Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly July 18th


The Moon moves to Pisces at 1:13 am EST. Pisces Moon is vulnerable and intuitive and brings out our chameleon like traits. It may be easy to adjust to change and circumstances today as the Moon harmonizes with Pluto and Jupiter and meets Neptune. This effect can be good after last week's Full Moon shifts and news, but be careful not to get lost in someone else's agenda or problems. Trying to keep a strong sense of self can be challenging with a Pisces Moon. It's a very creative, imaginative, and day dreamy day. Pisces, use that to work on  your art, music, or dream up a new way of doing things. Libra, use that to refresh your routine or work habits. Try something different.  Virgo and Taurus you'll like the effect this has on your relationships, friendships and romance.  Leo and Aquarius, be realistic about money today because you may feel like you have more than is really available.  Seek opportunities to make more money or invest well.  In business and work today, our personal connections will mean a lot. Appeal to the emotions and show that you are about people for best results or to close a deal.  Tonight is easygoing and almost anything goes.  Wear blue.


The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Venus in Cancer and square to Mars in Gemini. This is a challenge mainly for making relationships work.  Water signs, Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces have the easiest, most favorable aspects while Gemini and Sagittarius for example may feel confusion or struggle to make things work.  Words may get in the way today. Avoid arguments and steer clear of discussions that will create controversy, Aries and Gemini especially.  A go with the flow attitude, without pushing or provoking, is a good idea.  We're sensitive under a Pisces Moon and can be easily influenced, hurt, or even flattered!  Hold your ground in situations where you could be taken advantage of and otherwise enjoy the fact that hardly anyone wants to work too hard or make a decision today and tonight.  Wear green.


The Moon and Sun align in Pisces and Cancer this morning favoring many things from romance and deep connections to decisions that allow some flexibility.  Trying things out, keeping a water sign type flow and give and take is in the forecast.  We'll be less likely to resist change and more open to emotional situations and connections.  It's a romantic influence for Pisces and long term relationships are favored for Virgo.  Taurus and Capricorn really enjoy this influence in friendships and other relationships.  It's a  nice day to be on vacation or have a light schedule with the Moon void of course from 7:15 am through the morning. We shouldn't push too hard for anything. The best things will happen on their own. Sometimes it can be easy to be taken advantage of under Pisces Moon, so think before saying yes.  The Moon moves to Aries at 12:25 pm, and the atmosphere changes! We may be forced to react as the Moon and Uranus meet, firing us up, bringing on new news, giving us a sense of rebellion and maybe anger in some circumstances.  Power plays and who's in charge may create some challenge or disagreeable feelings tonight.  It's a good plan not to overreact or be too impulsive, especially for Aries and Scorpio whose fuses may be short.  Sagittarius, your love life could get interesting. Don't take crazy chances tonight.  Wear orange.


The Moon is in Aries, opposing Saturn in Libra. The theme and question is "me or we"? Whether to move forward in partnership and agreement or go our own way is a recurring theme with Saturn in Libra particularly.  How much we can compromise and how serious we take our relationships and partnerships is up for discussion.  Aries is the "me" sign and the beginnings of things and Libra is the couples' and partners' sign with Saturn as the voice of experience and realities.  The need to take your significant others' wishes and statements seriously today is very strong! If you brush things aside like they don't matter that could be a final straw.  Legal matters are in the forefront too. Deal with important business today and make sure you understand what you're agreeing to.  Pisces and Virgo, for you this may be more about business.  Taurus and Scorpio may need some down time or a chance to catch up. Respect their do not disturb signals. Wear red.


The Moon is in harmony with Mercury in Leo and Mars in Gemini for a social Friday.  All 3 signs involved are more extroverted adding an outgoing aspect for fun and flirtations.  If you're doing business, social networking and mixing business with pleasure is a good idea.  Today is about games, entertainment, and making connections.  The Moon is square to Venus in Cancer, and if there's a struggle it's most likely to involve family or marriage type relationships.  One person may want to avoid problems the other wants to confront.  Another issue may involve conservative versus adventurous outlooks or plans.  Venus in Cancer sticks close to home while Moon in Aries thirsts for new experiences. The Moon is void of course in the evening for fun, but keep your head up! Wear yellow.


The Sun moves to Leo at 12:12 am EST.  and the Moon moves to Taurus at 12:58 am. This is a day for strong will, resilience and long term plans and promises.  With the Sun and Moon and even Mercury in fixed signs, expect to feel decisive and focused.  The Moon is working with Pluto and meets Jupiter so we'll want to do things up big but without becoming unrealistic.  It's a good day or night for parties, a nice day for a wedding or celebration, and also a fine time to be at home enjoying food, life and the outdoors.  Wear green.


Taurus Moon for outdoor living, gardening, cooking and enjoying the pleasures of life.  It's a good time, before Mercury retrogrades in August, to make long term plans, promises and commitments.  Taurus is a sign that perseveres.  Today is meant to be simple, though with a Taurus Moon we generally want to indulge in food, drink and anything that fills the senses.  If you're working, focus is strong.   Decide on something you want to really commit to. Wear pink.

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