Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly October 17


A Gemini Moon signals a busy yet fairly easygoing day. Our energy may have to scatter in different directions. Saturn is weighing in from Libra again today. Harnessing mental energy and ideas and making something productive from them is the idea!  Take brainstormed lists and whittle them down to the essential or best plans.  Prioritize and tackle things one by one.  Develop a system.  The Moon and Sun, also in Libra, harmonize for confidence, social graces, and good decisions by daylight. Tonight Neptune could be like a fog rolling in so take action when you feel clearest and have no reservations today.  We also have Mercury in Scorpio across from Jupiter in Taurus, urging some practical action and finding balance and moderation.  Talk about how to act on big plans and ideas too. Don't expect to agree right off, but don't give up either.  Taurus and Scorpio may find that in love and relationship while Leo and Aquarius may deal more with a home and/or career related discussion such as whether to  move or how to move up in the sense of recognition or promotion.  Tonight show offs will show their stuff and want to attract attention. And Neptune can exert his romantic influence making it a good date night for Libra and friendship night for Aries and Leo.  Pisces is a home body tonight but may be very busy there. The Moon moves to Cancer at 9:38 pm after a short void of course time.  Wear gold.


The Cancer Moon is a bit cranky with a square and an opposition overnight. A late night argument could set us off on what seems to be the wrong foot this morning.  Unexpected news or a rehash of the past is likely to create those problems.  The Moon is agreeable with Jupiter in Taurus and Mercury and Venus in Scorpio as the day goes on and it's very much a water sign's day (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).  Keep people's feelings in mind and be sensitive to what's going on around you. Instincts should be good with the Moon aligned with Mercury.  That can help if you're looking for information or to solve a mystery or answer a question that's been nagging.  Tonight Venus acts with the passion of Scorpio, and this can be very romantic and loving but potentially possessive too.  Ask yourself if your feelings are making you go too far or ruling your decisions. If not, enjoy the close connections we feel with the Moon and Venus aligned in water signs.  It's also a creative, inspired night.  Wear light blue.


The Moon is in Cancer and reaches the 4th quarter mark tonight.  Saturn and the Sun in Libra both tangle with the Moon today. It might feel hard to make progress.  There's a need for both patience and discipline and good reasons to play fair!  In family matter particularly, make sure no one feels left out or criticized unjustly.  Situations with the people we live with and the places we reside (for example leases, landlords, home purchases in progress) heat up. Work to resolve something today. When the Moon is in Cancer cooking comfort food and being in familiar places feels best.  Err on the safe side today.  Don't let emotions, yours or someone else's, get the better of you.  Wear black.


The Moon moves to shiny Leo at 6:06 am. Today is a high energy day with a mix of optimism, surprises, and stubborn tension in some cases too.  Our hearts may seem to beat a little bit faster as the Moon combines forces with Uranus in Aries.  It can be intense, so if you're not quite up to par today you might be overwhelmed.  On the other hand, it can be wild excitement.  The Moon and Jupiter square in fixed signs Leo and Taurus. This could lead us to be opinionated or impractical. Our ideals of how we think things should be could be challenged. Or we may struggle to figure out how to reach a goal.  Generally we'll be thinking big today.  Some of use will do things to attract attention. It's a good day to design an ad campaign or even a Halloween costume.  Leo is the sign of creativity, so come up with a great plan and then start to carry it out! Wear orange.


It looks like a dynamic day, but not everyone will be in agreement as the Leo Moon squares planets in Scorpio.  Tenacious, unyielding actions are the result.  The Leo Moon also meets Mars, firing us up, but with either enthusiasm or a very determined streak that could cause us to run over other people or anything we determine to be an obstacle along the way.  The positive side is high energy and will. The down side could be hurting feelings or being overly stubborn.  There's a highly creative aspect and the feeling anything we set out to do can be accomplished with enough work, talent or charisma. Don't be shy today.  Tonight the Sun and Neptune align for great ideas, cool plans, and a willingness to let go of worries and see the up side.  It's a very social night out especially shining on Leo, Libra and Aquarius.  Wear purple.


The Moon is void of course in Leo from 8:34 am to 10:40 am and then in earthy Virgo for the rest of the weekend.  The Leo Moon and Sun in Libra start us off with optimism. It's a people person's day.  Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries may enjoy social events and new acquaintances or friends if the opportunity presents.  The Virgo Moon works well with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus and we can really get all kinds of things done, around the home, in the yard, and even just work together well.  Find a sense of accomplishment and/or enjoy the outdoors today.  Wear brown.


The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio which is very beneficial in relationships.  Communication opens up and we're more likely to talk, forgive, and resolve things together.  Virgo and Pisces may notice this in long term relationships.  Taurus may be in a very sociable mood.  We're likely to feel helpful, generous, and in some cases just warm up more to people, situations or ideas.  It's the end of Libra birthdays as the Sun moves to Scorpio at 2:30 pm marking the height of autumn in the next few weeks.  We tend to withdraw a bit to our own personal concerns and do some nesting with the Sun in Scorpio. You may feel  more organized now as well.  Today is a good day to get things in order.  The Moon is void of course from 4:47 pm until 11:49 am EST on Monday.  Tonight is perfect for relaxing or taking care of routine things.  Wear navy blue.

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