Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly July 11


The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 5:47 am. One of the fire signs in the zodiac, Sagittarius Moon makes us want to move on things! Uranus adds to that effect from the sign Aries, and we're in for a spontaneous and possibly impulsive day full of news, changes, and if you choose, adventure.  Travel is favored and so is learning and experiencing. Trying something out or on for size is in the forecast. We won't want to settle for the status quo, and boredom is the enemy.  Mercury and Mars align in in Gemini and Leo for a social outgoing attitude, and this is a good night out whether for business or pleasure.  Today's color is red.


The Moon is void of course in Sagittarius from 8:21 am today until 10:14 am tomorrow. It's a good day to be on vacation or doing recreational things versus any kind of serious business.  Keeping a light, flexible schedule is best.  Today we'll lean toward competition, action, movement, and also philosophical talks or even learning. Exploring ideas is as much in favor as exploring new places with the Moon and Mercury in Leo aligned.  Tonight we're impacted as Venus in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra for serious relationship and partnership discussions and decisions. Resolving family matters will take some work but may be worth the struggle tonight and tomorrow.  Look for the most fair, balanced outcomes.  Today's color is purple.


The Moon moves to Capricorn at 10:14 am and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces for a blend of creative and constructive approaches. Take visions to the next level and make ideas reality by tapping into the imaginative nature of Neptune and the organized hands on method of Capricorn Moon.  Team up with someone who has a complementary skill or way of doing things for best results.  Capricorn and Pisces might make a good team, for example.  The Moon squares Uranus and meets Pluto later on, and how we react to confrontations and surprises is key.  Turns of events that force us to face realities and the shadow sides of situations or people become likely.  With Capricorn Moon we tend to detach from anything too emotional or dramatic and that may frustrate a fire or water sign like Aries or Cancer since reacting and emotionally engaging is natural for them.  Things may seem to happen or develop very quickly today as we get into the Full Moon warmup. Tonight the Moon and Jupiter favor a very grounded approach and positive attitude. Wear green.


The Moon will be Full overnight tonight and there's plenty of reason to anticipate stress and opposition today.  The Capricorn Moon is square to Saturn and opposite Venus. You're not imagining if it seems like almost everyone is going through big relationship struggle and upheaval. The reverb from last month's eclipses is in the air triggering those unresolved problems and relationship as well as legal and authority issues will come up this week.  Muddling through, trying to find compromises and workable plans is in the forecast. With the Capricorn Moon, it's best not to allow things to get too dramatic. A methodical, solution oriented approach is best.  Tonight is more of a work than play night and Full Moons tend to bring crunch time.  Be productive today and tonight.  Wear black.


The Moon is Full in Capricorn at 2:40 am EST after a square to Saturn and opposing Venus. Cancer and Capricorn have experienced a series of eclipses and both signs can expect to be profoundly affected, possibly finally resolving something that may be as much as two years in the making. Sagittarius and Gemini were also eclipse babies this spring and the repercussions of the June and July 1st eclipses vibrate with this Full Moon.  Aiming for productive solutions with a practical aspect is the idea with this Full Moon. The teeth and bones are Capricorn's domain so take care of any related problems or pains.  Legal and authority issues and our elders and older relatives are in focus at this Full Moon so news and developments in those areas shouldn't surprise us.  Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, has to do with responsibility, career, and even mental health, for example depression. Some peaks in these areas are likely. Be willing to deal with problems, step up to challenges, and take wise advice.  This would be the Full Moon of sages and those who enforce values. It favors tradition and a constructive approach. It's fair to say this is a no nonsense Full Moon. Meet deadlines, make serious decisions. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 4:30 pm and tonight may be more social if work or personal pressures were bogging you down during business type hours. Wear gold.


The Moon is in Aquarius until the wee hours of Monday. The Aquarius Moon lends itself to looking forward with clear eyes and a willingness to think out of the box.  The Moon is square to Jupiter so we may tend to be stubborn particularly about not scaling things down.  Being fixed with our vision and unyielding is likely. However the Moon and Saturn make some partnership issues easier to see or clear up. Finding like minded people to work on projects and plans is favored today. Divide work up fairly and create team and community efforts.  It's a social night. Aquarius Moon time is when groups gather for parties or planning effectively.  Again, a no drama attitude is much more productive. We're still in the full Moon zone and this Moon sign does not appreciate emotional scenes.  Wear turquoise.


The Moon remains in Aquarius, void of course from 8:23 m on. The Moon and Mercury are opposite for discussions that can result in compromise! Meet someone halfway today.  Opposites may also attract. Explore ideas you might have rejected previously.  Social events, relaxation, and group energy and work is well timed.  Wear silver.

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