Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly August 22nd


The Gemini Moon combines with Uranus in Aries for a busy potentially wild start to the week.  The new and old are in a tug 'o war for our attention! In fact our attention may need to go in several different directions. It's a difficult day for decisions. If you can wait it out, Mercury retrograde ends on Friday.  The Sun is opposing Neptune in Leo/Aquarius which can be festive and fun! Joining groups or events may appeal to us. Our romantic sensibilities are at work which also means we might be idealistic.   Gemini, Leo and Aries will feel social and expressive! We won't tend to hold back much today. Tonight is the last night of Leo birthdays. Wear yellow.


The Moon remains in intelligent, busy Gemini and the Sun moves to Virgo at 7:21 am. The Moon and Mercury retrograde in harmony create reconnections with former friends, colleagues, and other business from the past.  The Sun now in Virgo encourages us to get back to practical matters and take a sensible attitude. Virgo is also a mutable sign and so is Gemini so today may seem very changeable and during this 4th quarter Moon we have a tendency to be changing our minds or our attitudes toward things.  Tonight is social and a good night to meet people and converse. Wear navy blue.


There's a mix of influences at work today as the Moon moves to Cancer, sign of family and home and works well with the Sun and loving Venus in Virgo then later opposes Pluto and squares Uranus in Aries. With Cancer Moon we're sensitive to environments and the mood shifts of other people.  We could feel at the mercy or whim of feelings, even if they're not even our own.  There's a domestic streak to the day and a want to get things done, especially chores and repairs that have to do with home or with family members.  The nurturing and caring side of Cancer Moon is more likely earlier in the day while in the evening the opposition and square become exact and may put us more on edge.  Even in confrontational situations we may just want to avoid the problem or person and turn our attention elsewhere. That may not be the worst plan since Mercury is still retrograde and people may lash out or say things they don't really mean under stress.  It's a good night to keep things simple and stay out of drama.  Progress with routine things is favored.  Cook, clean, organize and err on the conservative side.  Wear light blue.


The Cancer Moon is void of course from 9:04 am EST until after midnight.   Today has a strong Mars influence as the warrior planet and the Moon, both in Cancer, square Saturn.  Be guided by justice and fairness or pay the consequence.  Saturn in Libra is not likely to be forgiving of injustice nor is Mars in Cancer, though we may retreat instead of call someone out on their behavior.  Mars and the Moon also meet which can make us edgy and aggressive or passive aggressive. Slights or oversights and criticism may be taken hard, particularly among family members.  Domestic chores and repairs call for attention. Home and real estate matters should be dealt with carefully and fairly.  Tonight Venus and Pluto stir up relationships particularly for Pisces and the earth signs.  It could be a nice date night for those signs especially. Spend time with people you love and may have been neglecting.  Wear white.


The Moon moves into Leo shortly after midnight setting us up for an outgoing and creative day.  Leo days are great for vacation, games. performances and recreation but are also suited to learning.  Leo is the sign of children, and they may keep us extra busy and want attention as the Moon works with Uranus in, also childlike, Aries.  Today is meant for plans and fun or just a whirlwind of activity of any kind.  Try to avoid confusion or being pushed to decide important things on this last day of Mercury retrograde, also in Leo. The retrograde is over at 6:03 pm and these hours can be the most prone to reversals, mistakes, and misunderstandings.  It's a good day to rehearse, perform or attend a performance and Scorpio is set to be in the spotlight, as is Leo.  Cancer and Capricorn be very cautious where money and legalities are concerned.  Wear purple.


The Leo Moon and Mercury will meet just one day after Mercury has stationed direct.  The beginning of resolution and a change in direction is in the forecast. Leo rules entertainment, stage and screen, among other things, so news about stars, films, tours, and all that glitters is in the forecast. It's a better day for shopping and we may feel like buying luxuries, clothing and jewelry. The Moon aligns with Saturn also helping us deal reasonably with serious matters of any kind including relationships and legalities.  Today's color is yellow.

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