Thursday, June 30, 2011

Solar Eclipse July 1st

The culmination of a trio of eclipses that have been rocking our worlds, this Solar Eclipse in Cancer, sign of family and home, happens overnight tonight. This is the forecast I wrote last week at Robins Zodiac Zone dot com with an addendum sign by sign added tonight. If you know your Rising Sign, that and your Sun sign are the two to read.

Friday's Forecast:

The Solar eclipse happens before sunrise, in Cancer, at 4:54 am. Be ready for most anything in the form of breaking news, unexpected announcements, and major shifts in direction. The New Moon in Cancer is about home, family, our emotions, our comfort level, and our ability to face things directly.  With a Solar eclipse there will be immediacy in dealing with these things whether we feel ready or not.  Since Saturn is approximately square to this Solar Eclipse, with Moon and Sun in conjunction, there's a very serious element involved and how we deal with changes is very important! We may tend to be reactive and dramatic, though that's not the best idea.  Saturn in Libra is urging justice and balance. Look at pros and cons and try not to make overly emotional decisions.  Saturn is about maturity and reaching new levels of responsibility and wisdom. The Sun is also representative of authority figures, the father to be most specific.  Try to take the wise, advised route over an impulsive move.  Eclipse effects ripple again-if not roar-one month down the road, and so this one is like a double whammy as impacts of June 1st reverberate again too! Things begun near then may now have quick endings or unexpected results. For example, pregnancy from a new relationship or loss from a big gamble. Those are possible examples and the results can be a plus or unwanted. Either way our challenge is in how we respond.  This is Mercury's last night in Cancer, and once again we are primed for changing our minds and hearts in a big way in the days ahead if not right now! Wear white.

Cancer: Very personal changes in your way of thinking and/or presenting yourself are the result of this eclipse. The closer your birthday is to July 1st, the more dramatically you're impacted.  Eclipses accelerate events that were expected maybe further down the time line, so you may suddenly be faced with something you were putting off and hoped would go away.  You're going to make a noticeable shift, ready or not, and how you react to the eclipse events will shape your newer self.  News you receive may stun you at first. News you break to others, such as romantic partner or family members will take them off guard. It's all in the name of figuring out who you really want to be and then pursuing that path.  You've been working on this for the last two years or so. There's no time like the present.

Leo: Unless you have Cancer rising, the changes this eclipse brings happen below the surface. You can probably take your time to adjust to news and changes around you. You're likely to be deciding what you think, immersing yourself in thoughts, possibilities, and possibly imagination and envisioning. Leos can channel uncertainty into creativity. Your brain will work overtime in sleep and dreams, and that is where your answers may be found! Give yourself plenty of down time, recharge your self, and take good care of your health. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so solar eclipses always implicate you, but this one is more of a sleeper with a time release. No need to rush things.

Virgo: Cancer is the sign that rules your 11th house, a place of hopes and dreams, friendship and groups you belong to.  During this challenging eclipse, you may suddenly see what or who is in the way of your ultimate goals.  Defining the blocks can help remove them.  Clearing out friendships that no longer serve you or are unhealthy may be one of the actions you take now.  Even if not, changes in your social circle are to be expected.  You could join or leave a group that has been important in your life in pursuit of something new.  Friends may throw curve balls, changing the whole game.  It is true that who we associate with says a lot about who we are. Keep that in mind.

Libra: This Solar eclipse impacts how others see you and how you present your self professionally and publicly.  Your image could change rapidly. You may be put in the spotlight or on the other hand, you could lose a role that is very important to you. Either way you are forced to reinvent, make a new impression, and draw upon your strengths and talents. There could be a big tug between career or other opportunity and family. Assume you're being watched & evaluated. Put forth your best and stay on the up and up as you respond to unexpected events. Have dignity and grace.

Scorpio: My first instinct is that you'll have sudden reason to travel or move! Now this won't happen with every Scorpio or Scorpio rising individual, but the theme is the same even if the circumstances are different. Giving up old philosophies you were rooted in could be the other side of pulling up your roots and going! Some of you will be presented with grand, but challenging, opportunities that require you to risk it all, move away from secure situations, and open your mind to new experiences.  How you react is your decision, but the eclipse brings the impetus to change your life by accepting, learning, and having a spirit of adventure.

Sagittarius: You were more directly affected by the June 1st and 15th eclipses, however the ripple effects may feel like more of a tidal wave for the next few weeks at least.  Things you started may have sudden endings or unexpected turnouts.. There are more surprises in store.  Financial situations, affairs of the heart, and spiritual beliefs may all be involved and challenged.  You've had a lot to deal with already this spring, and this might be icing on the cake or a final straw depending how you view news and events experienced now. One thing is certain, you can't avoid your emotions this time.

Capricorn: Your forecast is much like Cancers with more of an emphasis on relationships. Circumstances now push you to decide who you want to be: wife, mother, husband, father, single, attached, independent or even co-dependent. It's up to you! But the events that cause you to evaluate and decide are not in your control.  You're more likely to be reacting to someone else's declaration, situation or news. The results are highly personal however. And again, this has been two years in the making for you and for Cancer. The time really is now.

Aquarius: If you love routine and thrive on the day to day, reliable, familiar things, this eclipse may rock your world and drive you nuts. If you're not so set in your ways, the changes may feel exciting. There's a good change how you operate, either at work or in personal schedule and routine, is about to go through a significant shift. It's a real opportunity to learn to do things in new ways.  Adjusting is your challenge. Like Leo, get lots of rest and recharge time and take good care of your health/self.

Pisces: Romance and luck are what Cancer rules in your chart! Eclipses bring change and news so you may feel a big victory, enjoy a whirlwind romance, or even fall out of love. Either direction is possible, but the element of surprise is consistent.  Like Virgo, your social circle may be due for a change. New friends and shedding old ones could be the result of what you find out or experience now.

Aries: Home and career pull you in different directions now. Family things need balancing and working out. It looks like a lot of problem solving to be done, Aries. This may the time you change your residence or make big changes in your living situation including who you live with as well as where.  Parents, parenting, and other family situations force themselves into priority status. How to live together or how to live apart and how to keep your sense of self and goals are all issues you'll be considering.  If home is stable and unchanging, career decisions are put on the to do now list by this eclipse. React wisely.

Taurus: How you communicate is of supreme importance during this eclipse. Choose words carefully and mean what you say.  Cancer house in your chart is about brothers, sisters and others we grew up with, therefore family news is likely and a trip back home may be in order too.  Others will be affected by what you say and do so be clear and straightforward.  A change of scene does you a world of good in some cases.  Stay on top of your game. Watch the mail, email and pay attention to paperwork, for example agreements or legal documents, that can't wait.

Gemini: The last two eclipses were very much about personal and relationship changes and adjustments, some of them dramatic, unexpected or even short lived.  This eclipse will reverberate with that energy too, but now there is an added element related to money. Finances may change quickly now in either direction. It's important to stay on top of that and not let a money matter get out of hand. Employment situations can change now too, so make good decisions where work is concerned in case there's potential for a promotion and in defense of the job you hold now as well.  Cancer is the home/family sign, the Sun is the father or authority figure, so this eclipse rolls all that up into one big drive for security, responsibility and financial stability.  The more conservative Cancer approach may be whats called for. Think nest egg.

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