Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly November 14th


The Moon is in Cancer from 2:19 am EST until midday Wednesday. With a waning Cancer Moon we'll want to focus on clearing clutter and reorganizing our homes and may be making room for new things. Mars in Virgo also works with the Moon making us feel even more domestic and giving us the urge to sort and organize. In work and business, the Cancer Moon is a saver more than a spender and we can expect others to act conservatively.  Cancer Moon has a way with investing and building savings.  Today Jupiter in Taurus combines with the Moon making security and plenty a priority.  Those are the simpler aspects of today, while we also have Uranus in Aries prodding and maybe agitating the Cancer Moon with new developments that push us out of our comfort zones.  Cancer may feel that with career situations while Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, could be pushed out of routine and have to adopt a new method or at least try to.  Pluto, across from the Moon, brings up relationship skeletons or information for Cancer and maybe Capricorn.  Gemini and Sagittarius will experience that opposition more with money and business.  Some things unearthed today will upset the balance or flow.  Tonight, being at home, being in touch with family, and staying away from needlessly dramatic situations that have cropped up today are the best plans of all.  The capacity for emotions to take over is there but you can keep it manageable.  Wear light blue.


The Cancer Moon is a bit uncomfortable in the heavens today. A feeling of being somewhat at odds or inexplicably dissatisfied is one effect.  Yesterday's Moon/Pluto opposition still has impact and if the past has been dredged up it's not likely to feel good.  Try to live in the present today. Cancer Moon is sentimental and hangs on, but with the waning Moon, letting go could feel great.  Routine and our comfort zones work best on days like this.  Do something familiar and soothing if stress is taking over.  The Moon and Sun gel in Scorpio and Cancer tonight for a very creative, sensitive, artistic, musical influence.  Express yourself creatively. Be shrewd in business. We won't give up or give in too easily tonight and may hold our feelings to ourselves rather than risk rejection or a mistake. Still tonight has nice romantic potential for signs like Pisces and Cancer and good social and friendship outlooks for Virgo and Scorpio.  Wear indigo blue.


The Cancer Moon moves void at 12:22 am EST and changes signs at 11:17 am. The morning hours are likely to be slow, confusing, or perhaps just unmotivated.  Take your time and try not to let pressure get to you. If need be, shut the phone off and answer messages later when our wits are sharper.  The Leo Moon immediately engages with Uranus in Aries and it's all systems go for the rest of the day. Mars and Jupiter form a very practical and progressive trine today and we really want movement, accomplishment and tangible results. Those things may even come easier than you expect, but effort is required so push to make something important happen!  Leo Moon time is no nonsense and optimistic.  Tonight is good for either practical, creative or social pursuits.  Wear red.


The Leo Moon has only happy aspects with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. It's a bold, fiery but good feeling day. We should be motivated for learning and training, meeting people and networking as well as for fun and games.  During the Leo Moon we need some leisure or recreational time to blow off steam.  Travel appeals to us with planets in Sagittarius, and movement of any kind should feel positive and necessary. Get out of boredom or stagnant routines in whatever way you can.  Leo Moon rules children so they may want extra attention and demand fun today!  Tonight is a great night out and a creative night to work or study.  Turn anything into a game and it will be easier to accomplish. Set up some healthy, not so serious, competition.  Plan travel or work on college applications too.  Wear purple.


The 4th quarter Moon is in Leo at 10:09 am EST, and the Moon moves void of course at 2:05 pm. An important long term action is timed well before 2:05 though it may be a challenge to arrive at the answer or conclusion you need in order to act.  The Moon squares the Sun in Scorpio for serious considerations before we make our moves.  Act thoughtfully and with intent today since these fixed signs keep things in place and make them difficult to reverse.  The Moon is void of course, or in a holding pattern, until 5:19 pm. The afternoon is best spent routinely or in fun, leisure type activities.  Big decisions are best saved if not made before 2 pm.  Today is also good for performances, presentations and rehearsals.  The Virgo Moon that kicks in at 5:19 is at least in part setting us up for a work oriented, business like weekend.  Tonight can be nice for a celebration and shopping or spending could be tempting with Jupiter weighing in from Taurus.  Tonight an indulgence, without being too extreme, will feel good.  Virgo and Capricorn may need to reward themselves for work accomplished, and Taurus will just be in a social or lucky mood.  Cancer is the messenger of interesting news and maybe something to drink to!  But get ready to put efforts into the weekend.  Today's color is brown.


The Virgo Moon and Mars meet and Pluto weighs in from Capricorn, making it very much an earth sign day. Notice where help is needed and pitch in today. It's a good day to trade services or skills and work with neighbors, friends, or family. We'll feel driven to put energy and time into the many things that need to be done, from yard work to holiday preparation to other projects.  It's a good day to volunteer and participate in community efforts.  Figuring out how to accomplish something that requires assembling is a task you might take on.  The Moon is in Gemini's sign of home and family, Pisces' sign of partnerships and marriage, and Scorpio's sign of friends and community.  Efforts and activities related to those places might make sense for those signs.  Tonight our patience may be tested, with friends or at work for example, as the Moon approaches a square with Mercury in Sagittarius.  Know that words have a great deal of power and impact tonight and choose them with care.  Wear black.


As the Virgo Moon squares Mercury and Venus, some of our challenges today include changes of plans, possibly last minute, and negotiating the ebb and flow of relationships.  Venus in Sagittarius is in flux, and the unreliable or fickle streak tends to become more apparent.  We are also well into Mercury retrograde effects even though it's not official until 2:19 am EST on the 24th (Thanksgiving Day in the USA).  Between now and then things shift into less reliable gear all the way around.  With Virgo Moon we might want it all worked out, planned and smooth, however Mercury in Sagittarius urges changes and alters even our ways of thinking.  It will be common to change your mind or at another extreme, go back on your word now.  The Moon is void from 5:21 pm until 8:16 pm and those hours are prone to very poor judgment. Keep things very simple then and avoid major purchases or promises of any kind. The Moon moves to Libra and opposes Uranus making for an unpredictable night.  Avoiding confrontation may not be very easy tonight, particularly Libra, Aries, and indirectly Aquarius and Cancer.  Wear lavender today.

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