Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly September 5th


The Sagittarius Moon inspires us to get out of stuck places, explore new ideas or places, and generally take an adventurous attitude.  This is also the sign of higher education so taking care of new routines, organization, and applications for schools or programs is appropriate today.  The Moon in harmony with Mercury in Leo is active, outgoing, festive and also expressive.  Today has a brave, bold streak. Use it to plunge into something you might normally shy away from.  Tonight the Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius and Aquarius put us in an open minded, worldly mood. Planning new endeavors, travel and other things you need to envision are worth working toward. It's also a nice night socially.  The Moon is void of course from 8:30 to 10:03 pm and it's transition time before the ambitious, productive nature of Capricorn Moon sets in. Wear green.


The Capricorn Moon sets us up well for back to business today.  The Moon and Uranus combined mean we're likely to deal with last minute and unanticipated things early on. This could create strain and struggles for control.  Try to ease in and not over react. Take a minute to think before you speak or act.  The Moon meets Pluto for serious business and heavy considerations. Later in the day Jupiter throws in  more optimism and a can do attitude.  It might feel like one thing after another today.  Take one thing at a time and use Capricorn's realistic, coping skills and influence.  Other people may not be very sensitive or understanding of excuses and errors today.  A little bit of perfectionism and a very responsible approach will be helpful. Tonight is work and organization oriented, but with a happy attitude and an eye toward progress and prosperity.  Wear black.


The Capricorn Moon in harmony with the Virgo Sun makes this a good decision making day especially before 4:35 pm EST when the Moon moves void of course.  Confidence should be high and the ability to adapt to circumstances strengthened, and with Venus also in harmony with the Moon our personal relationships and their impact on decisions and other business may be improved.  The Moon and Saturn may make justice an issue so act in fairness.  The Moon is opposite Mars in cancer before moving void of course for the evening. This can bring up things we're unsettled or upset about and tonight the likelihood of being on opposing sides increases.  We might feel like we can't fight our way out of a paper bag tonight.  Go easy if frustrations abound.  The void of course Moon is not the best time to take action anyway.  Save it for morning. Wear brown.


The Moon moves into Aquarius at 5:42 am EST. One trait this activates is our ability to envision. It's a good day for planning and design. Set your sights on something ahead and take steps in that direction. Aquarius is a strong willed and deliberate sign.  Will and perseverance and attention to detail combined with global ideas and vision help us get what we strive for now.  Again, we may find people are not very sensitive, but under Aquarius Moon we are likely to work together and form teams or communities or groups to accomplish common goals.  Mercury is opposite Neptune so we may have some trouble uncovering the truth and the facts today.  There's a tendency to want to gloss over flaws or problems or even the real truth.  Don't assume things are as they appear. There's a sense of illusion that can be creative and see beyond the tangible, but we have to be careful where trust is concerned.  Cancer and Capricorn, note that in business and financial matters today. Pisces and Virgo, friends may tell you what they think you want to hear.  Tonight  is good for group meetings, team work, and making future plans.  Wear turquoise.


The Moon is in logical Aquarius, and Mercury moves forward into Virgo where the August retrograde began.  The next few days are about clearing up confusion and cleaning up and repairing where things went awry or broke down in August. That includes communication, things we have in writing and dates that were scheduled then.  The Moon in harmony with Saturn urges a well thought out approach and a mature outlook. A get it over with or get it done attitude is likely, taking emotion out of the equation.  Mercury is practical, flexible and analytical in Virgo.  Try not to over-think problems that need to be solved. Just try something and see if it works.  Tonight, big group gatherings and events are appealing.  Wear blue.


The Moon is in Aquarius, meets Neptune at 1:32 pm and then is void of course until 3:26 pm. The morning hours are best for detailed work or thought. Decisions will be made more solidly under Aquarius Moon. Neptune provides an escapist or creative influence and movies, music, photography, art and other things that lift us beyond the ordinary are in the forecast too. This afternoon it could be easy to lose track of time or other things.  The Pisces Moon from 3:26 on continues that vibe and opposes Mercury at 9:06 pm EST. Avoid being overly trusting and take things slow in terms or getting to know new people or situations.  Trust your instincts and realize the truth may be disguised.  Do creative things or get into a good book or film. Our imaginations are activated.  Venus and Mars help relationships along and tonight a date is well timed.  Wear green.


The Moon is in creative, spiritual Pisces in harmony with Pluto and Jupiter in earth signs. Those planets ground Pisces Moon dreaminess some, making it easier to accomplish something if necessary.  It's also a good day to get together with friends, work on things you really care about and have emotional attachment to, and enjoy time outdoors if the weather is cooperating.  Pisces Moon time is good for planting, fishing and other similar work or activities. Venus and Mars still have relationship and good chemistry between us in the forecast for Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces especially.  Wear light blue.

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