Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly January 16th


The 4th quarter Moon is in Libra. This time in the lunar cycle is about revisiting, rethinking, and preparing for new courses of action.  We'll be weighing pros and cons and our options early this week.  This morning is very much about justice, balance and moderation as the Moon meets Saturn. If we've gone to extremes or in imbalanced situations, we may notice the price we're paying.  Take steps to get things back in line and more reasonable.  The Moon is void of course from 10:29 to 11:33 am EST and then in Scorpio.  Jupiter in Taurus urges a constructive approach, and opposite the Moon highlights places where negotiation is needed. Find middle ground. The Scorpio Moon is also about respecting privacy and not pushing others too hard.  Tonight the Moon aligns with loving, forgiving Venus in Pisces and we're more willing to be open to reestablishing relationships or showing more compassion and understanding. It's also a nice night for lovers, especially Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, and secondarily Taurus and Cancer.  Wear maroon.


The Scorpio Moon works with Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, and with Mercury. Both planets are in ambitious and organized Capricorn.  Seek answers and information today.  Solutions may be easier to come by.  Mysteries may be more easily solved.  Ask the right questions and be persistent.  The urge to put things in some kind of order kicks in and you may find yourself alphabetizing, cleaning up the desktop, or cleaning a cabinet, and finding things you expected were lost. Today you might want to focus on career, school, or whatever part of your life requires serious attitude and persistence. Scorpio is a tenacious sign that doesn't give up easily. Get back to something you lost track of but really should follow up on.  There's also a spiritual, metaphysical, intuitive nature to be investigated or dive into. Meditation might balance out those strong work drives.  The conditions are right for best efforts and gut instincts.  Wear black.


The Moon starts out in Scorpio and our best work and decisions may happen in the early hours. Activate and motivate as the Moon works with Mars and the Sun. This is meant to be a day of accomplishment! Press for answers, information or the resources you need. Show ambition and persistence. The tone changes around 1:31 pm when the Moon moves void of course before transitioning to Sagittarius, a sign more likely to have short attention span or just blow off what seems too difficult especially as the Moon squares Neptune and Uranus throws in a curve ball from Aries. We're more likely to get off track or onto another subject as the day and night go on. Make moves you can follow through with and get other people's word too before that happens.  Later in the day adventures and new topics or experiences win our attention.  Tonight we want independence.  Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo have things to work on or work out in relationships and at home. Wear purple.


The Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign with an independent streak, an explorer of places and ideas. It's a good day for learning and for investigating travel or study options. Open your mind. A talk with someone who has different ideas or experiences could be enlightening or spark your next adventure.  The Capricorn Sun squares Saturn in Libra reminding us of obligations and traditions or rituals we're expected to carry on with.  The elders in our lives are likely to have something to say and demand our attention.  Seek wise advice. Don't write off what Grandma used to say, for example.  Try to do the mature or fair thing. Take the high road today.  Avoid being too fixed on one agenda.  Wear green.


The Moon is in Sagittarius until 5:40 pm. It's an active day and a good time for field trips or more distant journeys. Sagittarius Moon time is also designed to open our perspective through reading and discussing. Pick up a good book if travel's not on your agenda.  Venus and Pluto have relationships facing problems with a positive attitude. Solve problems together today. Most of the aspects between planets are agreeable which helps us find agreement too!  The Sun shifts to Aquarius at 11:10 am EST and Aquarius birthdays begin.  Today is good for learning and planning. The Capricorn Moon from 5:40 pm on is less reliable than usual squaring Uranus and we need to change plans or be spontaneous, even if we don't want to! The Moon and Jupiter in earth signs give tonight optimism and a can do attitude too. Wear blue.


The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and is in harmony with Venus today. Realistic approaches to matters of love, fairness and responsibilities are the way to go.  Try not to avoid personal problems. Face up to them and make known your intent to make things more balanced or otherwise right.  The Sun and Uranus in Aquarius and Aries provide the vision and in some cases brilliant ideas!  A progressive attitude works best and holding on or being too sentimental could hold you back. Act intentionally, seriously, and think out of the box! Remember doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is unlikely to work! Go for a new solution. Social plans are more low key than amped up. Wear black.


The Capricorn Moon meets Mercury and it's another problem solving, solution oriented day.  Repair, organize, and get life in order! It's a time of planning too. Commmunicate, try to agree on dates and form other practical plans.  The Moon aligned with Mars in Virgo should help with flexibility and also puts us in the mood to move! Play games and get into physical activities even if they involve strenuous work! The Moon squares Saturn shortly before moving into Aquarius at 9:53 pm. Think logically and go over pros and cons of decisions that need to be made. Logic over emotion today. Wear turquoise.

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