Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekly September 26th


The Moon is in Virgo, void of course all day. Getting healthier, more organized and activating other traits we value in ourselves is a good plan.  It's not the best day for major decisions, but it is a good day to take steps toward goals. Tomorrow's New Moon helps us launch those plans and fuels new routines and habits.  Today make small changes and prepare.  Lend a friend or co-worker a hand.  Scorpio may find mutual favors or a trade of services works.  Aries and Libra, take care of routine at work, and in your personal life, anything related to health is worth pursuing.  Leo, float out resumes and explore job options though today is not the best for an interview because you may be forgotten or overlooked. We should all follow up on and back up everything today.  People may be forgetful.  Gemini, remember what you need to do at home or for a family member.  Tonight organize and prepare for whatever tomorrow's New Moon means to you. It arrives early! Wear brown.


The Moon moves to Libra at 12:51 am EST and the New Moon in Libra arrives at 7:09 am. A New Moon in Libra can be a fresh start for couples or partners and renewed plans and negotiation in general.  Mercury and the Moon are opposite Uranus so unlikely turns of events are forecast and you may be surprised to be revisiting a legal matter or disagreement, seemingly from out of nowhere.  The Moon meets Mercury and everything is up for discussion. Communication is opened up and topics are laid on the table.  Much of this may have to do with two people or two parties looking for compromise or solutions. This is also a time to initiate new partnerships and get things off the ground.  The Moon and Pluto say organize ideas and be fair and realistic. It may not be great to dredge up the past, but instead to move ahead.  Tonight the Moon is approaching Venus putting love, romance, potential for reconciliation and other matters of partnership in the forefront into tomorrow.  Wear pink.


The Libra Moon meets Saturn for serious business where legalities and others matters of Justice are concerned.  Be very logical and just in dealings today.  Use maturity, discretion, and moderation as guides. It's a good day to ask for wise advice.  Pluto is active from Capricorn, squaring the Libra Sun and Mercury really bringing up topics for consideration and negotiation. It's a day of contracts and commitments, discussions and resolutions.  The Sun helps keep things positive and fair.  We won't appreciate being judged today, and if you do that you may be called out on your own shortcomings or faults.  Tonight, we're influenced by the Sun's expressive meeting with Mercury and the atmosphere is talkative and lively.  The Moon is aligned with Neptune increasing that social aspect and helping us connect with collaborators, groups, and teams.  Wear lavender.


The Moon is in Scorpio from 12:05 am through Friday. Scorpio Moon time tends to bring focus, if not obsessiveness. We're likely to be very driven about our primary concerns.  Mercury in Libra and Mars in Leo align for a make it happen attitude.  Everything is up for discussion and decisions, and there should be some enthusiasm involved too!  The Moon square to Mars can be stubborn, but action taken now has long term effects and longevity, so it's a good time to bother and put the effort in.  One question today is about scale-how much, how big, how long should be addressed with Jupiter opposite the Moon looking for some balance or middle ground.  Tonight Venus meets Saturn and relationships and action we take involving romantic or business partners gets serious. Be sure you mean what you say or do tonight.  Wear black.


The Scorpio Moon is good for delving into projects and plans and really bringing focus to matters at hand.  The Libra Sun aligns with Mars and what we felt yesterday we may be likely to act more definitely on today.  There's an expressive nature and move on things approach in the air.  Libra and Leo are signs that dress to express and impress. Fashion related purchases and business and simply dressing the part is in the forecast so know your audience!  We'll tend to do things all the way today with no holds or apologies.  Tonight, the Moon squares Neptune and we may be too idealistic or dream up things we can't quite follow through on.  Ask yourself if the plan is realistic as you go forward.  Creative process and collaboration is also likely tonight, with different approaches to mesh for original or best results.  Wear maroon.


The Moon moves into Sagittarius for explorers, adventurers, and independent thinkers. Those traits are favored this weekend, and with the Moon in harmony with planets in Leo (Mars), Libra (Saturn, Mercury and Venus), and Aries (Uranus), it's meant to be an active two days. Travels and road trips and cultural events are appealing, and  this is a good time to plan for those too. Act on educational or study abroad plans by working on applications or seeking opportunities. It's a good time for study and identifying your philosophy of life from here forward! Wear purple Saturday and yellow on Sunday.

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