Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly October 3rd


After a few hours void of course, the Moon moves to Capricorn at 4:16 am. There's a mix of influences at work today, with both challenges and potential progress. Capricorn is an industrious sign and a feeling of wanting to get things done and see results rules the day.  The Moon meets Pluto which can always be a little bit dark or involve complications or mysteries.  Coping rather than hiding from those situations is probably the best plan since these are things that crop up over and over until dealt with.  The Moon and Jupiter in Taurus work together to help with practical and prosperous ways to handle problems.  Capricorn Moon time often brings up matters of money and security.  Keep in mind that other people will have this as a priority even if you're focused otherwise.  Today will include business agreements, sales and deals.  With both Uranus an Pluto involved, we may be dealing with unexpected things or situations we hoped to avoid.  The 2nd quarter Moon arrives tonight and it's meant for progress, steps toward goals, and tangible results even if the final product is still unfinished.  Work industriously. Take a how to approach rather than seeing road blocks. Go around something instead of hitting the wall.  Wear gray.


The Capricorn Moon squares Mercury, Saturn, and later over night, Venus. Squares bring up issues and sometimes cause us to make right hand turns, as in 90 degree angles.  Expect you'll have to shift and adjust to make things work today. The biggest issues are communication and fairness with relationship concerns moving in too as the day and night go on.  There's plenty to discuss, try and sort out. work out, and consider as you make decisions.  Getting all facts and information is important.  Try not to act with out data to back you up. Other people's wants and opinions are likely to come into play.  If you enjoy problems and puzzles, you may like this, but if you hope for no questions or road blocks, today could be frustrating.  We're still aiming for progress and good work ethic and willingness to take responsibility helps today.  All of this Capricorn energy has Cancer working hard at partnership matters with a big helping of home related issues on the side.  Scorpio and Taurus you may be working out contracts and some major plans.  Libra, home and family related things are up for discussion with solutions not just talk.  Today's color is brown.


The Moon is void of course from 1:58 am to 11:18 am. If the day gets a shaky start or you're up on the wrong side of the bed (or if other people are!), things may sort out more after 11:18 when the Moon shifts to logical Aquarius.  The Moon aspects only Uranus, which can be a catalyst for things happening fast and without much notice.  We are likely to take an active approach with quick decisions and responses, but Aquarius Moon is not usually impulsive so things should be well thought out already.  Aquarius Moon definitely thinks out of the box though, and traditional, expected approaches may be scrapped for unorthodox ways of dealing with problems or making things happen.  Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra may feel most in their element and be more comfortable with changes or other events of the day. An adventurous attitude and not too much drama will help! Wear turquoise.


The Moon is in Aquarius and today long term agreements can be put into place. Late in the day Mercury and Saturn meet in Libra, and things we've been negotiating or trying to decide for a while get the go ahead. Don't enter commitments lightly though. With Saturn involved and the Moon in fixed Aquarius, our promises and obligations will be expected to stick.  Today is fertile for serious planning, contracts, and settlements.  Mercury and Saturn in Libra are logical and analytical, and that is today's best approach.  The Moon opposes Mars meaning some disputes could take place in the process of decision we make today. However, the Moon and Sun work together boosting our confidence and helping us work things out fairly and with vision for the future.  Tonight is more serious business, from personal matters to studies and making progress with projects. It's a better work than play night.  Wear blue.


The Moon stays in Aquarius until 9:13 pm. If you couldn't reach consensus or were holding out on a decision yesterday, today could be the day to solidify things as the Moon is in agreement with planets in Libra including Mercury (decisions, communication), Saturn (obligations, responsibilities) and Venus (partnerships, relationship).  Make the best use of this Aquarius Moon by finding solutions and making plans, perhaps in advance of Full Moon demands and due dates that will come next week.  Use logic. Tonight Venus and Neptune rule the night so romance is in the air! It's a great night for events or activities involving music and the arts, also ruled by those two planets.  It may be easy to let worries and cares go for a while.  Wear pink.


The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. A mix of earth and water sign influences can help us channel emotions productively instead of sulking or lashing out.  The two planets urge us to act constructively.  Decisions and important talks are best had early if you want to remember the details or make some kind of promise since the Moon is void of course from 12:51 pm on. Shop early too if possible!  Today an escape of some kind will be appealing whether than means a movie or a short road trip out of town.  Wear green.


The Moon is void of course in Pisces, and today is meant mostly for relaxation and simple recreational fun.  Creative pastimes are also favored, but nothing too heavy or scheduled.  Take your time with everything and don't pressure other people either.  We need time to do our own thing at our own pace.  Venus moves to Scorpio overnight and Venus in Scorpio shows her very passionate but also very possessive side. Avoid being compulsive or reactive about relationships. Jealousy and other intense feelings re more likely to surface now and affairs may also find the right conditions to begin.  Venus in Scorpio is mysterious, deeply feeling, and sexy but with a certain edge.  Wear indigo blue.

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