Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly July 25th


The Moon starts with a couple of squares to Neptune and Mercury today so there may be some debate and a chance of not seeing eye to eye. Yet an early morning sextile of Moon to Venus may over ride that feeling with a sense of calm and relationships in harmony.  If your vision or ideal are challenged by someone with a different agenda it may be worth ignoring for now.  The Taurus Moon will be void of course from 9:12 am to 12:34 pm EST, making the morning less desirable for decisions and a good time to avoid a stubborn argument. There may be opinionated statements made this morning.  The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:34 and working with the Leo Sun, optimism should prevail.  It's another good day for connections between people, social or professional.  Communication and the ability to make plans and decisions improves in the afternoon.  Tonight is fun and social and could contain surprise turns of events.  Be willing to change your mind.  We'll crave some excitement and fun as the Moon and Uranus align.  Wear yellow.


The Gemini Moon in harmony with Saturn helps us seek balance, equal give and take and an exchange of ideas today.  The idea is to be logical, keep options open, and act with responsibility and integrity.  Saturn in Libra may help partners, couples and even ex-partners make good, fair decisions.  Seek wise advice and bounce possibilities around to see what might work best for all involved.  Writing, study and marketing ideas or products are favored today, and Gemini is the sign of bikes, cars, transportation in general, and communication, making this a day to upgrade technology, consider new phone plans, buy, fix or upgrade things with wheels, and possibly plan travels.  Mercury retrograde will begin on August 2nd so the more we can do those things now or very soon, the better! Tonight is suited well to either social or work plans.  Wear light blue.


The Moon is in Gemini until 9:11 pm and only void of course 8:35 to 9:11 pm EST.  It's a solid day for business, brainstorming, and actively engaging especially intellectually.  Problem solving, responding to news, and dreaming up plans is in the forecast.  Gemini is communicative and the Sun and Uranus work together for bright new ideas and spontaneous attitudes.  Mars meets the Moon and our attention and energy may be all over the place, but most likely in a positive way where so many options seem like good ones!  The Moon aligns with Mercury in Leo for a very social, outgoing, friendly night out.  Leo, Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius may be most in their element and get the party or gathering together.  It's also a good night for team efforts.  The Moon moves into Cancer at 9:11pm and lines up with Neptune for creativity and also a pull to be near water, boats, and activities like fishing, surfing or sailing as well.  Today's color is blue.


Today is full of transition as Mercury moves out of Leo and Venus moves in! Venus in Leo is extravagant, generous and heart centered in relationships for the next few weeks and favors Leo for attracting beneficial circumstances and people.  Aquarius benefits in long term relationships and Aries feels the love and luck too!  Cancer or Capricorn may find this a good time to look for new work or improve their financial lives.  Scorpio is favored for recognition and other publicity or promotions.  Mercury in Virgo is pragmatic and flexible with problem solving, making this a good time to try things without long term commitments. Mercury retrogrades back into Leo on August 8th so we'll be retracing some of the steps we take in the next few days later this summer. We're now close enough to Mercury retrograde that flexibility and the ability to change our minds is very important! Save receipts, make sure things are reversible or changeable, and be careful what you promise.  The Moon is in Cancer, opposite Pluto and in harmony with Jupiter.  It's a good day to wait things out that seem less than certain.  Some reality checks and situations we'd rather not face may come up, but Jupiter in Taurus can add to a grounded feeling.  Do the safe thing today.  The Moon is void of course from 7:03 pm on after a square to Saturn. Staying close to home and family is probably the most comfortable or favorable thing tonight.  Act in fairness and sensitivity to keep peace and stability.  Wear black.


Mercury newly in Virgo is directly opposite Neptune and the Moon is void of course today. Watch out for lies, deceptiveness and anything that seems too good to be true.  The positive side is we may work very well with creative partners today and there's lots of flexible energy. It's non committal and promises should be avoided since we're likely to not have enough information or to just break them in the near future anyway.  The Moon is in emotional Cancer. We're very much in flux today and may be at the mercy of our own or someone else's emotions.  Confrontation is probably unwise today.  Plant, cook and do what make you feel productive and grounded.  On this day before the New Moon, keep it simple and expect to be reconsidering things.  Today's color is white.


The New Moon in Leo arrives at 2:40 am. Repercussions from last months' eclipse are in the air again! Change is a constant! Leo is an optimistic, active sign though, and the Moon meets loving Venus and the Sun for self expression. Start a new chapter in relationships today or get back to an abandoned project.  Mercury is about to retrograde so save new business for a few weeks from now. This is a great vacation time.  The Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus for unyielding feelings and opinions and the desire to scale up! Wear gold.


The Moon is in Leo with no aspects to other heavenly bodies. Clear sailing especially for festive and recreational pursuits is today's forecast! Leo Moon time is generous and we often like to spend and dote on others either with attention or gifts. The only caution is Mercury about to be retrograde and major or technical purchases should be approached with caution and the ability to change your mind. Make sure it has a warranty or can be returned if necessary! It's a great day for fun, games and parties.  New experiences and changes of path are very appealing as of yesterday's New Moon. Start things slowly knowing you could change your mind in a month if not sooner. Wear purple.

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