Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly January 23rd


It's a New Moon in Aquarius, a sign that looks toward the future with an eye for design and a head for new technology. The conditions are right for breakthroughs! Scientific or personal discoveries are favored! This is also the sign of community so it's a good time to join a group. Experiment with something and see if it's for you.  All kinds of changes and new directions are favored.  It's Chinese New Year, and year of the dragon begins. Have a courageous, open minded attitude! Mercury and Mars are in harmony in earth signs encouraging us to be productive and flexible as we work and problem solve. Trouble shoot something with a Virgo or Capricorn who may know just what to do! Mars starts a retrograde tonight in Virgo and we may need to slow down a bit and  pay attention to health.  Don't over exert yourself tonight. Wear white.


The Moon moves freely through Aquarius. If you do experience some kind of setback it may be Mars retrograde at work now, especially if you're an Aries, a Virgo, or you work in the health, animal, or service industries.  Mars encourages us to rework things this winter and perhaps relaunch something or delay it until this spring. Building plans may also be affected. The Aquarius Moon prompts us to collaborate, gather in groups, especially around causes, and to plan big events.  It's also the sign of friendship and friends can be a source of advice and support today.  Stay with Aquarius logic over feelings that may get in the way or cloud judgment.  Tonight is good for meetings and group projects. Share ideas and brainstorm. Wear blue.


The Moon moves to Pisces at 4:11 am EST after meeting Neptune. This can add to the feeling of illusion. It might be good to question anything you feel uncertain about. However, overall it's an optimistic day and people will tend to be understanding and warm as the Moon aligns with Jupiter in Taurus. There's a "feel good" aspect where we'll want to create comfort and security for people around us from family to co-workers.  That doesn't mean giving up on productivity though. it's like the boss that praises you but still tells you what needs to be accomplished. Act accordingly.  Tonight the Moon and Pluto make it likely sensitive issues will come up for discussion. Ease into those talks or situations gently. Wear green.


The Moon meets Venus in Pisces and is opposite Mars in Virgo. Those are the relationship planets, male and female, yin and yang, and so love, attraction, and even opposition with regard to relationships are priority today.  While it's a good day for reconciling, you may have things to hash out and decide first.  Negotiating, being understanding and being flexible are all possible with the actions in mutable signs, willing to shift and change. Ask for adjustments that need to be made. If you're breaking up, it can done more peacefully and with compassion on a day like this.  We're at emotional high tide with Pisces Moon yet Mars is a problem solver in Virgo and Venus provides a softer landing.  It's all Pisces today so if you're not in the throes of relationship happening, perhaps you'll want to be charitable, adopt a pet, help out someone in need or create art. Try not to make today about your sob story.  Everyone has their story, but not everyone will cry about it.  The Moon is void at 11:53 pm EST. Wear light blue.


There's a long void of course Moon in progress. Meanwhile Mercury takes over, moving to Aquarius for a very logical outlook in the weeks ahead. Detach a bit from an emotional situation and take a clear look. Insight is possible today, but be careful about decisions while the Moon is void until 1:28 pm. Mercury squares Saturn in Libra before changing signs and we need to take our actions and routes very seriously. Get wise advice, consult the "elders", and move slowly and thoughtfully.  The Aries Moon from 1:28 pm is a call to action and by then you might feel you have the info you need and the right conditions for a bold move.  Still, ask questions even of yourself before you take the giant step! News will develop as the afternoon goes on and our urges will likely be strong and forceful.  Tonight is potentially a wild night of unexpected events. Keep your head up and watch out for a friend too. Today's color is red.


The Moon is in Aries, a sign of action. Mercury the planet of communication engages with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Taurus.  Dealing with challenges and the unanticipated is part of the day. Though the Moon is in a fire sign, earth sign approaches like practical, down to earth conversations and workable solutions are the best plan. One challenge is not to over react Mercury is newly in Aquarius the sign of last Monday's New Moon, therefore taking different approaches and thinking  originally is favored. Aries Moon time is good for healthy competition, sports and games. Tonight we need to act in the moment and perhaps think on our feet. Wear yellow.


The Aries Moon is full of activity. Today may be unfocused yet require multitasking.  It's another day for initiating new things. Get fired up about what's important to you! Aries is the "me" sign so we may need to take care of ourselves first.  The 2nd quarter Moon is tomorrow night so it's good to feel we're  making progress with something. The tendencies to be assertive and push forth an agenda appear more strongly today. Wear maroon.

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