Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly February 20th to February 26th 2012: New Moon in Pisces

Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries is spontaneous in love and relationship. Last minute plans, instant attractions, and excitement about romance is in the forecast. The Aquarius Moon favors collaborations too, and we'll be attracted to groups we can work with or share common interests in. Aquarius, today is about communication and networking. Contact a big client or someone who can help with school or business plans. Aries, being part of team can add to your success or enjoyment during this Aquarius Moon. Taurus, work on career plans and how to showcase your abilities to get the job or the role you're hoping for next. It's a good day socially for all signs. Attend an event or plan one. There's plenty of enthusiasm in the air, and if you're not feeling it, an Aquarius or Sagittarius might be the one to go to. Tonight, on the eve of the New Moon in Pisces, go over details of a new plan, adopt a different attitude or set goals. Don't skip over the details! A step by step outline is a good idea tonight before the Pisces Moon allows us to just feel and maybe forget the logic behind the original idea. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is very favorable today! Arriving at 5:35 pm to be exact, use the earlier hours to prepare, gather information for a decision, or get your head on straight so you can move straight forward! Pisces New Moon is an emotional fresh start, a boost out of the blues, and a general nudge to change direction if the present path isn't making you happy. The Aquarius Moon in the morning in harmony with Saturn is a very good time to seek advice and think clearly. The Moon is then void of course until 5:35 pm and during that time the less said or done the better. Play it close to the vest as they say! It's a great time for meditating or playing, be it music, art, or fun and games. The Moon meets both Neptune and the Sun and is in harmony with Jupiter! Wondrous possibilities become evident, and I particularly like that Jupiter in Taurus throws in a constructive influence. This New Moon is about growth, flexibility, creativity and planting new seeds! Virgo and Scorpio may relate in relationships and true love. Taurus and Aries have beautiful business and practical influences at work. It's a career Moon for Sagittarius and Pisces gets the whole package for any kind of change and fresh starts. It's also a fun and decadent Fat Tuesday is that's how you want to spend it! Wear white!

Wednesday: New Moon in Pisces

Yesterday's New Moon continues to fuel the week. You may notice people are more understanding and compassionate, traits of Pisces Moon. The Moon meets Mercury so that shows up in actual self expression from talks to written communications. We are likely to be more empathetic this week if we've been caught up in our own work or problems. Today is a decent problem solving day. Allow for some flexibility if possible, either with schedules or with commitments. A trial basis may be easier to agree to than a fixed plan. The Moon opposes Mars which can sometimes cause tempers or bursts of emotion. If you feel that building, channel frustration into cleaning or physical work while Mars is in Virgo and we like to do something tangible in order to feel better. That's the word for tonight, and do go easy on each other since overnight and the morning are prone to arguments or general disagreements. Pisces and Virgo need to be careful of this in personal interactions, as well as Aries and Libra who might be more likely to be irritated by work, legal or money issues. Wear green.


The Moon is in Pisces, void of course all day. Mercury, in that same sign, opposes Mars. This can cause some tension, anxiety or even argument. It might be hard to identify why we feel a bit off balance in some cases. We are prone more to emotional strain, explained or unexplained. Speaking calmly and clearly and letting someone know you understand will help, while speaking without thinking could create issues. We could hurt someone without even knowing we're not being sensitive if we're in a hurry and not tuned in. Pisces Moon favors that intuitive approach. Notice expressions and body language and respond accordingly. If in doubt, say nothing or otherwise play it safe today. Have some boundaries with things that might be personal. Save bigger commitments for another time and keep some flexibility for yourself. Maybe could be today's key word! Tonight, the Moon moves to Aries at 9:48 pm, and it shouldn't be surprising if things quickly fire up, peaking again tomorrow with all kind of new developments, ready or not! Wear yellow.

Friday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

The Moon meets Uranus in fiery Aries! These are the ingredients for both excitement and anxiety. New situations stare us right in the face and chances are we need to be a bit braver or bolder than usual. An original, unique, and pioneering spirit is called for. Sometimes we don't initially like the results and surprises Uranus initiates. An unanticipated opportunity could make Aquarius or Leo very happy today. Sagittarius, play it safe and hope for good luck, but take no unnecessary chances. Pisces, don't be impulsive with spending. You may need that cash flow for something you didn't expect right now. The Moon squares Pluto later on, and Capricorn this could quietly agitate you. Taking it out on your housemates or family is a tendency today, but is clearly not a good idea. Power struggles are present. Best case scenario, we have something to get very excited about though the details may require some attention to detail and some discretion too. Tonight, work is a challenge, and wild parties will happen. Wear red.

Saturday: Mercury conjunct the Moon

The Aries Moon and Mercury meet, and the Sun and Jupiter collaborate in Pisces/Taurus. All of this points to a very active, eventful day! The conjunction in Aries pushes us to start new things, make announcements, and agree to change. It's a decision maker's day. The Sun and Jupiter add optimism, enthusiasm and a balanced blend of creativity and the ability to carry out plans. Start building something today! Wear orange.

Sunday; Taurus Moon meets Jupiter

The Moon is void of course from 7:52 am to 9:29 am and then in Taurus. An early opposition to Saturn could give the day a harsh start or perhaps we just practice some restraint and discipline. The Moon is in harmony with Neptune and meets Jupiter as the day goes on, prolonging some of yesterday's positive feelings, energy, and imagination. With Taurus Moon, don't just dream it, do it! Be constructive, persistent, and methodical. Take some time to enjoy your surroundings, the outdoors, the comforts of home or whatever pleasurable experiences come your way today. Wear green.

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