Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly October 10th


The Moon moves to this month's Full Moon sign, Aries, at 8:57 am and meets Uranus a few hours later.  This is combustible energy, and Full Moon news and events are likely to burst! Aries is an action starter, blazing new trails. Aries is the sign of the warrior, ruled by Mars, and this whole Full Moon time will be oriented that way. We'll fight for what we want and are likely to rebel against the stagnant or standard. Today and tomorrow people are likely to be easily agitated or triggered. It can be difficult to prepare for days that will bring surprises and call for quick responses.  Today try not to be impulsive or overly reactive.  Consider that tempers may be short and explosive.  There's anxiety in the air! The Moon squares Pluto tonight and we'll consider how to arrange things best and deal with the practical part of life, for example how best to make something work.  The best use of today is to try a new approach, unveil a new creation, or break positive though maybe surprising news gently.  The Moon is Full Tuesday night at 10:06 pm. Wear red today.


This Aries Full Moon forms a trine to Mars in Leo. An overabundance of fire energy ensures a very active, possibly even aggressive day.  There will be strong impulses and desires to go after what we want, forcefully, actively, and in some cases aggressively.  Aries, Libra (where the Sun is), Leo (where Mars is), and Scorpio (the other planet ruled by Mars) will probably feel the eye of the Full Moon hurricane, intensely.  Those are also the signs that will go after goals aggressively or shout loudly if not satisfied.  Scorpio, this relates to your sectors of career and work as well as any leadership roles you have. Leo, this Full Moon is in your area of philosophy of life and worldly opportunities for example studies and travels. You could be in the midst of a spiritual or philosophical crisis or change of ideals.  Libra, this is about long term love and commitments and very important partnerships. You're prime to undergo a status change, a make or break time.  Aries, that may also be true for you, but more importantly this is about your sense of self, confidence, and ability to both lead and adapt.  News that comes now may be very personal to you. We can all expect catalysts for necessary change.  Sagittarius this Full Moon in your sector of fortune may bring a mixed opportunity, like a blessing in disguise.  It may also implicate friendships and other relationships, which you may alter in order to move ahead.  Tonight is a potentially wild Full Moon night so go about things with your head up. Saturn attempts to provide some sanity and structure late night, particularly related to finding harmony or consensus. Aries rules the head so protect it if the situation calls for that!  You can accredit today's headaches to this Aries Full Moon too. Wear white.


Today is a mixed day as we are still in the Full Moon Aries zone. Saturn activated with the Moon overnight pushes for justice in matters that need to be decided now.  For many of us the day may start with negotiating or dealing with contracts, legalities, laws or otherwise serious things.  Another very different influence at work is Mercury, also in Libra sign of Justice, working with Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune will also aspect the Aries Moon today. This planet can put a shiny gloss on things and make them appear better than they seem. Watch out for what looks good on the surface but may be unstable underneath.  Also, be wary of what's true and don't act without very solid proof of facts.  Mercury and Neptune may help if you need to be creative with words in the form of excuses, apologies or the writing of fiction!  The illusory influences at work and the Full Moon say proceed with caution in business and be careful with what you sign off on or agree to!  The Aries Moon is opposite Mercury for plenty of discussion and negotiating tonight. Try to find middle ground, but with caution.  Avoid being impulsive.  The Moon moves to Taurus at 9:35 pm and the Full Moon effect should being to wear off. Hunker down tonight and find your comfort zone.  Wear yellow.


Mercury moves to Scorpio today, where the planet of communication acts a private investigator, mystery expert, and supreme organizer of information for the next few weeks. If you're planning anything big like buying a car or a house or signing a new lease, the next Mercury retrograde begins on Thanksgiving Day in the USA, November 24th, so plan accordingly. Now is a good time to make agreements and major purchases versus late November and early to mid December. This is also a better time to get accurate information.  The Moon is in Taurus opposite Venus in Scorpio and relationships are one of today's focuses. The need to find agreement is strong.  Both signs are strong willed and passionate as well as persistent and stubborn.  Strong personalities may clash.  There is attraction and good chemistry in the air too however, and with the Moon meeting Jupiter we'll feel very strongly and may act accordingly, without holding back! The Moon and Jupiter together puts emphasis on Leo career, Aries prosperity, Pisces contracts and learning, and Taurus personal plans and good fortune.  Tonight, the Sun and Saturn have a significant meeting in Libra, saying this is the time to make an agreement, a serious commitment, or even a division of property that involves two or more parties.  The key tonight is justice and balance. There's no fooling around when Saturn is involved. Expect that obligations and your word have major implications. Effort counts tonight. Wear lavender.


The Taurus Moon squares Mars in Leo. Progress will come with hard work today.  Effort is required for most anything, particularly if you're trying to get strong personalities to collaborate or agree. We'll need to put time and elbow grease into anything we hope to accomplish as well as into events such as hosting either work or social gatherings.  Things may not just fall together easily. Pay attention to the details and expect you may be revising.  The Taurus Moon likes comfort and familiarity but we may have to push into unfamiliar territory today.  Tonight Venus is opposite Jupiter and we'll want to see the big, bright, glorious side of things, but stay practical and don't get too caught up in what glitters!  Love lives may get exciting and eventful too! We could tend to overdo things tonight.  Moderation may be a good idea! Wear pink.

Saturday and Sunday

The Moon is in Gemini both days with an emphasis on communication. We may feel indecisive, yet Saturn weighs in from Libra urging mature courses of action.  Socially the Gemini Moon in harmony with planets in Leo, Aries and Libra fuel outgoing attitudes and willingness to meet or mix with people we've not yet met.  Plans may be fickle and change at will.  Saturday's color is blue. Sunday's is white.

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