Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly July 4th


It's a time of movement and change may seem like a constant! Venus is in Cancer from today until July 28th,  favoring Cancer as well as relationships for Capricorn and money matters for Gemini and Sagittarius. Since these 4 signs have been most directly impacted during the last month of eclipses, this should be helpful and welcome! Mercury is newly in Leo and will retrograde back to Leo in August making this the time for long term decision making, versus most of next month.  Take care of business now! Writers, those in any kind of media or entertainment profession benefit from Mercury in Leo, where the messenger and problem solving planet shines and thrives!  As far as today goes, Mercury and Uranus combine in fire signs for quick and spontaneous action, adventures and parties, but be careful not to let thing get out of hand! We'll tend to speak our minds without reserve!  News and announcement continue, and may have been spurred on by eclipses! There may be "Aha" moments, flashes of inspiration and shocking declarations. Venus in harmony with Neptune in the water signs adds an emotional, sensitive and creative element, making us day dreaming and making escape from reality very appealing.  It's a good day to do something fanciful, fun, and maybe a bit dramatic. We have a void Moon all day long until 9:15 pm making it a better recreational than business day. Being by the water works well too with pleasurable planets in water signs Cancer and Pisces.  Tonight the Moon moves on to Virgo at 9:15 pm. Wear navy blue.


The Moon is in thrifty, practical thinking Virgo. It's a mix of influences though as Virgo Moon works with Jupiter and Pluto for real work and sensible thinking with an eye toward progress and prosperity.  On the other hand Mercury is square to Jupiter meaning we may need to work extra hard to make things happen. We may want to do things on a grand scale when paring down a bit is necessary.  The Moon squares Mars too, and confrontations and debates are one effect.  Mars in Gemini is a multi-tasker yet can be very unfocused.  We might not quite know what to tackle first or how to best use our energy today.  The impact of all of this is a feeling of being all over the place but nowhere at the same time! If you can focus, work hard to get something significant accomplished since that is what will bring most satisfaction.  This earth sign Moon wants tangible results and flexibility in decision making. The Moon is void from 8:19 pm though almost all of tomorrow! Tonight is for relaxing or doing routine work. Today's color is brown.


There's a long void of course Moon in progress. Today flexibility goes a long way.  Try not to overbook and put pressure on  yourself or others.  Mars is trine to Saturn meaning they work together in Gemini and Libra for constructive solutions, but perhaps not without struggle or debate.  Look for solutions to partnership disagreements of any kind, from parenting to sharing of resources to business partnership agreements. Fairness is a theme today. We also need to be able to take our time and move at our own pace with all the information we can gather.  The Moon moves to Libra at 11:54 pm EST. Tonight is meant to be laid back and unscheduled.  Wear lavender.


This Libra Moon is extremely busy, and other planets are interacting together too! An all over the place feeling may take over as the Libra Moon approaches Saturn which is always no nonsense and has to with justice. Restoring balance to unbalanced situations and emotions is a good idea today, but will require some doing! Venus is squaring Uranus which can be exciting but also chaotic in relationship matters. Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Aries may also affect Capricorn and Libra quite a bit where relationships are concerned.  Pisces and Sagittarius may have the adrenaline going about new love interests or other social situations.  Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn put us in the mood to philosophize and maybe shift our perspective and ideals. In Taurus and Capricorn traditional views may win out.  Expansion plans are favored in business and construction too.  Tonight be open to discussion and take communication seriously. It's not a time to brush things off. Compromise is favored.  The Moon in harmony with Mars in Gemini fires the brain rapidly and mental overload can be the result. Strive for balance in everything today. Wear blue.


The Libra Moon is void of course from 2:29 am until Saturday at 2:31 am. It's the 2nd quarter Moon, and Moon and Sun square in Cancer and Libra. This part of the lunar cycle is about striving for progress and with the cardinal signs so active, the effect is enhanced.  Relationships are often in the forefront during Libra Moon and negotiating for fair decisions and outcomes is the idea. Venus is opposite Pluto exaggerating one on one relationships and our need to find balance and honesty in them even further.  Cancer and Capricorn host that opposition and Sagittarius and Gemini, this hits your financial sectors and separating, joining, or figuring out joint resources is the main idea.  Pay attention to legal and partnership matters of any kind today. Wear white.


Venus in harmony with Jupiter sets us up for a pleasurable day. The Moon is in Scorpio for creativity, romance and a tendency toward the extreme. Scorpio Moon is passionate and intense, and with planets in Cancer and Taurus, and Leo and Libra working together much is in favor and we'll tend to agree more easily, align ourselves with people like us, form agreements as Mercury and Saturn align, and enjoy good times under the influence of Jupiter and Venus.  The Moon opposite Jupiter can be stubborn, but today as other planets weigh in, opposites should attract instead.  There's an air of commitment and confidence around decisions made today. Wear maroon.


The Moon is void of course in Scorpio after forming a trine to the Cancer Sun at 9:05 am EST. It's a very agreeable day with vacationlike and creative activities most favored. We'll act on things we feel strongly about, and though it's an emotional day with water sign influences at work, it's a less moody and more expressive time.  Planting and fishing and other outdoor experiences will be appealing and perhaps prosperous.  Wear indigo blue today.

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