Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 4th 2012

Monday: Taurus Moon

The Pisces Sun and Taurus Moon blend water and earth sign energy today. We'll act on feelings while adopting a practical, workable course of action. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn harmonize with the Moon further encouraging an organized and realistic approach to both problems and plans. Building, cooking, creating and experiencing first hand should be part of the plan during this Taurus Moon. Show tangible results, at work if you're an Aries or Sagittarius and in relationship matters if you're a Scorpio. Taurus, spend time with friends today and collaborate on team efforts. Tonight we aim to satisfy the senses and feel gratified or appreciated. Wear green.

Tuesday: Sun in harmony with Pluto

The Sun and Pluto combine in Pisces and Capricorn for an enthusiastic day. We may quietly experience satisfaction from our own efforts. Aim for success and results. Confidence gets a boost, particularly for those two signs. Scorpio and Leo, ruled by the Sun and Pluto, may feel more optimistic and see good signs for the future as well. Brainstorm ideas and different methods. The Moon and Mercury work together in Taurus and Pisces for positive communication, willingness to learn, and more understanding. The Moon is void of course from 2:46 pm until later tonight. Keep a realistic point of view in mind then. Neptune gets involved with the Moon and sometimes clouds the details or our judgement. Move forward cautiously and carry plans out methodically. Don't get sidetracked! The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:27 pm EST. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Leap Day 2012

This Leap day arrives with the duality of Gemini Moon time. This can make us both enthusiastic and undecided! With the Moon and Uranus in Aries in harmony, it's best to slow down and think! Our impulses are strong, but asking yourself if you're ready or certain is a good idea since we could act too quickly, without accurate information or judgement. The Moon and Sun are square and that means stress or sharp edges and quite a bit to consider in the forecast tonight. We're likely to be multi tasking or considering our options. Take your time. It may be hard to focus tonight. Wear light blue.

Thursday: Gemini Moon, Mercury's last day in Pisces

The Gemini Moon and Mars in Virgo form a square today. Both signs are Mercury ruled, therefore we need to be careful and meticulous with communication or we could be misquoted or misunderstood. Situations or events that block scheduling and planning become evident. We have to work harder to reach agreements and get things booked. As we get close to Mercury retrograde it's a good time to get definitive answers and feel confident everyone is on the same page. On Mercury's last day of this cycle in Pisces, ask a favor or broach a topic that's been shelved for a while. Mercury in Pisces is more sentimental, generous and forgiving than Mercury in Aries which is just ahead. Decisions may not come easily today. Push through obstacles. Get agreements in writing and start saving receipts again. We'll need to refer back to things taken on now. Tonight, study and absorb important information. Wear red.

Friday: Mercury in Aries

With the Cancer Moon, the urge to see progress is strong! The void of course Moon from 8:14 to 10:08 am is a time to keep it simple and take your time. Mercury moves to Aries at 8:41 am EST, and when the planet of communication and commutes changes signs, it's best if we slow down and think. Saturn encourages us to work out legal and partnership agreements, from Libra, sign of justice and balance. Planets in Aries, Mercury and Uranus, accelerate and may cause issues to be forced into the forefront. Expect breaking news today! Meanwhile, Neptune fuels those of us working on creative projects, especially those that are purely original, innovative and non-business related. Tonight surprises and changes are likely. Wear white.


The Moon in Cancer opposes mysterious Pluto, and the Sun in Pisces is opposite Mars. Our moods will be impacted and we need to try not to agitate others because of our own feelings. Projecting, blaming, and dredging up old wounds won't accomplish much yet the tendency is there. Remember Cancer Moon time is very sensitive and can be reactive. Mars in Virgo can be overly particular and critical. If we can get past hurts and moods, the Sun and Mars in harmony with the Cancer Moon attempt to give us physical and emotional energy. It's a good day to be creative, enjoy music, minimize competition, and avoid drama. Today may require your adaptive, chameleon-like self to appear. Be adaptive and look for progress without too much sentiment about the past. Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo may have to work harder at positivity and not feel overburdened or too strongly challenged. Wear blue.


Challenging squares to the Cancer Moon dominate the early part of the day. Injustices become obvious. Relationship problems weigh us down if they're a factor. Venus, in Aries, opposite Saturn in Libra aims to release relationship tension. Imbalances need to be corrected and there's an urgency about more so than usual. This is a make or break opposition and the effects will last days on either side. Expect changes of status and an end to the status quo if things are not working well. This can also be a chance to step up and make a commitment if a lack of decisiveness is the issue. All in all, aim for fairness to each other. After an hour void of course, the Moon moves to Leo at 6:17 pm EST. The Leo Moon makes it easier to shake off tension and end the weekend with fun or at least with a good talk as the Moon and Mercury in Aries align. Wear purple.

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