Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly October 24th


The Moon moves to Libra, the sign of balance. We'll feel the need for moderation and everything right between us, however Uranus wouldn't mind shaking things up from the sign Aries. The result is a sense of disequilibrium.  Today could be confusing or affected by opposing forces.  Whether to compromise or not and how to react or respond at all are the questions! The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and we could be playing with fire or stirring a bees nest. Choose your battles or choose not to have any!  There's a need for mediation and a calm non reactive attitude.  For a Monday it's a decent night out. We're likely to want to be with people or at least one good friend rather than solo.  Wear lavender.


The Moon is in Libra, sign of justice.  Judge fairly though! We tend to be more impacted by appearances and can tend to be judgmental under Libra Moon.  An impartial attitude is called for. The Moon works well with Mars in Leo, activating our sense of what's right and making us likely to fight for what's fair.  The Moon meets Saturn later tonight, and that sense of wanting what we feel we have earned is very strong!  It's best not to force agendas and don't take more than your fair share.  On the other hand, be sure to put in equal work or effort if you're involved with partners or living with house mates or family.  Some people will be outspoken today, especially in matters of justice. On this day before New Moon it's natural to do some serious rethinking.   Wear blue.


The Moon is void of course in Libra from  8:18 until 11:08 am, and it's a New Moon in Scorpio at 3:56 pm.   The void of course hours are a good time to be patient, wait things out, and save big announcements or changes.  The New Moon this afternoon propels the rest of the week and beyond, fueling changes and firing us up to organize, make a move, or adopt a new way of operating and thinking.  Venus is square to Mars today emphasizing how differently women and men think and act in the world. This can cause tension, and Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Libra and Taurus are most involved.  Scorpio, this is an excellent time to make decisions and act on personal feelings and changes you've been gearing to make.  Leo, this may affect your home and home life and take things in a new direction. You may also want to make upgrades and improvements there now.  Sagittarius, you more than any other sign may need to wait and observe before making moves. Wear maroon today.


The Moon meets Mercury in Scorpio in the wake of yesterday's New Moon. This is a big decision making day and a time of persistence and commitment. Do not take matters lightly! Scorpio is serious and focused, and this New Moon has those qualities so we must be sure of what we enter into or promise.  Big matters of life come up for discussion and perhaps resolution.  The Moon also squares Mars in Leo bringing out our strong opinions and differences.  Explore perspective, preferably without judgement. This is a day and night to speak and listen and act or decide deliberately.  Tonight is intense and no nonsense.  Keep your head up a bit so nothing sneaks up on you.  Wear indigo blue.


The Scorpio Moon is void of course from 7:49 to 10:46 am EST, and then shifts to Sagittarius. There's plenty of activity in the heavens today included Mercury square to Mars in Scorpio and Leo, and the Scorpio Sun opposite Jupiter. Those two in particular highlight more Scorpio type traits and actions including pressing for information and sticking strongly with opinions and agendas. Scorpio and Taurus are two signs that need to work things out and find middle ground or moderation while Sagittarius may also be feeling lots of focus if not pressure today.  Sagittarius's thirst for freedom may be on hold while business is taken care of today. It's a good day to put time and effort in and act on the heels of this week's New Moon.  Even tonight the pull to take care of things is strong especially if money or reputation are on the line.  Once you find time for fun, the Sagittarius Moon loves a change from routine so plan something out of the ordinary or get out of your usual neighborhood.  Wear red.


The Sagittarius Moon puts us in the mood to seek adventure and different experiences today. Cultural and exotic places or things will be appealing. This is the sign of higher education and with Saturn also weighing in from Libra, it's a good day for learning experiences or to fill out school applications or travel documents. Some of us will book future travel too. Explore something even if it's through books or internet searches today. Otherwise, fulfill your sense of adventure with new foods, travel out of town or a good game of most anything.  Wear purple.


The Moon is void of course for the morning, crossing into Capricorn at 12:39 pm.  The morning hours may be a bit lost or confusing.  Make no promises and expect people to be late or forgetful.  Reminders are good if there are important things to be done.  The Capricorn Moon will meet Pluto which is certain to bring a reality check. It may feel like a lot needs to be accomplished today.  Working with the hands either creatively or on repairs or organization will be satisfying.  The Capricorn Moon has a structured, how-to attitude. Wear black.

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