Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly September 19th


The Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn for self discipline and structure.  Take wild ideas or too many thoughts and prioritize and sorting them. Saturn says forget about what's not logical or sane and stick with what will help you make progress.  Today is favorable for writing, studying and discussing plans, perhaps even settling on one or two!  Gemini is the sign of communication, brothers and sisters and short distance travels. Plan a long weekend, a business trip, or a trip back home.  Schedule visits, tours, and even exams.  It's a decent day to take a test, recall information, respond in writing and or reply to emails and invitations. Call family members who may be waiting to hear from you, particularly if you're a Pisces or Aries.  Gemini, the focus is on you for planning and discussions, and your ruling planet Mercury is square to the Moon in your sign at 5:30 pm EST. The afternoon and evening are about trying to communicate clearly and effectively. Virgo, you may relate this most to your career or other leadership roles. Challenging conversations might be tackled tonight. Broach uncomfortable topics. This is about getting out of our comfort zones in order to generate solutions and open up discussions that need to be had.  Sagittarius and Pisces, this may be going on in your closest relationships. Today's color is blue.


The 4th quarter Moon arrives at 9:39 am EST. This is often a time of rethinking and going over recent details, plans or events. With the Gemini Moon this morning we could overthink or put too much focus on whether we've made the right choices.  The Moon square to the Sun creates some nervous energy. Virgo and Gemini may notice that a lot and it can take the form of physical symptoms.  Take it easy and don't feel like you have to know everything right now.  At 12:33 pm the Moon aligns with deceptive but dreamy Neptune and we can become forgetful or find an escape for a couple of hours.  Between then and 2:53 pm important purchases and decisions are not recommended.  The Cancer Moon arrives at 2:53 and we may settle into one mood or another.  Tonight is domestic and taking care of personal business or concerns will be a priority.  If you're trying to get an answer or fire friends up for fun you may have your work cut out!  Uranus in Aries squares the Moon, and Cancer you may be worried about competition or being outshone or usurped.  Capricorn, home related news may baffle of confuse you.  Let information settle before reacting too quickly since Cancer Moon is a sensitive time and can result in grudges.  Wear white.


Under the Cancer Moon we tend to react to changes in people, moods and our environment, and today is very changeable. We may become moody or shift throughout the day. The Moon opposite Pluto isn't always pleasant and a square to Venus in Libra makes for relationship disagreements.  Dealing with things we wish we could avoid appears inevitable especially in the early hours.  The Moon aligning with Jupiter helps boost moods some and makes outlooks brighter, especially if you feel like you're getting something accomplished.  The key to the day is to not get pulled down by influences you can't control and focus on making improvements despite other circumstances.  Pluto sometime throws the deep, dark or buried out into the open.  Try not to let a skeleton from your closet or someone else's freak you out. Leave the past in the past.  Tonight may be hard work especially if family or relationship issues are involved. Try not to sidestep but to deal fairly and realistically. Wear black.


The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mercury today. This is good for meetings, making plans, studies, and communication in general. At home, have a conversation to ease any tension and work through a to-do list.  At work, make conservative business decisions and try to keep co-workers' and clients' feelings in mind.  Blend personal with business or work effectively.  Creatively, it's a good day to express through music, art, on stage or in the kitchen.   Rehearse and memorize material.  The Moon  moves to Leo at 9:55 after just 23 minutes void of course.  Leo Moon time is suited to gatherings and parties, yet tonight is still good for work that requires creativity and focus.  This is the last night of summer officially, and as the Moon approaches Mars, there's a feeling of anything goes! Tonight should be fun! Wear purple.


The Leo Moon meets Mars overnight, firing us up for a high energy Friday! The urge to compete, play, and take action is strong!  It's a fire signs day, so Sagittarius and Aries are also included as the instigators and action starters while Scorpio also has the fired up feeling and may be a leader or just feeling on top of the world today.  Mars and Uranus are interacting so we do need to use a bit of caution in any potentially dangerous situations.  Take precautions around hazardous situations or even around volatile people. Wear seat belts and crash helmets literally or otherwise!  News could get exciting or chaotic.  The Sun moves to Libra indicating the Autumnal Equinox at 5:05 am, and with this new season and a New Moon approaching on Tuesday, there's planning and reconsidering to be done.  Prepare to launch or announce something new.  Tonight the Moon harmonizes with Venus the planet of love. It's a couples' night so make a date, even with a best friend if there's no romantic plan.  Romance is very much in the air though, and the Leo Moon is about fun and festivity and overdoing it a bit.  Wear gold.


The Leo Moon is in harmony with Saturn , so while Leo Moon time is meant for fun, Saturn helps with any serious issues or business, encouraging responsibility and fairness in what we take on today.  The Moon is opposite Neptune in Aquarius activating creativity, imagination and playfulness. It's a good day to make up games, improvise, and take out the art supplies!  Leo is also loyal and strong bringing out those traits in us. If there's a down side today it's that some situations and people will be hard to trust so use good discretion and don't just hand over money or information unless you're certain.  Wear orange.


The Moon moves to Virgo at 12:39 am. Today is meant for work and prosperity.  Do things that yield tangible results.  A practical, reality based outlook is called for with the Moon in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus.  The Jupiter effect is optimistic, and we may go about tasks happily, feeling like we're accomplishing something even if it's hard work.  Building, fixing, cleaning, and studying are all favored as is any outdoor work or time in nature.  The Sun opposite Uranus may strike like lightning with flashes of inspiration or sudden understanding especially tonight. It could disturb the balance, but it may also lead to the next big move.  Libra, this happens directly in your sign and is also about relationship. Aries, you get that same effect, while Virgo and Pisces may related on a work or financial lever. Leo, the Sun always impacts you, and this time it's about possibilities for new opportunities, travels, and potentially educational plans as well as a change in outlook. Mercury moves to Libra at 5:09 pm and the Moon is void of course from3:47 pm until after midnight, on Tuesday EST. Those hours may tend toward confusion.  Be organized early and know that you'll need the head start on tomorrow. Wear yellow.

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