthusiastic and fun. Events, performances, and recreation are in favor! This would be an excellent vacation day, but if you're doing business or school things,rehearse material, be social, express ideas in writing, and make work seem like play. Romantically, Venus is in Aries, Neptune is in Aquarius, and those signs as well as Leo, Sagittarius, and Libra get plenty of good vibes. Social plans and arts or music events are well timed tonight. Gather people together or make a date! The Moon is void of course from 8:27 to 10:27 pm EST. Saturn weighs in with advice and some work ethic for those who need it. Optimism should be high! Wear pink.

Wednesday: Virgo Full Moon

The Moon will be Full overnight tonight, in Virgo and very close to Mars. Situations that can easily activate or antagonize amp up! Perfectionism peaks and we may be as critical of ourselves as of others. It's a very busy day in the zodiac. There's loving energy from Venus, which can also mean a creative burst, from the sign Aries! Jupiter encourages us not to skimp, but instead for full force with strong intent, from the sign Taurus. However that Mars proximity throws in an aggressive and picky or nagging influence, so not matter how positive and energetic we feel, wrenches will be thrown in the mix and problems will need to be deciphered and hopefully resolved. Pisces is prone to relationship agitation while Aries may feel too much work stress or health concerns. Tonight we all need to steer clear of unnecessary confrontations or arguements. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Full Moon

The Moon is Full at 4:39 am and then void of course until 11:50 pm. Full Moons are often a call to action, to resolve and finalize things. In Virgo, the details are important during this Full Moon, which is not many days ahead of Mercury retrograde. Today has a tendency toward significant confusion. Double check everything from schedules to money to the messages contained in emails. Are you sending it to the right person? Could it get into the wrong hands or be misconstrued? Be as meticulous as possible today. It would be great to have nothing important to deal with since this would make a nice day off! If you have a test of other challenge, the void Moon might help you relax, but make sure you're focused enough to pull off the results you want! Expect travel delays and communication or technical difficulties. Tonight is most suited for working to meet a deadline, cleaning the house, and catching up on studies. Wear brown.

Friday: Libra Moon

We'll be reacting to news and deciding how we feel about events of this Full Moon today. With a Libra Moon, looking at both sides, being unsure how to respond, and questioning the fairness of things. When the Moon is in Libra appearances beocme important. Aim to present your best traits today. If you're on the verge on a significant move or decision you may notice that information and factors continue to develop and change. If you feel like waiting is best, trust that instinct. Heat of the Full Moon will begin to diminish tomorrow. Tonight could be fun if there's not too much to be dealt with or worried about. Libra is a people person's sign so at least talk to a good friend. We'll start to notice people getting back in touch. Wear lavender.


The Libra Moon meets Saturn. Serious business needs attention. Libra is the sign of law and justice. Just past Thursday's Full Moon, deal with deadlines you might have missed. Be sure both sides of the story are taken into consideration. There's little point to avoiding what Saturn brings up now. If it's challenge, burden, responsibilities, and issues of fairness you can be sure it's Saturn in Libra at work! Act with wisdom, maturity and good counsel. If you're not in the Saturn zone, Libra Moon time favors meeting people, pairing up for work or adventure, and adding music, movement or dance to your day. If you're meeting a tax deadline, Libra Moon powers the brain and intellect as well, and now is better than next weekend when Mercury starts a retrograde until April 4th. Wear black.


The Moon moves to Scorpio at 12:24 am. In the USA, Daylight savings time begins at 2 am so set the clocks one hour ahead. Venus and Jupiter, planets associated with love and luck, are opposite the Scorpio Moon. Deliberate and feel focused about your next move. This is not a time to take things lightly. Consider future implications of your actions. Scorpio Moon time can bring out grudges or vengefulness so we don't want to "start" something controversial now if possible. Even if you must, be sure of your long term plan and trust strong gut instincts a Scorpio Moon is known for. With Pluto and Mars weighing in from earth signs, we're looking at some very tangible shifts and an intense, eventful day, particularly geared toward Scorpio and Taurus and also hitting key points for Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn and Virgo. Use intention and stay focused. Wear indigo blue.

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