Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly January 2nd


We start the first full week of 2012 with Aries Moon. It's an action starting sign, and today the Moon is in harmony with Mercury in Sagittarius. We'll want to move, travel, get things accomplished or at least started. Anything that helps avoid boredom will seem like a good idea. Aries is competitive and also likes to have fun, so games and contests will draw lots of participation! It's also a good day to run, exercise and otherwise get physical energy going and boost metabolism if you've overindulged or been feeling sluggish.  Tonight the Moon will shift to Taurus, grounding us in reality, spotlighting goals and steps toward things we want to accomplish.  Build, create and organize, tonight.  Wear green.


The Moon is in Taurus for well thought out decisions and steps toward important goals.  Taurus Moon time helps with long term decisions. Break a habit and form a plan for when you get weak and may fall back. It's also a great day to adopt new habits or routines you hope to stick with! Taurus Moon favors builders and one aspect of the day relates to expansion and adding on. Begin construction or finish the job! Others who work with their hands are also influence positively by Taurus Moon, but it's also a sign of singers and speakers. Prepare something that needs to be rehearsed and performed soon.  Today is meant to be constructive. Tonight can be productive too, but Taurus Moon also values comfort and pleasure and we're likely to be seeking whatever feels good once we can justify that some work is done.  Wear brown.


The Moon stays in Taurus. Our stubborn tendencies can help us persevere with decisions we've made, habits we're trying to break, and New Year's resolutions, if that's the case. Taurus Moon influences a hands-on, how to approach to problems and other work.  The Taurus Moon activates the five senses and being immersed in cooking, cleaning or enjoying the results of that kind of activity.  As we move toward a Full Moon in a few days, it will feel satisfying to see some tangible results of projects or plans we've taken on since December's New Moon.  Routine and familiar surroundings work best for most of us tonight. Wear blue.


The Moon moves to Gemini at 5:44 am after squaring Neptune. It could be a day where con artists and manipulators show their skills. Neptune is the planet of illusions so stay sharp and think about anything you're agreeing to! The Moon and Uranus form a sextile which creates fertile conditions for surprises too. We need to think on our feet in these situations. Lots of news, talk & discussion is likely today! Respond carefully to communications. We might tend to speak or write too impulsively.  Tonight is social. Use caution where trust is a potential pitfall. Things may not be as they seem or could move very quickly and out of the blue. Wear yellow.


The Moon is straightforward in Gemini moving information and news through the proper channels today.  Act on opportunities, pay attention to emails, paperwork, the calendar and generally catch up or keep up. With a Full Moon arriving Sunday overnight into Monday, we may need to tie up loose ends, get ready for announcements and finalize things that are due. Come up with a plan or an answer to a looming question.  Tonight the Moon works with Venus which is great for socializing and fairly good for love and romance.  The Moon is also square to Mars and we may tend to get into discussions that could lead to disagreements.  Try not to let things escalate.  Wear red.


The Moon starts out in Gemini and moves to Cancer after a short void of course Moon from 2:52 to 4:05 pm. The zodiac is busy with various Moon and planetary aspects and it's most notable that Mercury engages with the Moon, Saturn and Neptune indicating ideas and decisions, lots of discussion and negotiation, and in some case debates. Structuring our plans and thoughts to bring them to reality is the goal. With a Full Moon in the wee hours of Monday (EST) it's likely that decisions and answers are necessary sooner than later.  Like yesterday pay attention to news, communications, and facts and figures that could be important to your plans. The Cancer Moon is low key in terms of social plans and we may opt for home and family over bigger nights out.  Today's color is silver.


The Cancer Moon will be Full over night tonight and our emotional energy is strong! The Full Moon in her home sign is intense and our consscious and subconscious feelings could be over active. Situations could get dramatic and things may be exaggerated so take a breather if conversations get overheated.  Mercury dominates this entire weekend, moving to Capricorn today where the planet of communication is somewhat conservative about announcements and decisions, yet ambitious in nature.  Mercury and Jupiter conspire in a positive way if you're looking for opportunities, want to build something and are willing to put in the effort. Mercury also squares Uranus which can be a curve ball and with the Full Moon this increases the chance of big news, more than likely not what was expected. Avoid arguements as they could spiral out of control.  Home and family matters are ruled by Cancer Moon, so they are likely to peak now with things that have been in progress. The Moon is Full at 2:30 am EST, technically tomorrow.  Wear white.

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