Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly December 5th


The Moon is in action starting Aries experiencing no interference or influence from other planets. All Aries traits and activities are prominent today. Be careful about selfishness. Enjoy a dose of motivation, inspiration and action. A good game is well timed with Aries Moon. Feeling competitive can be another effect.  Venus and Mars work happily together in earth signs Capricorn and Virgo, helping us work together particularly as couples. Reach a temporary agreement about something that affects both of you. Enjoy time with friends and significant others as that trine favors just getting along and finding common ground. Venus is also favoring decorators, designers, painters and others who create beautiful and functional environments or creations.  Tonight is good for making things or making things happen, but keep Mercury retrograde in mind and leave the right to change your opinion or strategy later if you want to. Wear pink.


The Aries Moon is void of course from 6:13 to 9:34 am. Sometimes that means a slow start or mistakes due to forgetfulness or impulsivity. Slow down and think as you get started today.  Saturn opposed the Moon overnight and we might wake up with fairness on our minds, including situations that are imbalanced where one of us is giving in too much or taking more than a fair share of the work on.  Set something right today. The Moon moves to Taurus and meets Jupiter which is fortunate and makes us feel good generally. The down side is excess. Avoid going too far or indulging too much. Take advantage of the positive work or career asepct if you're an Aries or a Leo, and good feelings in relationships if you're Scorpio or Capricorn, for example. It's a day to try and increase prosperity or create a more favorable situation. Tonight the Moon works with Pluto, helping us solve and resolve things that have been up in the air and needed practical solutions. Wear green.


The Taurus Moon blends well with Mars in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn. As we head for a Saturday Full Moon, the productive, sensible combination of earth sign influences is good! Full Moon deadlines and events may not be helped much by Mercury retrograde and we could be experiencing blocks and delays. Find some temporary plans and solutions to get you through to December 13th when the retrograde ends and more permanent plans will be in better favor.  Relationships are boosted for Scorpio and Cancer among others, and Virgo and Cancer enjoy friends and gatherings mid week.  Tonight, social plans with close friends and small groups, for example dinner with friends or family, are well timed. It can be a decent work night too. Wear brown.


The Moon is in Taurus until 6:39 pm EST. The Taurus Moon is solid, hard working and warm. It's meant to be a day of steady progress and accomplishment and simple pleasures.  The Moon is warming up for Full Moon in Gemini and working toward deadlines or with some pressure will be common through the weekend. Hands on work , building and creative arts are favored today.  Mental work may be more of a challenge. Finding all the information you need may be challenging now with Mercury retrograde and the Moon squaring Neptune which means be careful what or whom you believe. Taht goes for tonight too, especially as the Moon is void of course from 6:39 to 9:52 pm EST.  Be very careful about promises made or gossip or secrets revealed.  Hold information close and don't say more than you need to. The Moon moves to Gemini at 9:52 pm and combines with Uranus in Aries for a very changeable and surprising evening.  Sagittarius will experience this with lovers or friends and Aquarius may find friends unreliable.  Take it easy tonight if you can. Wear blue.


It's Full Moon time, with the Gemini lunar eclipse and Full Moon at 9:36 am tomorrow morning. The Moon is opposite Mercury really intensifying the retrograde now. A return to old business, attempts to resolve things and find compromise, and the return of faces and places from the past is prominent today and tomorrow. A lunar eclipse will give everything a big push, and we may be asked to do something long before we expected or receive big news. A Gemini Moon relates to our siblings and cousins, to everything we put in writing, and to the vehicles we commute in and communicate with.  Back things up, double check, and be very careful with the written and spoken word. The chance of being misunderstood or misquoted is higher than usual!  The weekend is very likely to be newsworthy, and eclipses usually bring events we didn't acticipate or create conditions where what we expect happens more quickly! Tonight people from the past return to our circles, and Aquarius and Leo experience this with friends while Pisces or Aries may hear from long lost family. The Moon squares Mars in Virgo and attempts at problem solving could seem like wasted energy. Wear yellow.


The Moon is Full in Gemini, sign of news, communication of all kinds, brothers and sisters, and travels. This is also a lunar eclipse, bringing drama, eventfulness, possibly conclusions, and as always Full Moon deadlines.  It's a very busy Full Moon, and if you feel frantic, anxious or overworked, that's common with Gemini Full Moon.  Mercury is retrograde and it's not time to act yet. Save decisions and forward momentum for mid week if possible.  Try not to base decisions on high pressure or anxiety.The lunar eclipse relates to women and girls in our lives, and Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius most prominently.  This is about business, money and employment for Taurus and Scorpio. Sagittarius is most likely to have significant relationship happenings either directly or because of a significant other and developments in his or her life.  Virgo, this is a career Moon and you need to put yourself in the best possible stnading and shine!  This Full Moon is loikely to be tough on our nerves.  Don't subject yourself to unnecessary stress or to dramatic people. Wear silver.


The Moon is void of course from 5:24 am to 8:26 am and then moves to Cancer. The emotional nature the Full Moon continues and so does the news. However the Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Taurus helps ground us in reality. Begin to look at real options, forward  movement, and an end to Mercury retrograde delays or hijacks soon. It's a good time to refocus and plan for your next move then see how things look around Wednesday.  That will be a better time to shop, make permanent decisions and have heart to heart talks.  Today may feel like an emotional rollercoaster, but the Cancer Moon does help us get a handle on how we really feel! Cook comfort food, enjoy family dinner and time with those you feel closest to.  Enjoy the arts and performances or engage insome creative work. Mercury retrograde ends Tuesday. Wear white.

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