Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Moon in Virgo Sunday, August 28th & 29th

The New Moon in Virgo is worthy of it's own blog post. The Moon and Sun meet in Virgo at 11:04 pm EST as Mercury has just stationed direct in Leo on Friday.  Mercury began the retrograde in Virgo and will be retracing those degrees soon. The push for resolution & forward  movement is very strong!  Allow for flexibility and avoid negativity and criticism during this time since Virgo can be prone to perfectionism and holds very high expectations generally.  As a mutable sign, Virgo's gift is versatility and drawing on that quality will greatly ease anxiety and help situations flow naturally and benefit even those of us not dealing with Mercury retrograde confusion and clean up. 

The arrival of a New Moon just as Mercury prepares to move forward seems very auspicious and well timed, and with Venus just a few degrees ahead in the same sign, blessings, reconciliations, and positive feelings should be abundant.  Our eyes may open to beauty and our hearts open to each other.  Letting go of judgments, holds and blocks, and the idea that there is only one way is possible now and favored by the universe.  Jupiter will align with the Virgo Moon and Venus in the next two days adding to the good fortune and optimism. Jupiter is philosophical, expansive and open minded, and in Taurus lends a grounded, how-to approach if you're ready to set goals, take the first or next steps and make things happen, potentially in a very big way!  Remove perceived road blocks and explore avenues for growth and expansion in relationships, career, business, and home life.  All areas of our lives are prime to bloom after a series of spring/summer eclipses followed by Mercury retrograde, and now a well placed New Moon to spur us on!

Sign by sign, the Virgo New Moon may tend to impact each Sun sign in these ways. Read also your rising signs and Moon sign for additional insight.

Virgo: With Mercury's retrograde, forward movement, and a New Moon, aim for all of what you've been hoping for and holding out for this summer! This New Moon is your birthday gift from the universe and it's beautifully aspected this year with Jupiter in harmony from Taurus encouraging exploration of new places, philosophies and ideas.  Your whole outlook may shift this year!  Your eyes open to the world and new experiences including travel and learning are distinctly favored.  Venus presents you with love, deep personal connections, and stirs your creative talents particularly for beautifying and enhancing your appearance and your immediate environment such as home or place of work.  Open to every opportunity now and allow yourself room to grow and take risks without fear of mistakes.  This is a very forgiving time as well as an opportunity for change and growth.

Libra: Dream and envision. The New Moon in Virgo is a time for planning and preparing.  Some Libras will repair relationships and friendships or move on from them if it's for the best.  Let wishes and dreams take shape.

Scorpio: Friendships, hopes and social connections grow with the Virgo New Moon.  Love and romance, new alliances, and finding your place in groups or social networks is likely. Relationships should feel very satisfying. Also very evident is Mercury's direct motion fueling your career, shifting your role, and putting focus on your talents, strengths and public persona.

Sagittarius: This is career time. That can include building your story and resume in any area you have a specific talent for, even beyond your professional work.  Mercury direct makes it easier for you to move, travel, earn promotions and break stalemates whether internal or due to external circumstances.

Capricorn: The New Moon is very compatible to your sign and also in harmony with Pluto in your sign, helping resolve any situations that seem dark or psychological.  Practical concerns and moves are very much in favor for you and opportunities to travel and learn may present themselves now. 

Aquarius: Mercury moving forward benefits you in long term relationships, both in love and business.  All shared ventures and resources are favored, and now is a positive time for settlements, agreements and commitments of all kinds.  Romantically you may also find yourself moving in the right direction as delays and mental blocks dissolve. 

Pisces: The New Moon in Virgo is a time of coupling, reconciling, and renewing commitments.  Mercury will help reestablish the routines and habits that make bigger things seem more possible.  Establish good foundations and have a grounded approach as you enter agreements in love or other partnerships.

Aries: Virgo New Moon is an ideal time to reorganize, adopt new routines and start healthier habits. Focus on caring for your physical body and health.  Getting back to recreational activities is as much in favor as reestablishing work habits. Aim for new and improved.

Taurus: Virgo New Moon time favors you in love and in luck! Fortunate turns of events happen through your actions as well as by chance now.  Meeting new people and socializing is good for the soul and may also lead to new relationship and other new opportunities. Mercury direct helps resolving matters of home and family as well.

Gemini:  The New Moon in Virgo is great for changes in your living situation, from improving your space to moving to relationships with anyone you live with.  Mercury is the planet of news and communication in general so discussions about plans and adjusting to family news is likely now and in the weeks just ahead.  Be open minded and consider alternatives you may not have seen previously.

Cancer:  Virgo New Moon is about communication and news in Cancer's world.  Hearing from family, breaking your own news to others is one potential effect.  Legal and business matters come up for resolution.  At work concentrating on marketing plans and clients or in educational settings focusing on applications or other goals is favored. Take steps and keep conversations and written work flowing.

Leo: New Moon in Virgo is financial time for Leo. How and how much you earn and spend is in focus and up for discussion.  It's a good time for reigning in or developing the budget, finding new ways to earn and grow and invest and also engaging in sensible spending.  Mercury now direct in Leo brings a time of resolving very personal and important things.

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