Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly December 12th


The Cancer Moon works with Mars in Virgo and opposes Venus in Capricorn today.  Cancer Moon's first priorities relate to personal business and home. Take care of things that create security and comfort on a daily basis. We'll want to refresh the home front today and make progress with projects there. Relationships can feel the ups and downs of Venus opposite the Moon in emotional Cancer. Today has a sentimental streak and we'll feel things deeply.  The Moon working with Mars helps with accomplishments and urges helpfulness and service.Virgo and Cancer friends may team up, collaborate and do favors.  Capricorn is likely to feel the pull of bigger and better things or greener pastures and may want to start exploring those options.  This is the last full day of Mercury retrograde so line up new plans to be initiated soon.  Wear black.


The Moon is in Cancer, void of course from 11:05 am to 4:48 pm.  Serious attitudes and matters come up this morning as the Moon squares Jupiter and Saturn. Explore possible, productive solutions and save taking action for when Mercury retrograde ends tonight at 8:43 pm.  The last day of the retrograde is know n for being one of the most confusing or intense, so take today easy and don't be pressured for decisions or your word.  The Leo Moon tonight wants to have fun and shake things up, working in tandem with Uranus in Aries and Mercury as the retrograde ends.  Forward movement is imminent and that feeling something is about to happen is in the air!  Wear purple.


The Leo Moon works with no interference or help from other planets today.  Leo Moon likes activity and action. We tend to be optimistic on days like this. Get something started. It's prime time to get rid of things or situations you don't need while the Leo Moon is waning.  Sports, games, and performing in or attending performaces are well timed with this Leo Moon. If you're a Cancer this could be a good business day. Scorpio, do something good for your image or make a good impression at any kind of public event or presentation. Gemini, it's a day of writing and contacting or being contacted by family and people you can network with, both. Tonight is a social evening out, but Leo Moon time is also good for studies. Today's color is orange.


The Moon is in Leo in harmony with the Sagittarius Sun! Learning, exploring, refreshing things, and creativity in general should be at a high point.  Saturn weighs in from Libra reminding us of responsibilities and urging us to keep it fair and structured.  This is a good day for most anything from serious business or test taking to games and general fun. When the Moon is in Leo we need at least some time to goof off. Leo Moon is also a generous time and charitable work or events are favored. Tonight the Moon is opposite Neptune for romance and imagination. But our judgment can be clouded. If trust is an issue err on the side of caution.  It's a music and movie type night. The Leo Moon works with Jupiter for social attitudes and optimism. The Moon is void of course from 8:20 to 10:58 pm. Wear navy blue.


The Virgo Moon is serious about work at the end of the week. The Moon squares Mercury and we're likely to be cleaning up something from the retrograde time.  Rethink and take new directions now. It's a day of people changing their minds, finding and analyzing new information, and changing things up.  The Moon and Pluto urge organizationand ambition today. Find a sense of accomplishment. It's a business day for Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius, look into any areas where your privacy or finances could be compromised.  Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius you in particular may have to negotiate with significant others before finding agreement or compromise. We all need to give attention to the details and correct errors.  Wear black.


It's Virgo Moon in the 4th quarter of the lunar cycle. The Moon meets Mars really activating problem solving, planning, and work on tasks large and small. Eliminating what you don't need, from items to distractions or even negative personal connections, is also today's mission.  The Virgo Moon helps us analyze what's needed and what isn't working.  There's a flexible attitude, or if you can muster one up it will be helpful. In fact, we tend to want to ptich in when the Moon is in Virgo, and this is a good day to get someone to volunteer, do a favor, or give some assistance with a job or project.  The Moon works with Venus tonight making it a nice date night, especially for Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.  The Moon is void of course from 9:29 pm until 3:06 am helping us relax, socialize or even catch up on routine things.  Wear brown.


The Moon is in Libra opposite Uranus and also square to Pluto. These can be difficult aspects if you have relationship difficulties or get unexpected news. The Libra Moon strives for peace and balance and a sensible attitude. But Uranus rebels against the norm and inititates events and news. Pluto brings up secrets and things we've tried to hide.  Negotiating these waters and trying to weigh out options and make good decisions is in the forecast for today.  Venus and Saturn especially activate relationship burdens, obligations or disagreements. Cancer and Aries may notice this along with Capricorn and Libra who host that planetary square.  If you can be fair and discriminating, problems might be minimized or solved more easily. Try not to judge too harshly today.  Wear lavender.

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