Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly November 7th


The Aries Moon is a fire starter! Initiating new business or even fun is easy as the Moon aligns with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius.  Those two planets are instigating new learning as well as change in general this month. Act on educational as well as other opportunities. Travel is especially in favor!  Experience or draw others into trying new things today.  Mars in Leo is opposite Neptune. Act on dreams and hopes.  Group mentality could attempt to take over. Follow your own instincts rather then go with a misleading crowd if that's the case.  Tonight, expect high energy and a change from the usual.  If you're hoping situations will be the same and people will be reliable. you might be surprised, but try not to be disappointed in changes that are to be expected.  Free spirit rules the night.  Wear orange.


The Moon is in Aries opposite Saturn. Partnerships of all kinds, work, marriage or romance, present challenges today.  If you're acting in self interest you 're likely to be called out on it at minimum.  If you're in the midst of settling or resolving a dispute, things could get very serious today.  No nonsense will be tolerated. Be fair and true.  Authority figures could come down hard in some cases. We're warming up for Thursday's Full Moon so anything could intensify quickly.  Cancer may notice that as the Moon's home sign, and Cancers may be on the authoritative end and need to deal with things that have gone awry.  Aries is not likely to enjoy today's opposition, and some of us will judge harshly.  It's still a good day to be getting something started or to try something new.  Libra may want to try that if a relationship matter is lingering. A new approach can help.  Aquarius, try new approaches to studies, writing, or other things that will be published, presented, or shared.  At night the Moon aligned with Neptune helps us let go more and activates imagination needed for planning or projects in the works. Full Moon deadlines are looming this week. Wear black.


The Moon moves to Taurus, tomorrow's Full Moon sign,  at 2:45 am and meets Jupiter. Taurus traits rule the day, so we may feel stubborn and persevere even through obstacles!  Jupiter provides optimism. Aries and Leo can use this to work and career advantage and may get a lucky break! Taurus, you and Leo will be both be noticed and may seem larger than life today!  Put yourself in good standing or in the right place at what seems like the right time.  It's a good day for interviews or the spotlight for you three signs and for Sagittarius too. Sag you could have a lucky change of fortunes now!  Neptune stations direct in Aquarius which helps you act without illusion, Aquarians, and may move forward Leo's long term relationships and Libra romances.  This is a day to be realistic but also hopeful, and Capricorn is in on the positive action too. Tonight, work hard for what you want.  Aim higher than you think you can reach.  Be persistent to meet goals or deadlines the Full Moon is bringing this week. Wear green.


The Moon is Full in earth sign Taurus at 3:16 pm EST. Things we've been working towards reach peaks and completions.  There are no planets in aspect to this Full Moon. Taurus and Scorpio strong will and persistence dominate the day. It's a day to note growth or to try and reverse things that are stagnant or unproductive. Taurus is a sign of fertility and prosperity.  This Full Moon is about satisfaction and security. Situations that are not fulfilling or that create insecurity will become glaring, and we'll aim for what's more satisfying and nurturing.  If something new needs to be planted, literally or otherwise, this Full Moon is a good time.  Farmers, bakers, and fisher-folk appreciate Taurus Full Moon, the sign of plenty.  Scorpio, the Taurus Full Moon brings passion and peaks in your relationships and decisions may be made about the direction of committed partnerships.  Aries, the focus for you is work and money and shared resources as well.  Capricorn, you may get the lucky break you need!  Tonight along with the Full Moon, Mars is active, shifting into earth sign Virgo for a longer than usual stay. Mars in Virgo influences us to volunteer, work with a hands on approach, and evaluate routines and practices we've become accustomed to.  It's an earth signs' night, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.  Wear gold.


The earlier part of the day has a stubborn, and in some cases ornery, Taurus streak as the Full Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius and is close to squaring Mars.   We may find it hard to collaborate especially with others who think differently. For example, a cerebral person who relies on intellect will find it hard to understand someone who prefers to build and experience firsthand without a set of instructions.  We may not want to consider other points of view today.  The Moon is void of course from 11:27 am to 3:10 pm and the Moon moves to Gemini then.  Gemini Moon and Mars in Virgo also have trouble seeing eye to eye.  Plans may not be very reliable tonight, and our tolerance for each others' faults will not be very high.  It is a social night out though and the more spontaneous you're willing to be, the better.  Breathe and relax through frustrations and attempt to accomplish the important things outside of void of course Moon time.  Wear pink.


The waning Moon in Gemini may help us clear out clutter, mentally or otherwise.  Weigh the pros and cons and decide what stays and what can go.  Gemini Moon is fickle and in the wake of the Full Moon we'll find out people have changed their minds about things we thought were solid (or realize we've changed our own!) We'll break or receive news, especially amongst family since Gemini is the sign of our siblings and cousins.  Socially it's an outgoing day and night, but it's also a good time to take care of studies, paperwork and writing for school, work or our own pleasure.  We'll want to express what's been on our minds.  Wear yellow.


The Gemini Moon in harmony with Saturn helps clear our thought processes and take logical steps. Break overwhelming things into smaller increments to think out or accomplish. The Moon and Neptune shine on group efforts and social atmospheres. Today we're likely to feel outgoing even with people we don't know well. There's creative energy especially if we gather to solve problems, play games or engage in projects that require flexible thinking. Wear white.

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