Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly August 29th


The Moon is in Virgo and we're in New Moon mode. See the Virgo Moon post below.  The New Moon in Virgo favors versatility in thinking and decision making. Look for new ways to approach old problems.  Concrete information and solutions may be available now that Mercury is direct in Leo, and the Virgo Moon and Jupiter in Taurus work constructively and practically together.  Good fortune is in the air, and while today is optimistic we should stay realistic and avoid being excessive and exaggerating.  The Moon and Venus meet for resolving differences, forgiveness in relationships, and reconciliation or forward movement, whichever is most appropriate and healthy.  The New Moon in Virgo is very much related to health, good habits and reorganization too.  Work on those things tonight as well as taking care of personal and family situations. Mars in Cancer brings up family and other co-habitation issues and agreements and it's a better time for changes and solutions that improve the environment at home.  Aries. Virgo and Cancer are likely to be in the midst of this.  Tonight is all about practical and constructive approaches.  The Moon is void of course from 6:15 pm on. Wear white.


The Moon  is void of course in Virgo until 2:25 pm. We'll need lots of flexibility and ability to change plans or attitudes today.  The morning is full of flux but is also optimistic as Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus form a harmonious trine.  It's dynamic, loving, potentially prosperous and sexy. An earthy, warm connected feeling dominates the first half of the day.  Make a date, do something positive, plant and create!  The Libra Moon moves in and puts our one on one relationships in the forefront priority wise.  It's also a good time to redecorate, paint, work with color and beautify the environments. Allow things to flow rather than pushing or forcing an agenda.  The Moon opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto tonight which changes the mood some and brings up issues or debates as well as unexpected news or changes of plans.   Try not to judge too quickly and avoid judging yourself or others today and tonight.  Keep working toward goals and resolutions.  Wear lavender.


The Libra Moon meets Saturn and squares Mars in Cancer.  Go for balanced and sane solutions and agreements with this action in the sign of balance and justice.  Weight pros and cons. Make serious or conservative decisions.  If necessary re-establish rules or boundaries.  Cancer may relate this more to family relationships and home life while Virgo and Pisces may see this in business dealings.  Gemini, be fair in friendships and logical generally.  Pisces particularly could be dealing with resolving legal, partnership, and other financial matters.  Work and decide with plenty of information and advice.  Capricorn, be mature and responsible at work and in other public and leadership roles. You're in the spotlight for attention and you want it to be the right kind!  Tonight the Moon and Mercury in Leo align for a social, fun night out.  Libra, Aries, and Leo are tonight's social butterflies.  Wear light blue.


The Libra Moon is in harmony with Neptune in Aquarius for creativity and vision as the day begins.  We may don rose colored glasses and choose to overlook a fault or mistake.  Acting rationally is the best plan though Neptune can lean toward escapism.  Try to balance your point of view or wishes with the perspective of someone else.  A reality check may be necessary so we don't lose our better judgement.  The Moon is void of course shortly from 1:35 pm to 2:48 pm and then in Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon provides enormous focus and while in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn can bring out a very driven part of us.  Still fueled by a New Moon Sunday night, we can use this powerful push to our advantage and delve deeply into anything important. Respect a do not disturb sign or feeling tonight.  Expect some intensely fixed energy from passion to ambition tonight and tomorrow.  Scorpio, this is very personal to you while Capricorn may be driven to lead and sway others in a certain direction.  Aquarius, put energy into career goals.  Wear indigo blue.


The Moon is in Scorpio directly opposite Jupiter in Taurus.  We may tend toward excess or exaggeration.  Inner struggle could be the result if you're trying to talk yourself out of something, scale back, or leave a bad habit or addiction behind.  In love and relationship, we'll tend to be extreme too, and disagreements may be stubborn and strong, but passion is in the air too!  Opposites may seem to attract.  Venus is in harmony with the Moon encouraging us to go for it! Put yourself in the way of someone you're attracted to.  Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio are likely to be feeling the attraction.  Jupiter aligns with the Sun in Virgo tonight for a feeling of good fortune and maybe even fate.  It's a decent night to work too, with prosperity in favor.  Wear maroon.


Today is well suited to travel and new experiences as Jupiter aligned with the Sun late last night and the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 5:03 pm. If the early hours are tense and include disagreements or struggles due to the Moon square Mercury and Neptune, things should brush by quickly as the Sagittarius Moon moves in late afternoon.  Respect boundaries and privacy the first half of the day while the Moon is in Scorpio and some adjustments are likely to cause debate or thought.   The Sagittarius Moon aligns with Uranus and favor spontaneous action, adventures and even parties in the evening.  Wear red.


The Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun and Venus. In relationships and personal decisions we may not know quite how we feel! Independence versus commitment may be an issue. The Sun and Venus in Virgo are warm and sexy, yet can be critical of a partner or lover's faults.  A little space could help. Sagittarius Moon is not always the best time for lovers.  It is a good Moon sign for new adventures and last minute plans.  Try something out of the ordinary today even if it's a different food or a little trip out of your usual circuit.  More global travel may also be appealing and Saturn from Libra helps with decisions and research related to future plans.  Today's color is purple.

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