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Weekly January 9th

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The Moon is Full in Cancer. Family matters are ruled by this Moon sign and Cancer relates to the girls and women in our lives, especially mothers. Full Moons spotlight, pressure, and bring spikes in the action. Along with family situations, Cancer will find this Full Moon very personal, Capricorn may relate in relationships and commitments and developments there. Scorpio, this is a Full Moon of outside or distant opportunities and chances to learn and experience different things. Gemini and Aquarius could find work and employment changes are part of this week.  Tonight the Moon squares Saturn and Jupiter indicating serious matters that can wait no longer for attention. Finding balance and fairness and serving justice is Saturn's mission right now.  The Moon moves to Leo at 11:35 pm EST after two void of course hours. Wear gold.


The Leo Moon harmonizes with Uranus in Aries for action! There's a pressing nature to information and a strong need to act under this Leo Moon. Full Moon developments continue and may force decisions, but the Leo Moon is optimistic. It's best to think things out and not go with Aries tendency to just do it. Aim for long term solutions and decisions since the Moon is in a fixed sign implying lasting effects and impressions. This is a career Moon for Scorpio and perhaps Cancer, and for Aquarius the Leo Moon rules relationship.  This Moon sign is creative and relates to children, recreation, and performances. Show your best side. Tap into your talents, reestablish a hobby, and do something active and fun as part of the day or night! Wear purple.


The Moon is in Leo with no major aspects. The sign of the Sun tends to have a good effect emotionally and helps us energy wise.  Get fired up about something good today! The way is clear for solid long term decisions and favors creative, dynamic approaches.  Like yesterday, it's ideal to work in some fun, look at the world with fresh eyes, and think like a kid. This is the sign of youth! Find what makes you feel happy and satisfied. Leo rules the back and heart. Do something good for your health, particularly the spine and circulatory system! In other words, work in some cardio and exercises that improve flexibility! Tonight is social since Leo is an extrovert in the zodiac. The Moon is opposing Venus so opposites may feel strong attraction. Aquarius and Leo also host an opposition of Neptune and the Moon will can create illusions. Our creativity as well as our love lives are stirred up one way or the other. Wear orange.


The Moon is void of course in Leo from 3:23 am to 4:44 pm EST. There's a sense of optimism in the air. Try to avoid false hope though! It's not a good day to spend alot or make a significatn decisions, but it is a fine day for fun, relaxation and routine.  The Virgo Moon from 4:44 pm on is in harmony with planets in other earth signs, so we'll tend to be practical, grounded in what we need to or want to do, and move through the evening hours with ease.  The Sun and Mars, also in earth signs, put us in the mood to move, and physical activities are favored.  Simple pleasures rule tonight. Wear brown.


The Moon is in Virgo, Venus is at work, and we have an important meeting in the sign Capricorn today!  Virgo Moon is health conscious and Capricorn rules teeth and bones, so take care of dental or other health related appointments.  A physical work out is a great addition to routine with this energy is earth signs!  Mercury and Pluto meet in Capricorn for both old and new business, getting dates on the calendar, and dealing with matters of privacy, business, and other agendas.  Meet a challenge ambitiously, express ideas or relay possible solutions to problems, break news, and try not to be afraid to face things that were on the backburner.  Two other conjunctions occur too, as Venus and Neptune in Aquarius create romance and favor Leo, Libra and Aquarius in relationships.  Don't be surprised if you're one of those signs and feel like this is the best it ever gets in your love life! Then do something to enhance or prolong that effect.  Aquarius, this is Venu's last night in your sign for a good long while. Do something enjoyable and use the power of attraction!  In Virgo, the Moon and Mars meet making us want to take very solid action and solve problems! Tonight the Moon and Sun harmonize for confidence and good feelings, so this is a very good time to act on most anything!  The Moon is void from 8:58 pm to 8:28 am. Keep your wits about you then.  Wear navy blue.


Venus moves to Pisces, a sign where she expresses compassion and generosity in relationships and also is more in favor of forgiveness.  Pisces, this is your tune to attract what you want, fall in love or improve the relationship you're in, and even make positive changes in your appearance or image.  The Moon is in Libra from 8:28 am EST through most of Monday morning.  Issues of justice come up and playing fair is important!  Two's a party and three's a crowd this weekend. We'll want one on one time more than anything whether that's with a best friend, lover, or family member.  Partner collaborations on work are also favored.  The Moon and Uranus opposite can throw us off balance. Keeping strong reactions to a minimum will help. Tonight Venus and Jupiter do good work and have a pleasant, positive influence on both relationships and learning opportunties.  It's a night where you maybe CAN get what you need according to those two planets in Pisces and Taurus.  Wear pink.


The Libra Moon may prompt us to do more business than you would expect on a usual Sunday.  The Moon and Mercury form a square and we'll be weighing pros and cons, trying to make joint decisions, rescheduling, trying to remove obstacles and negotiating for what we want! If you're not in those modes at all, the Moon urges fairness and balance and a moderate approach.  Seeing differente perspectives is one of our missions this weekend. Tonight the Moon is just about square to the Capricorn Sun and we aim for progress despite obstacles or hurdles. State your case. Wear light blue.

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