Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly August 1st


The Moon is void of course in Leo from 2:20 am EST until 4:41 am. Those hours could find us very vulnerable to errors, so play it very safe in every way. Mercury retrograde in Virgo /Leo begins tomorrow night and we are well into the zone of miscommunication, rethinking, rescheduling and other retrograde influences.  The Moon meets Mercury this morning in Virgo and the Sun is square to Jupiter.  Use the fixed sign stubbornness to your advantage by not changing your mind or giving in too easily if pressured or if a situation doesn't feel quite right.  The Virgo Moon can help with writing, going back over figures or budgets, and hands on work too. There's a good blend of physical and practical energy for work that needs to be done.  Relationship changes and surprises continue with the fuel of Saturday's New Moon in heart centered Leo and Venus trine to Uranus this past overnight.  New love can be really exciting now yet if it's brand new over for example this past weekend, allow yourself to move slowly. What we begin this month may turn out well but probably not as we planned, hoped or expected in the first place.  Reconnecting with friends from the past is likely now and Virgo, Scorpio, and Taurus may notice this most early in the retrograde. It starts tomorrow but consider yourselves there now.  The Moon is void of course from 7:38 pm on and geared toward a very simple evening that can also be very enjoyable as the Moon and Jupiter align in Virgo /Taurus. Wear navy blue.


Today the Moon is in Virgo void of course and Mercury retrograde starts at 11:50 pm in the same sign. We are very prone to error, miscommunication or misunderstanding, technical issues, poor judgment calls and all kinds of mix ups today! Lay low and do simple routine things.  Avoid promises or things written in stone, so to speak.  Allow flexibility. Don't pressure or be pressured.  It's a good vacation day and nice for cooking, cleaning,  and organizing as long as you'll remember the system you create! Productive, hands on projects should be very satisfying.  Keep all decisions reversible.  Get in touch with old friends or watch them find you!  Today's color is yellow.


Mars changes signs, continuing a stream of planetary shifts in the past week. Mars in Cancer is full of contrasts and we may have trouble dealing with emotional situations in the weeks ahead.  Mars, the fire planet, is not very comfortable in watery, sensitive Cancer. Passive aggression typifies the Mars in Cancer situation.  However it can be about channeling our fire into creative outlets. We may have to work extra hard to deal with emotions in constructive ways.  Mars lives in Cancer until September 18th.  The Moon moves to Libra at 6:04 am EST. Libra is the justice sign and opposing Uranus in Aries mid day, the Libra Moon sets us up for relationship confrontations which may not be the best idea right now with Mercury retrograde. Be very logical and detached if you must cope with emotional situations, discussions or people.  The challenge is to keep things calm.  Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Venus in Leo and that puts us in a social mood. Reconnecting with or randomly running into people from the past is likely now.  Calm and cool is the way to keep it today and tonight even if that means biting your tongue or not letting feelings show. Today's color is lavender.


The Moon is in Libra, meeting Saturn. This is a pattern we're used to related to reestablishing balance, justice and equal give and take. If things are out of balance we might have to deal with that or feel the stress of what we've done to add to or create unjust or imbalanced situations.  It's a strong slap on the wrist at least.  If there's none of that in your world you may just feel the pressure of obligations.  Yet the Sun and Moon in harmony help us feel good and resilient in tough situations. In Leo and Libra, there's an outgoing, optimistic effect at work, and Mercury and Mars harmonize in Virgo and Cancer helping us feel grounded and secure even if things are changing and emotions are activated.  We can make the most of a day like this by keeping attitudes positive and being pro-active while still keeping Mercury retrograde in mind.  Don't be impulsive.  Do look for constructive and temporary plans nd approaches.  Tonight is good for work or simple social plans. Wear blue.


The Moon moves to Scorpio at 7:57 am after just one minute void of course (uncommon!) The Moon is in harmony with Neptune, Mercury retrograde, Mars and Pluto today, and the Sun in Leo works with Saturn in Libra.  With so much of the universe in harmony, it takes the edge off challenging situations and feelings.  Business wise today is better than many Mercury retrograde days since focus is stronger and decision, while remaining flexible, should pack more punch over the long haul.  Still keep plans temporary and try things on for size before committing after August 26th.  The Sun and Saturn help us deal with difficult or serious matters positively and fairly.  Friends, lovers, colleagues and others from the past return or appear while Mercury is retrograde, and today is one of those days!  Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus are likely to be reconnecting with familiar faces and maybe old business.  The Moon opposes Jupiter tonight and though this is a stubborn and strong willed, making compromise hard to come by, the opposition also has a very passionate, sensual, romantic effect on the night.  The extremes of feelings and experiences are in the forecast tonight.  Wear dark reds.


It's a fixed signs kind of day with the Leo Sun and Venus square to the Scorpio Moon, intensifying everything! Again compromise may be a challenge, but if you're willing to work at it, you could find great workable and creative collaborations and plans today.  We need to be open to hashing things out with unlike partners and friends however.  The Scorpio Moon can be unyielding which is a positive if you need to hold your ground.. Both Leo and Scorpio are passionate, often expressive signs, and the depths of experience are in the forecast today.  It's not a day to skim the surface or expect simple pleasantries. It may feel like all or nothing.  Focused, driven, and strong willed, these two fixed signs are also supremely creative and feeling.  Taurus and Aquarius you get the indirect effect, yet it may be just as strong as how Leo and Scorpio experience a day like this.  Tonight is more geared to intimate dates or gatherings than larger events though Venus in Leo still favors some kind of festivity.  Wear purple.


The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 11:21 am EST and promptly squares Mercury retrograde. Revisiting places from the past is in the forecast since Sagittarius is a sign of movement and travel.  Adventuring or rediscovering may happen by chance today, and leaving lots of extra time open is a good idea since with the squares getting lost or losing track of time would not be unusual!  Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Neptune in Aries, and more movement and spontaneous actions and excursions are likely. Venus and Saturn work for serious turns in relationships particularly for Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius, but remember promises are hard to keep when made with Mercury retrograde.  Continue to take things slow.  Wear yellow.

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