Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly August 15


The Pisces Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Cancer has an optimistic, generous effect on us.  Pisces is a compassionate sign, and we'll be likely to tune in to each other. It's a good day to ask for or grant favors or forgiveness. With Mercury retrograde it's natural to want reconciliation. Jupiter in Taurus may make us want to extend ourselves, particularly with money. Be cautious with major spending while Mercury retrograde continues through the 26th.  There could be a tendency to be overly sensitive or touchy today with Mars active in Cancer. A gentle approach will work best when dealing with people in both business or personal situations.  Tonight is for reconnecting and relaxing.  The Moon is void of course all day long beginning at 4:21 am. Wear green.


The long void of course Moon continues making it an excellent week to be on vacation.  The Moon is void in Pisces, but it's a very Leo day as the Sun, Moon and Mercury retrograde have consecutive meetings in the sign of creativity, children, and fun.  Kids should come first today, and that could mean acting like one! Get out and play, create art or music, and express your self.  Freedom to do what we want and not be on a strict schedule or have too much serious business is ideal.  Today is for performers, entertainment, sports and games. Shopping may be appealing but is only recommended if you can change your mind, so save receipts.  Let the free, outgoing spirit of the Leo Sun and the love and giving nature of Venus in Leo dominate the day.  Mercury makes it likely we'll run into or intentionally connect with old friends and the past, hopefully in a joyful way! Tonight the Sun and Mercury encourage us to express our feelings and get back in touch.  The Moon moves to fiery Aries at 8:01 pm and it's a party night designed for fun and games. Wear red.


Today is full of Aries fire as the Moon and catalyst Uranus meet instigating action.  This could come in the form of news, discussions, confrontations or surprises.  The Moon squares Pluto and Mars and opposes Saturn and all of this can be challenging and seem fast. Choose your battles wisely and confront with caution. Mercury is still retrograde and being impulsive or making long term promises is not recommended now. Exploring possibilities is not a bad idea though. Today is about process for eventual progress. Be willing to give things time. Tonight expect obligations to seep in. There's a need to deal fairly and follow through as promised if that's relevant.  Harnessing some energy for work of any kind is a good plan for tonight.  Getting advice about problems from experienced sources is also favored. We may be facing difficulties today but a slow, steady, productive approach will be most helpful if that's the case.  Libra and Aries will feel a familiar cycle at work.  Capricorn, Aries and Cancer will want progress and may need to exercise patience.  Wear orange.


The Moon is in active Aries for another day. It's a sign that loves newness, yet the Moon in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Leo brings back the past too. The best of new and old may combine well today.  Leo, Aries and Libra are most likely to be having good times with old and new friends and may feel lucky one way or another today.  Sagittarius also enjoys the social and fun aspect of this Aries Moon. Mars in Cancer is in harmony with Jupiter in Taurus involving and agreeing with the earth and water signs. This may activate us to do important things related to home and family including motivating us to repair literally or metaphorically and make things right and/or comfortable. Aquarius and Aries may experience this too.  Tonight is very much about reconnecting with the past and getting back to unfinished business and may also be suited to a good game of anything!  Wear yellow.


After a short void of course time, the Moon moves from Aries to Taurus at 8:36 am. The vibe is more calm and settled not to mention optimistic. The Taurus Moon values security and simple pleasures as well as more extravagant comforts.  In harmony with Neptune and Pluto, this Taurus Moon can inspire both creativity and practicality. It's a nice combination and takes away some of the potential Taurus extremes.  Pisces may feel communicative and have a way with words. Taurus will recognize the value of friends. Capricorn and Virgo may express creatively and also feel the urge to see new places and experience new things.  The Moon is getting close to Jupiter in Taurus for a feeling of expansion and wanting more!  Capricorn could be due for a lucky break and should follow instincts about what may be coming this week.  The waning Moon also makes it a decent time to break bad habits though with Mercury retrograde we need some flexibility with the plan for that.  Tonight is more about celebrating than usual Friday night partying if you can make that distinction.  It's a nice night for reunions or family dinners or even lavish foods and extravagances but in a comfortable, uncomplicated atmosphere.  Wear pink.


Taurus Moon time continues with lovely aspects as the Moon meets optimistic, lucky Jupiter boosting moods and even offering opportunities, gifts, and adventures! The Moon is also working with Mars in Cancer for constructive approaches including actual building as well as problem solving and dealing with family matters.  Strong personal connections are in the forecast this weekend and reunions or reconciliations (or attempts at reconciling) are likely. This is Venus's last day in Leo making it festive, and a nice day for a celebration!  Today's color is green.


The zodiac is full of change today as the Moon moves to Gemini at 8:53 pm and Venus shifts to Virgo at 6:11 pm. Earlier, the Taurus Moon squares Mercury retrograde in Leo and we may fixate on one way of doing things or resist change.  Potential encounters with people from the past may cause anxiety as well. Venus is opposite Neptune bringing up relationship matters, but the effect can be romantic and create chemistry too. Our love lives are in focus today and that particularly includes Leo and Aquarius. Venus in Virgo for the weeks ahead will put us in the mood to settle into relationships and deal with practical decisions as couples or partners.  Venus's last hours in Leo are sexy and flirtatious while Venus in Virgo is earthy and sensual but can also be critical or nagging. All of those traits are activated on this Venus focused day and night. Tonight the Gemini Moon is a bit frantic or distracted with squares dominating and we may second guess and wonder if we're headed in the right direction.  Wear gold.

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