Thursday, July 14, 2011

Full Moon Notes 7-15-11

The Moon is Full in Capricorn at 2:40 am EST.

Capricorn: Personal decisions connected to home and/or career

Aquarius: Things brewing that you may keep secret for a while. Undercurrents.

Pisces: Your networks of friends and business connections undergoes changes. Alignments shift.

Aries: Potential power plays & struggles between career, home & closest partners. Directing your talents & strengths. Spotlight on!

Taurus: Taurus: Open to new possibilities & travels. Educational or experiential learning.

Gemini: Joint resources and ventures. Financial partnerships or entanglements peak or conclude. Private affairs.

Cancer: Relationship & partnerships form/dissolve/strengthen depending on where you're at. Career & home tug 'o war in some cases. Major shifts.

Leo: Work, routine, health focus. Big assignments. Due dates.

Virgo: New friendships & changes in friends. Fates & fortunes, matters of luck and timing.

Libra: Partnerships, home, related decisions.

Scorpio: News, travels, reasons to connect with family, Also learning, study, marketing with purpose.

Sagittarius: Money and employment changes and focus. Settle debts. Avoid incurring new ones.

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