Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly June 6


The Leo Moon is resilient, so if you've been experiencing shake ups since last week's eclipse this part of the week can be re-energizing and bring a feeling of determination.  Saturn with a word in from Libra brings discipline needed to work out problems fairly, especially between partners.  The day is also full of lively, fun conversation and a sense of playfulness and optimism as the Moon and Sun  align in Leo & Gemini.  That aspect is also good for sales, negotiations and collaborative efforts. Brainstorm new ideas and start making them happen! Gemini and Leo are today's key players and should team up or be on your team!  Tonight there may be strain in relationships that have been stressed in the first place.  The let's make things work attitude may help. Leo Moon time is good for sticking with the plan and going for what we're truly fixed on and passionate about.  Tonight strong personalities may debate and we're  not likely to give in or give up easily.  Wear orange.


The Leo Moon is void of course from 11:27 to 3:33 pm EST. Make the morning worthwhile, productive and busy. Note that we'll feel very strongly or notice that around us as people pursue what they want with fervor and enthusiasm.  This can be overwhelming for some and welcome for others!  We'll tend a bit to the excessive too, but Mercury and Saturn align in Gemini/Libra encouraging us to temper that some and keep spending, and even self expression, reasonable.  Still, if you want to do something up big plan for it or launch it this morning by 11:37.  The midday void Moon is suited to routine work or a good game of anything.  Long lunches and exercise breaks might be taken so you can harness motivation when the Virgo Moon arrives at 3:33 pm and we'll be asked to help out, lend our energy or time, or work toward a deadline.  Detail oriented tasks are best done late in the day or evening.  Tonight is impacted by Virgo Moon, Neptune in Pisces across the zodiac, and Jupiter newly in Taurus.  A down to earth attitude is called for and creative and versatile thinking are favored.  Wear  navy blue.


The Moon is in Virgo, the sign of service to others. Jupiter and Neptune align encouraging generosity, compassion and kindness. This aspect is also very spiritual, connecting universal ideas and making us more aware, intuitive and inspired.  Some will find this in religion, some in art or music, some by receiving kindnesses they never expected.  There are also challenges to the day though, as the Virgo Moon challenges both Mercury and the Sun.  Indecision and confusion as well as very mixed feelings prevail. It may be a time to just wait and see.  Tonight that feeling of being on the fence or on hold is in the air.  Try to go with the flow because fighting it doesn't look that productive tonight. We might just need to live with a bit of frustration instead of pushing for an answer that isn't ready yet.  Gemini, be very patient at home and with family who may test your ability to stay calm.  Virgo, let a career matter or any gossip dissipate rather than respond too quickly. Taurus and Pisces, you might be able to keep a good attitude and inspire others through the rough stuff. Wear turquoise.


Venus moves to Gemini and is in harmony with the Moon today. The Moon will shift from Virgo to Libra, sign of couples and partnership, at 6:31 pm EST. Balance, responsibility to each other and give and take are today's focus.  Strive for balanced relationships today. If you've been the giver too much back off a bit and if you know you've been taking a lot, do something to show you're invested.  Venus in Gemini from 10:23 am on, for weeks ahead, is more fickle in love and romance and very flirtatious. Leo and Aquarius will tend to fall in love and start romances with friends, and along with Gemini, will tend to attract new people.  Relationships are the biggest part of the story for the next couple of days while the Moon is in Libra. Justice is also a theme, and legal and partnership matters should be attended to and in some cases revisited.  The Moon is void of course from 4:13 am to 6:31 pm which is not the best for business or major decisions, but is nice socially.  Tonight is very social and may border on too eventful as the Moon opposes Uranus in Aries instigating and activating the unexpected. Wear pink.


There's tension in the forecast as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and meets Saturn.  Justice needs to be served today and our obligations need to be fulfilled.  Uranus often throws curve balls, and how we respond is key.  Choices we make now are likely to be judged, like it or not.  People we have to answer to or be responsible to could be critical or harsh. Long term implications are involved as the Moon and Saturn meet. Maturity is very important as is making the logical and sensible decision.  Legal and relationship matters are in the forefront.  Pisces, and all of us, should deal with legalities and joint resources, accounts and other partnerships and make sure you have good advice.  Libra, Saturn is asking that you rise to challenges. Sagittarius and Gemini, these things are true with friendship issues and it's time to honest and trustworthy in all dealings with each other and in groups you belong to.  Venus squares Neptune and trust issues come up. Being overly trusting might be a mistake right now.  Be cautious.  The Moon squares Pluto and we need to face realities.  Be logical, get advice and weigh pros and cons today.  For a Friday night, things are looking kind of serious.  If you're free and clear of complicated legal, relationship or friendship matters, you'll fare best tonight as the Moon and Mercury align putting us in more social moods.  Talk things out if you're feeling it. Wear black.


The Libra Moon is a bit gentler on us today, in harmony with Mercury and the Sun. We're likely to feel more decisive and communicate more easily.  The Moon is void of course which is good for relaxing and not taking too much on.  Try not to over schedule today. It's a good day to meet new people and enjoy time with friends, brothers and sisters.  Tonight the Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:33pm and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. This is very creative but also emotional to the extreme.  It's a good night for movies and music. The Moon is also opposite Jupiter, also creating some extremes, and things may seem exaggerated or overwhelming.  Between eclipses, there's a lot going on so cut yourself a break, stay out of drama, and create privacy if you need it. Scorpio Moon brings up things we can't let go of.  Jealousy or competitiveness becomes more likely. Wear maroon.


The Moon is in Scorpio and we're getting ready for a Sagittarius Full Moon and eclipse on Wednesday. Sagittarius shake ups and changes that hadn't been planned for in the forecast this month. This is a pivotal time for Gemini in relationship as well as in personal choices and path.  The Scorpio Moon can help us get organized and sort out things that matter. Soul searching is one word that might describe this Scorpio Moon time, particularly as the Moon aspects Pluto in Capricorn today. Make sensible decisions. Keep private matters quiet.  The Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini which is very different from the Scorpio Moon action! That conjunction is outgoing and expressive! There's a duality about the day that may take the form of being friendly and social on the surface while feeling introspective and serious inside.  If you're a Gemini or a Scorpio or have a water sign Moon you're most likely to experience the day this way.  Tonight Venus and Uranus shake up relationships yet again, shaking the unstable ones and creating new flirtations. Aries, Leo and Gemini are probably most impacted, as well as Sagittarius in long term relationships. Wear gold.

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