Thursday, January 5, 2012

Astrology for Couples!

Compatibility charts show how you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or love affair partner connect! The planets on your side and the ones that may provide challenges, the signs of the Sun and Moon and other aspects influence your attraction and interaction! Valentine's Day is a cool time to give or share your compatibility chart, but feel free to email me any time to see how soon I can whip one up for you and your lover or for a wedding, anniversary or engagement gift.  Here's an excerpt from a real one. The names have, of course,  been changed.

 Mars signs influence chemistry and sexual energy between partners. Amanda’s Mars is in Sagittarius and Paul’s is in Gemini, opposite signs. This is a mind connection! You need to be able to talk and explore a variety of subjects and experiences together.  Sagittarius is an adventurous sign for the planet of action, but is also the sign of higher learning. Gemini is the sign of brain activity and Mars influences communication in the sign of the twins. The mental connection feeds the physical, and without that the two of you will feel less interested. It’s important to you as a couple that life be evolving and exciting. You may enjoy change! 

Travel would be a very good way to deepen your connection with each other. Discovering and trying new things together is very attractive to both of you.  Give yourselves time to break out of old patterns and vary from routines from time to time.  Going abroad may be quite appealing, or if not, do physically demanding activities together-for example ski or swim or hike.  Talks you have while engaging in these experiences will be enriching and help you to know each other more.  It’s important to both of you that life not be boring and routine. 
Amanda’s Pisces Moon fills a romantic place in Paul’s chart, and since his Moon is in Leo, a generous sign, this is likely to be a very giving relationship.  The Pisces Moon is more about romance, and softens Paul’s Leo Moon.  For Paul, with Scorpio rising, Amanda’s Moon impacts both his home life and his love/creative side. Amanda is able to stir both enthusiasm about life and untapped creativity in Paul.  Paul gains great enjoyment and fulfillment from this aspect of the relationship.

Send birth dates, birth places and times if known to and I will write back to confirm. 
Charts are $50 or $100, are one to three pages long, and vary by amount of material covered! They can be paid for by cash in person, by check or through paypal for $3.00 extra using the email address

For Valentine's Day please order by February 1, 2012.

Here's to attraction, love and compatibility!

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