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Weekly December 26th

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The Capricorn Moon is void of course from 8:36 am to 12:14 pm EST. Those hours are best for relaxing or doing only the most routine work. The Aquarius Moon moves in then and helps us envision what's next.  The Moon squares Jupiter and we want to trim the fat, take a more global view, and get out of emotionally charged situations.  Aquarius Moon prefers a detached point of view and a perspective on what's good for everyone. Sort things out and take a constructive approach with things this afternoon and tonight.  The Moon and Uranus favor what's new, spontaneous, and innovative.  The Moon moves toward Venus for a very good social evening. Wear turquoise blue.


The Moon and Venus meet helping love and relationship particularly for Leos in long term relationships and Aquarius generally. Libras who are single will appreciate the favorable conditions for meeting someone new and socializing with friends too. It's a day for dates! The Moon works with Mercury in Sagittarius favoring travels and getting out of routines. Plan or take an adventure today or tonight! Keep an open mind as the Moon and planets are urging new experiences so far this week. Wear pink.


The Moon is in Aquarius until 6:46 pm EST. Design and act on plans for now and the future. It's an optimistic Aquarius Moon meeting Neptune and forming a trine with Saturn. This is balanced since Neptune provides tha imagination and magic while Saturn keeps it real and helps us not to get caught up in delusions. The Moon is void of course from 4:31 to 6:45 pm and then in Pisces. Pisces is a much more emotional sign and we tend to personalize things in every way. Fortunately the Moon and Jupiter work together tonight for generosity and understanding and a willingness to compromise and solve problems. It's a creative night too. The Sun approaches Pluto in Capricorn and we'll  have a strong urge to get organized and get any chaos under control. Wear green.


The Sun and Pluto meet in Capricorn. It's seriously ambitious and a good time for a business decision. Expect some bold moves this week. Capricorn this is an excellent aspect for you, helping with breakthroughs, self expression and focus.  Cancer, those types of breakthroughs may relate to long term  partnerships and where they should be heading.  Sagittarius, business is your focus at the moment.  The Pisces Moon aspects both Sun and Pluto too, and Pisces it's a time of news, travels, and branding your ideas, starting a blog for example or engaging in a marketing plan or even creating a new resume for future opportunities.  No matter what your sign, consider those things with activity in business like Capricorn and creative, versatile Pisces.  Wear gold.


The Pisces Moon is void of course for almost the entire day, from 8:37 am until 4:48 am tomorrow.  Our best judgment is better left for tomorrow. It's an ideal vacation day, with relaxation and recreational pastimes most in favor.  The Moon is opposite Mars and square to Mercury so we might have to work to avoid arguments and overly emotional scenes.  The drama potential is a bit high.  Being flexible will help, but keep good boundaries since we can be takne4 advantage of with all this activity in the mutable signs. We may tend to give in too easily to dominant or persevering personalities.  Say no if you want to. Ask forgiveness if you need to. It's not a good day for promises. Stay flexible. Wear blue.


The Moon is in Aries meeting Uranus which can make for a wild, surprising New Years Eve. Events and traits will range from fun and inspired to crazy and chaotic. Take precautions in any situation that could  be risky. Keep your head up and watch out for each other. Games will be very competitive and in some cases people will be relentless about winning or getting their way.  Tonight, the Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and there's a controlling streak. Put effort in to make progress with either personal or business matters.  On this NYE, changing things up, starting new traditions, and making active, outgoing plans is favored. It is truly a party night, but stay safe! We can be impulsive and adventurous to a fault on nights like this. Wear red.


Mercury squares Mars in Virgo and the Sun overnight. These squares can put is at odds. Choose your words carefully and pick your battles. Some people will just be nitpicky or nagging. The Aries Moon gets along with Venus in Aquarius as the day goes on. It's a good time to ask or do a favor, get friendly advice, and socialize.  For New Years Day, it's kind of a mixed bag of influences, but that Aries Moon motivates and influences us toward new, groundbreaking actions and breakthroughs of all kinds.  Wear yellow.

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