Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 6th-12th: Full Moon in Leo, Venus in Aries

Monday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 7:31 am to 8:24 am and though it's a short one, the Eastern timing hits the morning commute. We tend to be forgetful or confused, so make sure you know where you need to be and what you need to get the job done if you have an early start!  The Leo Moon is nearly Full and we need to get structure around plans and ideas. Work creatively to make things happen on time this week. Leo Moon time is full of enthusiasm and acting quickly is in the forecast early this week.  Jupiter and Saturn square the Moon today, encouraging an optimistic but controlled approach.  Get advice and look at pros and cons before diving in head first! Aries and Sagittarius should be energized by this Leo Moon. Taurus, get legal and financial input before acting on any situation that requires it.  Scorpio, this Full Moon relates to your image and career.  Present at your best! Wear purple.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is Full in Leo at 4:54 pm EST.  This morning The Sun and Mercury meet in logical, technical master of the zodiac, Aquarius.  It's a big day of decisions that have long term impact.  Take everything into consideration and move forward with strong sensibilities and with future plans in mind.  Technology and improvements are in the spotlight. The Leo Moon amps things up with vibrance and glamour.  It's not the time to think small or conservative. Mercury in Aquarius is a major player during this Leo Moon, having a boomerang effect at Full Moon time, creating big news, reasons to act, and tie together loose ends. The more amazing the better during Leo Moon. We want to be wowed. Paint a bright picture and rally people around to make it happen.  Cancer is likely to meet a deadline and be working hard. Scorpio is favored for the spotlight along with Leo. Libra and Aries will enjoy friends and events.  Gemini, this Full Moon is a bringer of news in your circle, be it business or family. Tonight is Venus's last night in Pisces. Use this if you need to reconcile or make up. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Venus in Aries

Venus moves to Aries at 1:01 am just after the Full Moon.  Venus in Aries favors new love and fresh starts.  It's exciting and can feel like spring fever!  Sagittarius and Aries are favored in love with Leo and Libra getting a boost too!  The Full Moon's effect is still in action today with news and conclusions and due dates giving us reason to work hard and stay on top of things. The Moon moves to Virgo at 12:32 pm after less than an hour void of course. The change of Moon sign may make us feel more serious and more analytical.  Keep some flexibility in your time if possible.  Tonight the Moon works with Jupiter in Taurus and we're encouraged by positive attitudes and willingness to learn.  With the action in earth signs, physical work or workouts help us feel like we're on track.  It's also a night to help out or be on the receiving end of favors.  Virgo is the sign of service to others.  Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Venus and Uranus in Aries

Venus meets Uranus in Aries! This can be wildly eventful for relationships and creative endeavors particularly.  Libra turns of events in your long term relationship and other surprises connected to love or other partnerships in the forecast this week. Aries, one of those big "aha" moments hits within days on either side of this.  You could make dramatic changes as a result once this new information really sinks in.  Sagittarius, something unexpected that intitially takes your breath away makes you rethink everything and has the capacity to be very fortunate once you adjust!  For all of this an awakening is due, and for many it will relate most to relationship and love.  You might even suddenly believe that love at first meeting is possible.  The Moon is in Virgo in a practical trine to Pluto exerts a contrasting influence and helps keep us grounded and dealing with the day to day tasks even if some of today's news is stunning one way or another.  The Moon reaches Mars in Virgo after midnight (EST) further activating both the Aries influence and the earth sign activity, making us feel like we must do something about problems and positives both! It's an action oriented evening as we aim to make the most of new situations and connections.  Wear red.

Friday: Long Void of Course Moon

From 12:11 am to 2:54 pm EST there's a long void of course Moon in Virgo.  Expect plans to change and, if possible, remain very flexible with options, decisions and schedules.  It's a day of adjustments.  The Moon, Mars and Uranus are the major influences at work, much like yesterday, and we're dealing with surprises and unanticipated news and events. With activity in Aries, we want to blaze new trails and forge into different territory.  Do that slowly and with  care today during void of course Moon time which is more fertile for forgetfulness or missteps.  At 2:54 the Moon moves to Libra and is opposite both Venus and Uranus activating relationship events yet again!  Conditions are right for changes of status including married to single and vice versa.  New love is in the air too, especially for Sagittarius and Aries. Tonight is for social butterflies. It's a great date night as long as you're not already in disagreement in which case it will be hard to find compromise.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Moon squares Pluto so be sure to act in fairness and avoid being too judgmental.  This is a very good day for social plans. Libra Moon time favors us meeting new people, networking, connecting with friends, and dating.  Three may be a crowd since Libra is about couples, duos, and best friends. Collaborate and enjoy work more too!  Two heads are better than one is a phrase that makes sense today.  Listen to another perspective or a friend's story or advice.  Above all don't isolate yourself while the Moon moves through a sign that helps us meet, negotiate, and connect.  It's another good date night and one on one rules over going out in larger groups. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Moon meets Saturn

The Moon works well with  the Sun, Neptune and Mercury. Socials plans thrive! A party or event is well timed. Make a favorable impression by being conscious of appearance and manners.  We can even handle those superficial but necessary encounters with aspects like these!  Before the Moon moves to Scorpio, there's a conjunction with wise and serious Saturn.  Justice is the theme and we may be discussion how to divide things or responsibilities and fulfilling obligations we've made. Honor commitments and your elders for best results.  It's Mercury's last day in logical, strong willed Aquarius.  A solid decision may be better timed today than tomorrow. Tonight creative and organizational pursuits are favored under Scorpio Moon. It's also a good movie night.  Wear maroon.

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