Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly August 8th


The Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of adventure and worldly experiences.  Mercury back tracks into compatible fire sign Leo at 5:48 am EST.  The combination is good for breaking out of a rut or a pattern and getting past road blocks.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony in those two signs and Saturn helps out from Libra as well.  Today is positive and optimistic even through retrograde confusion or strains.  Mercury opposes Neptune and we do have to be careful not to trust too easily or take everything at face value. Ask lots of questions to clarify things!  Tonight the Moon and Sun instigate social events of all kinds and road trips or other, out of the usual Monday night routine, excursions.  Mars squares Uranus after midnight so be on alert and cautious. It's not a good time to take unnecessary risks.  Family news is likely especially for Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.  Wear gold.


The Moon continues to cruise carefree Sagittarius and contacts Mercury retrograde in Leo at 3:30 pm EST. If you're free and easy and can have some fun, going back to familiar, well loved spots is a great plan! Sagittarius loves a road trip or any travel and Mercury retrograde reconnects us with the past. While in Leo, Mercury retrograde looks for festivity in the form of reunions and reconnection with friends, family, or old haunts.  It may be a tough business day though, and Mars in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries can be less than pleasant and includes family situations as well as other difficult dealings.  Unexpected news may not be handled well by all involved.  Aries, Cancer and Capricorn may be dealing with this and Libra may have relationship problems come up.  After a very short void of course, the Moon moves to Capricorn at 4:38 pm and Uranus, planet of rebellion and destruction is active with the Moon late night.  Stay out of troublesome situations since tonight has a rough edge and is full of the unanticipated.  A business like attitude or some work ethic may be called for.  Wear green.


The Capricorn Moon is alot about business today. A meeting with Pluto brings us back to reality and the Moon opposite Mars in Cancer instigates negotiations especially related to home, family, and relationships. Mars in Cancer doesn't appreciate confrontation, but there may be a need for "the state of things" to be evaluated. Check in on or bring up issues without forcing them. It's a day or reminders, and you may leave yourself one or two since we can be forgetful with Mercury retrograde and it's not looking like a very forgiving day. Do attend to obligations and responsibilities.  Aries and Libra should remember this all day long.  Taurus and Virgo may get some of the benefits of an ambitious Capricorn Moon and should line up good plans and act on possibilities.  Mars approaches an opposition to Pluto in the evening and we really should play it safe and non confrontational.   Tonight things could heat up and get emotional. Dredging up the past is not a very good idea, but it will happen anyway tonight. How we react is the key and sets the tone for the outcome.  Be emotionally detached and cool under pressure.  The Moon is void of course from 4:34pm  on. Wear black.


The Moon is in Capricorn and void of course all day long. Be very careful with judgment calls and err on the cautious side.  The Mars / Pluto opposition may cause frustration, anxiety, emotional overload in general and make us feel vulnerable or exposed.  We have to be aware of situations that could escalate and avoid them.  Today is a good day to lay low, stick with trusted friends and situations, and do routine work.  The Moon moves to Aquarius at 11:47 pm.  Tonight clean, go back to unfinished projects, spend time outside, and keep life simple and clear.  Doing some planning is great if you can revise a bit later in the month.  Today's color is gray.


The Aquarius Moon may be a relief if the Capricorn, Cancer, Aries action has been rough the past couple of days.  The Moon and Uranus instigate surprises and initiate activity, more than likely in an unplanned way.  Aquarius is a sign of vision and re-creation so we may be looking ahead, but with Mercury retrograde just take it slow and be flexible.  The Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus and blending intellect with a talent for making and doing could yield very good things! Those two signs may want to stretch beyond usual ways of thinking and doing to collaborate! Leo and Scorpio could be partners in those endeavors too.  With fixed signs dominating the day, there's a stubborn streak that can help with focus but also make us a bit closed minded.  Tonight is somewhat social but there are also the vibrations of obligations, things that need attending to and what's pending overcasting the fun a bit.  Wear turquoise.


The Aquarius Full Moon is exact at 2:58 pm EST. Opposing Venus along with the Sun in fixed signs Aquarius and Leo, there's a certain unyielding quality to this Full Moon. Use this energy to refocus, pay attention to other points of view, and look out for the best interests of the group. In relationships, for Aquarius and Leo especially, it can be a time of renewed commitment and a search for workable middle ground.  In new relationships, particularly for Aries and Libra, times are exciting and opposites may strongly attract. Today is a day of extremes, but Aquarius Moon is not the time to get dramatic or act in selfishness.  It is meant to be a less emotional Full Moon though we may feel it in the form of nervousness or anxiety as Aquarius has a sensitive nervous system.  Surrounding ourselves with like minded people will be comforting or good fun! Wear white.


The Moon moves to Pisces at 8:54  am after opposing Mercury retrograde overnight.  During this Full Moon old business crops up and may even peak again.  Unfinished negotiations or emotional business with ex's, former friends and colleagues, and even family business can be part of that picture.  Remember with Mercury retrograde there may be second chances but be cautious about what you agree to long term.  Scorpio and Taurus may be looking for resolution around home and family matters over the past few days and today.  The Moon meets Neptune and works with Pluto in Capricorn.  Be aware the past could be romanticized and details may be confused or unclear.  It's a good day to reconnect though and go back to places once loved.  A reunion works well and may be emotional.  The edge of yesterday's Full Moon is likely to kick in today since Pisces is a supremely feeling sign.  Wear light blue.

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