Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly November 28th


The Moon is in Capricorn. The happy vibe of Venus and Jupiter in harmony lingers into today too, and Venus in Capricorn favors practical relationship decisions with the aim of feeling secure and satisfied.  Libra might be feeling something similar with regard to family, housemates and home.  Organizing our thoughts and our things, both, is in the forecast now.  With last Friday's New Moon we're looking to refresh things if not even start brand new. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, move as slow as you need to, however.  The Moon squares Saturn in Libra at 6:01 pm setting us up for action and discussions around what's fair, responsible and balanced.  The void of course Moon may help us relax and quietly get work done on goals and priorities.  Cancer, like Libra, is dealing with home matters and significant others, including making some flexible decisions where a partner must be taken into consideration.  Scorpio, tonight is about family communication and also paperwork or studies.  Research something.  Capricorn, focus on goals, possibly in a retroactive way. Go back and review your path and your progress or performance.  Wear gray.


The Moon moves to Aquarius at 2:02 am. The Sun and Uranus agree with this Moon from fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. The combination can light a fire under us if we need motivation or vision.  Aquarius is an air sign of logic and scientific thinking. It helps us design plans and see what could be next.  Take methodical steps today.  Aries, combined efforts will be more appealing than working solo. Investigate groups focused on your interests.  Aquarius, you may feel similar. You're also ready to shake things up, and a surprising announcement from you is a distinct possibility this week.  Leo, your love life, close friends and partnerships are a big focus this week. Opportunity could come as a surprise for you and take you to new places or into new fields of interest or study.  This is a day for all of us to keep eyes and ears open and expect aha moments today and tomorrow.  Tonight is good for study that requires logic or forces you to think differently.  Open your mind to new ideas or ones you used to reject.  Wear turquoise blue.


The Aquarius Moon in harmony with Mercury retrograde fills today with old business and other reconnection to the past.  People we knew and collaborated with, groups we used to belong to, activities we were once involved in, friends, and even opportunities we once passed up, can resurface at times like this.  Back up and make copies of everything important since Mercury relates to communications and documents and Aquarius is a sign of technology.  Computers and other devices may seem to fail us or act in out of the ordinary ways.  On the upside, it's a good day for Taurus and Gemini to revisit previous opportunities for travel or promotion or recognition. Leo is in line for reconnection with friends and to experience a lucky break with something that didn't come to be in the past.  Aquarius, reconnect or rejoin a group. You may find you have more in common now with old friends or former colleagues. Tonight is all about revisiting, people, places or business left undone. Think of today as a second chance day! Wear yellow.


The Moon is void of course from 6:27 to 9:45 am EST in Aquarius. Those hours include a meeting between Moon and dreamy Neptune and another with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn.  Couples will have very practical considerations in decisions made today.  A well thought out, organized approach is called for.  Neptune can cloud our vision and the void of course Moon also affects judgment so ease in and save significant action for after 9:45 when the Moon moves to Pisces.  We tend to act emotionally under Pisces Moon, so make sure the heart doesn't completely take over the brain!  Things fall together easily and sometimes without much intention on days like this as the Moon forms trines to Jupiter, Pluto and Venus.  Being too easygoing or too much of a pushover can be a danger, however these easygoing angles may just make life more simple. Aim for that!  Generosity, compassion, and understanding may come more readily.  Wear light blue.


Today's goal is progress with a 2nd quarter Moon in Pisces and squares dominating the zodiac. Mars is a major influence, pushing for action from the sign Virgo.  Mars squares the Sun and opposes the Moon. Struggling to make agreements, muddling through plans that may have Mercury retrograde glitches, and mustering up motivation even if you feel Pisces Moon sluggish or indecisive is all part of today's work.  What's worthwhile will likely require lots of effort with feelings and personalities taken into consideration.  The drama potential is definitely on the high side, particularly with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo, the mutable signs.  Mars' sign Aries may be frustrated with personal things or debates while Scorpio is the sign most likely to see progress.  Sagittarius, remember not to push too hard with Mercury retro in your sign.  You may want a change of course in a few weeks. The Moon begins a long void of course time at 1:06 pm affecting plans, schedules and our ability to focus until Saturday night. It's a good night for music and movies. Shopping is not really recommended. Wear green.


The Moon is void in Pisces for the day, helping us relax but not helping us get things accomplished. Routine work and everyday shopping is fine, but check receipts and your change and save big purchases for another day.  It is a good day to ask for help or a favor since we tend to be more forgiving and understanding with this Pisces Moon. Tonight the Moon moves to fire sign Aries and meets Uranus and the weekend takes a very energetic and possibly unanticipated turn. Uranus brings out the instigator and rebel in us.  Wear red.


This is a busy day in the zodiac with the Aries Moon and lots of action with the planets and the Sun and Mercury meeting in Sagittarius. This happens only once during the retrograde and makes it very likely that we'll revisit the past in some form. Sagittarius is most likely to have old feelings stirred up as well as reconnections with both friends and ex friends or ex lovers.  A number of squares, presenting challenges, include Mercury and Mars triggering discussions or debates regarding old business.  The Moon and planets take alot of this action in fire signs and mutable signs so we're likely to feel everything is very changeable right now. Wear yellow.

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