Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly November 21


The Moon in Libra was opposite Uranus hours ago, and while some of us will want to avoid confronting news and events of the last few days, others may go at it gregariously.  Uranus in Aries is a firestarter and rabble rouser while the Moon in Libra doesn't want confrontation.  We could feel very conflicted or off balance today.  I expect some will run around trying to avoid or smooth things while some keep poking at the bees nest looking for either change and resolution or just for trouble.  Libra Moon relies on peace and harmony, but it may be hard to accomplish or sustain today.  The Moon and Pluto square early, looking for progress while also dredging up matters you may have hoped were resolved.  Take a constructive approach, knowing that it may help to keep strong emotions and agendas to a minimum.  We may have demands put upon us today. For Cancer that may be most relevant with family and significant others. For Capricorn, career and personal agendas or goals may be the challenging point.  For Aries or Gemini, it may just seem things can't happen fast enough.  Libra likes to look at the pros and cons and weigh things logically.  Libra Moon time is good for making music, dancing, analyzing information, and considering fairness and, at the extreme, legal implications.  Find some balance and moderation. Wear red.


Scorpio birthdays end at 11:08 am this year when the Sun moves to Sagittarius! That time will vary year to year, and on the cusp, your sign depends on your birth time.  The Moon will change signs too, so babies born today could have very different charts! Scorpios with Libra or Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius with either of those two Moon signs too.  Early today most of the universe is working in harmony and ease, though situations need serious and earnest consideration and in some cases work, says Saturn from Libra.  The Moon and Saturn meet, and our priority needs to be justice, balance and equal give and take.  Saturn and Venus combine energies reminding us strongly of the need for equality and shared responsibility in relationships.  Sagittarius and Libra, and their opposing signs, Gemini and Aries, are most impacted in marriage and other long term partnerships.  Scorpios may feel preoccupied or introverted today and could be focused on finding new work or figuring out money matters with relationship also a consideration in the mix.  Cancer, all this Libra energy has to do with your family and your home and that may take priority over everything. Parents may put demands on you or you may be the parent dealing with family issues.  The Moon is void of course from 6:04 to 8:58 pm EST and then moves to Scorpio.  Tonight, get personal priorities and business taken care of and allow others time and space.  The Moon is opposite Jupiter and our feelings and opinions may be exaggerated especially if we need to defend them. Wear maroon.


The Scorpio Moon is busy with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. The idea is to act on things and get work accomplished. We're likely to want time to ourselves and to concentrate on our own priorities. Respect privacy and space.  It's a day for organizing and planning.  The Sagittarius Sun and Uranus in Aries activate news and changes. Having an open mind will help, and Capricorn and Virgo experience this in areas of home and family.  Libra may need to be flexible with travel and with the plans of significant others.  There's a spontaneous aspect to the day and unexpected things may turn out to be welcome or fun!  Mars and Pluto help us clear out clutter and unnecessary static and focus on what's worthwhile and good for us.  Tonight is the eve of Mercury retrograde, and we have to be careful what we commit to. Save big decisions and promises for a few weeks if possible.  People return to our lives and we travel to old familiar places in the weeks ahead. Wear black.


Mercury retrograde starts at 2:19 am EST. The Moon is in Scorpio and moves to Sagittarius at 8:57 pm. Neptune is a major influence today, squaring the Moon and in harmony with Venus. It will be easy to be under the influence of romance, either with a person or infatuated with a new situation or place. Sagittarius and Aquarius host those two planets and may feel that very directly, though Pisces is always prone to Neptune's influence, and other signs feel the dreamy effect too.  This may help us all get along but may also encourage escapism or overindulgence. The mood is overall social and agreeable though not overly reliable in terms of timing.  Allow for delays and expect a certain amount of forgetfulness, maybe as a result of being caught in the moment and pleasantly distracted.  The Moon moves into Sagittarius tonight and we may be a little less sensitive to other people's wants and needs as we pursue our own agendas.  It's an adventurous, spontaneous night.  Consider last minute invitations and plans especially if you need a change of pace.  Mercury is now retrograde so expect things to be in flux and keep plans temporary and changeable.  Say maybe if you're not certain.  We'll hear alot about others changing their things up, and with tomorrow's New Moon, a fresh approach will be very appealing and may involve a trip back in time, blending old and new. Wear purple.


The New Moon is here, in Sagittarius!  Changes of scene, routine, and even philosophies of life, come with this New Moon. Be patient though, and try things out without committing permanently. Mercury is retrograde, so we may shift our thinking, yet again, before 2012.  This New Moon is a solar eclipse, relating to Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, and moves and changes made by fathers, brothers, sons and other men prominent in our lives.  Some of this may be  more evident and complete during the December 10th lunar eclipse, but the action is starting now and may be a continuation of events from last June. Think back and see how beginnings and changes then are developing or even reversing now.  Experiment, find your sense of adventure, and expand your outlook and experiences. Save permanent decisions for later in December however.  The solar eclipse is an accelerator so things in the works may get big, forceful pushes today as Mars in Virgo squares the Moon, aiming for movement and transitions.  It's not really a great day to shop despite the "Black Friday" mentality in the western world. Wear white.


Venus moves to Capricorn where the goddess and planet of love is domestic and grounded.  Venus in Capricorn is when we want to retreat a bit socially, nest, and be with our significant others if there is one.  Sometimes relationships progress with practical concerns, like money and security, in mind when Venus is in earth signs.  Venus squares Uranus as her first move in this sign, and relationship status changes and news are the likely results.  The Moon, new in Sagittarius, urges changes and offers opportunities today and this week.  We may feel like acting quickly after the solar eclipses yesterday, but moving slowly, with Mercury retrograde, is a better plan.  There's every indication today will be full of news as the Moon and messenger planet Mercury also meet.  Sagittarius is a whirlwind of action and business old and new.  Gemini will feel this in long term and significant relationships, or vicariously, indirectly be affected by others' decisions.  Leo, meetings with old friends may come as a surprise and lead to good fortune and reconnection.  Aquarius, you and Leo experience this in similar ways, though you may connect with an entire group or team you were once part of.  Tonight the Moon is void from 7:06 to 10:05 pm EST and shopping is not a great idea nor is it the best time to make promises.  The Moon moves to Capricorn at 10:05 pm and meets Venus, keeping romances, relationships, and partnership in the forefront.  Wear green.


The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto which can have a dark effect, but with most of the zodiac harmonizing in the earth signs, for example Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo, we should be working in tandem, finding opportunities and partnering, and making time to enjoy life.  Jupiter and the Moon put us in the mood to be good to ourselves and others. It's another good day for family or friends to celebrate together and show appreciation and thanks.  Venus and Jupiter give very good vibes to relationships including Scorpio and Cancer in long term love, and Capricorn in developing relationships.  Tonight has great potential for whatever you'd like to make of it.  Wear pink.

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