Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 13th to 19th: Mercury in Pisces and Valentine's Day Forecast

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Monday: Moon in Scorpio, Mercury moves to Pisces

The Moon is in strong willed Scorpio, opposite Jupiter in equally dominant Taurus. This finds us fixated on goals, possibly obsessed with winning, and in exaggerated moods. Use this drive to push forth with plans, bury yourself in important projects, and pursue desires relentlessly. Just don't cross personal boundaries in the process! Scorpio Moon is a time to appreciate and respect privacy. Mercury spends final hours in Aquarius, and this is favorable for logical decisions and processes and for getting impartial advice. Saturn helps out with wisdom, from Libra sign of moderation and balance. After Mercury and Saturn align in air signs, for intelligent moves and clear communication, Mercury moves to Pisces at 8:38 pm EST where the planet of news and information is perhaps more gentle and forgiving yet not as clear and direct with the message. Make stronger choices and schedule meetings where things will be negotiated and decided this afternoon rather than after 8:38 pm tonight. Tonight is designed for creative work, writing, and art forms of all kinds. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Valentine's Day Astrology

Valentine's Day is part Scorpio and part Sagittarius Moon times. If this were embodied in a person, she or he would beg you to stay forever and then go out and flirt with other attractive prospects or promise to stay true but leave you behind for a great, worldly adventure! The earlier part of the day seems most suited for lovers, with Mercury and Neptune together in loving, romantic Pisces, helping us choose the right words while being understanding and generous too. The Moon squares the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in succession after noon time and the Moon moves to independent, philosophical Sagittarius at 7:56 pm EST. If adventure is what you crave and changes agree with you, you may get exactly what you want. However if loyal and reliable is what you're hoping for. there could be disappointment, delay or other reason to be patient. Tonight, some of will be rethinking things,and that goes beyond our love lives. There's an urge to break free of restrictions and experiment with something else. Wear purple.


The Sagittarius Moon is feeling more agreeable and easygoing today with two trines. We'll let go of expectations more easily and go with recent developments as the Moon works with Uranus in quick acting Aries and with Venus for new love and fresh ideas. Everything new and untried is appealing, while stagnant or repetitive is a problem. Travel plans are encouraged as is moving, starting new classes or programs, and experimenting with different ways of doing the same old tasks. Venus is the strongest planetary influence, putting relationships in perspective, and as Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn we'll want structure around personal matters that have gotten out of hand. A solution oriented approach is called for and without that come partners, lovers and other parties with agreements may call it quits. Tonight is prime for ultimatums. Reorganize your relationship life if need be. Otherwise, the Sagittarius Moon favors an unscheduled approach to the night. Wear red.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon in Sagittarius squares Mars in Virgo this morning. There's a tendency toward arguments about disorganization or unreliability. Look responsible, clean up your work space, go over expenses and correct any errors or imbalances. The Moon stays in Sagittarius until 11:03 pm EST and is harmony with Sun and Saturn. We should feel more confident about advice we're getting and general direction we're headed in if we've been asking for clarification before acting. Confidence is boosted for Aquarius and Sagittarius and Leo may be enjoying a stoke of luck this week. Mercury and Jupiter call for decisions and encourage sharing of ideas and philosophies. New information and ideas can be very helpful today so don't shy away from the conversation, especially Taurus and Pisces. Wear yellow.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon aligns with Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus. Constructive is the key word. Whether you're dealing with sensitive or emotional matters or business and organization, listening is important as speaking. Mercury in Pisces says be understanding, but also be clear! The Capricorn Moon doesn't accept excuses for slacking off or acting in unreliable ways. Show some initiative and put effort behind your intentions. Ambitions may be rewarded with lucky, expansive Jupiter in harmony with the Moon. It's great for earth signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, and in work and money matters, Sagittarius and Aries also experience the benefits. The Moon and Pluto meet in the afternoon and new information or revelations could be the result. Capricorn, you experience this each month and if it brings up anxieties, processing things physically with a run, a workout or even house cleaning might be helpful. Cancer this puts emphasis on relationships and commitments and the secrets or underlying influences at work. It could be a day of serious considerations where partners are involved. Tonight the Moon squares Venus in Aries bringing some tension to relationships that lean toward power struggles. A relaxed approach to the night is best. Keep expectations of others reasonable and balanced. Today's color is black.


There's a Capricorn Moon and three varied aspects at work, all aiming to ease transitions and decisions. Capricorn Moon and Mars in Virgo help with the practical things that need to be done and figured out. Working on taxes could be one way to use this influence, especially if motivation has been lacking. Planning, scheduling and communication is also eased by Mercury in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, though we may not like every topic that comes up, we should be able to deal with things as necessary. Those two planets are also helping to solve mysteries and uncover missing pieces of plans or information. Seek answers today. The Sun and Saturn team up in air signs, Aquarius and Libra, for solid, confident decisions and advice. Justice is a priority. Look at information fairly and without too much emotion or attachment to a personal agenda. Gather information, make sure no one is being treated unjustly, and take action. This may help with big life decisions, business or technology upgrades, and everything legal. Tap into the older, wiser part of your personality or ask advice from someone more experienced. Keep communication open and free of drama today. Things are bound to be accomplished, ready or not! It's the final night of Aquarius birthdays. Today's color is gray.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon and Pisces Birthdays Begin!

The Sun enters Pisces at 1:18 am for the final phase of winter. After just about an hour void of course, the Moon moves to Aquarius at 5:28 am EST. A forward thinking approach is best under Aquarius Moon. Try not to look back or let too much sentiment rule decisions. Aquarius is about using intellect and rationality. As the Moon combines with Uranus in Aries, brand new idea spark! We may want to jump on board with a new project or otherwise react quickly. There's a spontaneous attitude at work. Jupiter in Taurus attempts to remind us to stay grounded amidst excitement. It's natural to want to be extravagant and original or unique today. Do something to stand out if it's to your benefit! Aquarius Moon time rules friendship and community. Get together in groups and seek out causes you're interested in or find common interests as the core of a new friendship. Libra and Aries get the friendship aspect of this most for the rest of the weekend and may need to rely on or give advice to friends. Leo, this Aquarius Moon exhibits a combination of focus on your significant other and discussion or weighing out of options for either or both of you and some of that is likely to relate to career. The Sun and Neptune meet in Pisces for romance, creativity and escape from the ordinary tonight. Wear blue.

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