Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly September 12th


The Moon is Full in Pisces at 5:27 am. The weekend had optimistic aspects, easing us into this very emotional and relationship oriented Full Moon. We have Mercury in harmony with Pluto in Virgo and Capricorn seeking solutions and hoping for discussions and conversations about important matters.  Mars is weighing in from Cancer with a word about family issues and urges to express things that are blocked or held back.  Pisces Full Moon opposes Venus raising concerns and exaggerating feelings about our closest relationships.  The people and things nearest and dearest to us take priority.  It may be hard to concentrate on other business and work today, but whatever is happening, we're seeking solutions that take emotions into consideration as well as plans we can all live with.  The Full Moon in Pisces is compassionate.  It's a good day for outdoor activities from fishing and planting to time by the lake or sea.  Today is meant to be reflective, spiritual, and sensitive. Find places and things to do that have a  calming effect.  The Moon is void of course from 9:45 pm into the wee hours. Easy does it tonight. Too much pressure may not yield what you're hoping for.   Today's color is white.


The Aries Moon kicks in, accelerating and shifting our gears at 2:49 am EST.  Meeting Uranus at 8:49 am, this Aries Moon could be a rude awakening or just  call to action.  News and events will let us know we can't hold off or delay something any longer.  Yesterday's sensitivity could turn sour today if we feel overwhelmed or pushed too hard.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and realities, potentially facts too hard to swallow, set in.  What to do and who should take care of and responsibility for things is in question and may create struggles and disagreements.  Temper that need to act fact with some rational thought today.  This may feel more like a Full Moon than yesterday when it comes to extremes.  Do take action. Avoid overreaction, impulsive moves, and anger.  Today is unapologetic and we'll tend to move on quickly, in some cases burning a bridge.  Aquarius and Capricorn, family news and other declarations you may not have expected come early this week.  Pisces, you are in the throws of relationship as well as employment and money things to figure out and may feel that your plate is loaded.  Aries, take it slow and keep some things to yourself until you are really ready or sure.  Today's color is red.


The Aries Moon is opposite Saturn bringing up legal and other matters of justice up for resolution, possibly immediately.  There's a serious and timely nature that says deal with this now. Much of this has been pending for months, most likely.  Find compromise or consensus and put an end to disagreements maturely. This opposition is about finding the right answer, the fair judgment.  Mercury and Jupiter align helping with productive solutions and encouraging conversations.  Today is about negotiating a good deal for everyone.  Be willing to give in a little in order to reach an agreement, divide assets, and gain the freedom to move ahead rather than stay in stubborn circumstances.  Aries and Libra host the action, and Capricorn with Saturn as your ruling planet you're likely to know exactly what this is all about too. Tonight, Mercury and Jupiter also favor writing and studies and practical problem solving.  Virgo, Sagittarius and Taurus may find tonight most productive and feel like something important is riding on the outcome.  Wear yellow.


The Moon starts out in Aries square to Mars and there's plenty of reason to expect confrontation and frustrations.  Mars, Aries ruling planet, is uncomfortable in more passive and/or emotional Cancer. Things we've been holding in may come out in bursts with temper or tears.  There's a strong need to confront things in a productive way, but this Aries energy can be impulsive and say or do without enough thought or rationality.  The Cancer energy can add that element of feeling easily slighted or unable to say or do what's needed and instead wallow in self pity.  Avoid being a bully or a victim today. There's a tendency toward either!  Neptune in Aquarius may put a gloss over things, in harmony with the Moon in early afternoon ( 1:10 pm EST) and then the Moon is void of course until Taurus Moon begins at 3:25 pm. The Taurus Moon helps get our feet back on the ground and settle us after the Full Moon fallout which may have felt stronger than the Full Moon itself did!  If things have been too fast and furious, take it down a notch tonight and look for plans and resolutions you can activate tomorrow when the aspects are just right for breaking bad patterns or habits and finding real long term solutions. Solid, grounded, productive, comfort zone is the place to be tonight.  Today's color is green.


The universe appears harmonious today, and practical earth sign energy is at work.  The Taurus Moon meets expansive Jupiter and collaborates with Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Calling upon all our earth sign type traits should be easier. That includes being productive, constructive and helpful.  Mercury is urging us to look for workable solutions and to make plans.  Aim for flexible options with long term positive effects. Taurus, today's Moon sign, is fixed and so decisions matter and tend to stick. Make promises you're fairly certain you can keep.  Be persistent in quitting bad habits.  This is also a good day for outdoor work, gardening and being in the kitchen.  Taurus enjoys indulgences and tonight eating and drinking together is a comforting and satisfying way to end a work week that began with a Full Moon. Release tension with good food and trusted friends.  Wear brown.


The Moon is in Taurus in harmony with the Virgo Sun for confidence and the feeling we can make things happen! Today can be very productive and is solid for decisions you can stick with. The real story of the day is more likely to be Venus opposite Uranus in Libra/ Aries which is very much about relationship surprises including status changes or sudden news or awareness. In some cases this will feel like the final straw or the pivotal moment where everything changes.  This can range from friendship turning to romance, possibly for Sagittarius or Gemini, or sudden attraction between people who seem unlikely partners, maybe Libra or Aries.  This can also signal the end though if there's an event like a partner's unfaithfulness or revelation of true feelings or lack thereof.  By the end of the weekend we may all have new news about the couples around us, dissolving or forming romances and liasons.  Wear pink.


The Moon moves to Gemini at 4:06 am revealing our busy and fickle natures. Many things may call for our attention today and it may be hard to decide or prioritize.  The Gemini Moon works with Venus in Libra for flirtations and romance and also a way with words and self expression.  Today is a good day to convince someone.  The Moon and Uranus align continuing news and surprises along the lines of yesterday's action.   We're more likely to reveal or announce things quickly today.  Venus is square to Pluto tonight and relationship is once again in the forefront with things to be worked out including situations of a very practical nature.  Mars moves into Leo tonight where the warrior planet is more confident and action oriented. Some stuck points and passivity should go by the way side in the weeks ahead.  Wear yellow.

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